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Heavy Lifting

It's difficult to anticipate what tools and equipment will be necessary to make our lives a bit easier during the aftertime; what to leave behind to lighten the load, what is absolutely essential. There will be some heavy labor required after the storms and winds abate, and an all important item would be a block and tackle system that can be used to move or lift just about anything. Functioning on the same principle to decrease effort is a come-along. For example, heavy logs can be moved using a come-along to pull them into a position where they can be more easily used for shelter. A good supply of rope will be necessary also, and heavy enough to carry the load, one half inch preferably. Some heavy link chain would serve well to enhance the workability of the equipment, as well as some pulleys.

None of these items would be what each individual needs to carry along, but in organized groups, particularly those who are already planning to work together in a survival group it would be a good idea to have them ready to move to a safe location. Chiropractors simply will not be around to adjust an injured back. Depending on where you live there will be plenty of logs available for shelter building. A block and tacklesystem cannot be purchased at any Walmart or Sears, but can be found at anyfarm equipment, or tractor supply outlet. Same applies to a come-along.

Offered by Mike.