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Wilderness Forge

I found an interesting article in a magazine called American Survival Guide but with their latest issue have changed to Self Reliance Journal. The article of interest is titled, "Wilderness Forge". Using only materials they found in the field (scrap metal and other junk which will be plentiful after the pole shift) they constructed a small metal forge. The only "tool" that they used was what is usually called a fencing tool. Other than that they constructed a bellows from a large trash bag, a pair of worn out camo pants and a hollow elk bone. Their forge was a coleman fuel can cut in half and covered with mud which was then sun-dried. In the article they made a chisel from an old spike and made a point drill from an old nail. They used a granite rock for an anvil. They didn't make anything fancy, but they were just proving that if you're stuck in the wilderness, you can make your own tools. You could use this technique to make Knives, utensils, spear heads, arrow heads, etc.

Offered by Michael.