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I just watched a show on PBS about this guy who makes wood toys. It was not the toys I was interested in, but the tools he used. They were from the era before power. Like a treadle lathe. Human powered. I did a search for him and here it is. These may be some Good Books to have.

Offered by Clipper.

I just looked at all the offerings at this site and find it very exciting; particularly because of my changing interest from steam power to power from moving water, which should be more than plentiful everywhere post pole shift. In particular, I'm starting to research 17th and 18th century technology which heavily relied on this form of energy. In fact, I owned a piece of land while living in New Hampshire that had an old pond and dam that supplied water to a "paddle wheel" driven saw mill.

While living there I was able to visit a reconstructed village centered around the "Power House" which also enclosed a saw mill that was quite remarkable. I was also able to visit two complete "Shaker" villages where everything was hand constructed. The technology in both places was strictly wood and hand crafted metal based and the craftsmanship required to construct these amazing places was quite mind-boggling. It is this sort of technology and craftsmanship that we may need to develop within our communities.

Offered by Ron.