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The List

Don't forget a few wrenches, hacksaw blades, screwdrivers, etc. in your emergency stash. The junk cars littering the landscape will be useful for all sorts of survival related technology, like alternators, halogen lamps, steel tubing, heat exchangers, wiring. It's hard to salvage an automobile with your bare hands. You'll probably want to stock up on nails. This is a good idea, but remember that nails are generally not very reusable. I suggest you also stock up on lots of good quality wood screws. Medium length ones suitable for attaching siding, sheathing, and longer ones appropriate for small limbs from trees (you know, 4" long or so). Be sure to include a good metal hand drill in your grab bag too with lots of high quality wood bits. Don't make the mistake of buying a drill with a plastic gear assembly. This plastic world of ours is designed to be disposable with pre-planned obsolescence, and there won't be an ACE hardware around the corner. It's more work to use screws, especially if you are drilling pilot holes by hand, but remember that these little fellows are reusable. Ever see the cartoon Rugrats? Tommy's only tool is his trusty screwdriver!

Offered by Ron.

I have a supply of "sheetrock" screws around my place. I use them for everything From hanging doors in a hurry to permanent fixes. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to get at any hard ware store.

Offered by Clipper.

Or better yet put in a supply of bar stock and learn to make your own nails and screws. Nails are reasonably easy to make, screws are a lot harder. Don't forget a good supply of rope, chains and wire. Plus a variety of adhesives and water proofers would be nice.

Offered by Mike G.