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icon Woods Differ

For anyone's information: the wood of the fig tree is almost hollow and is no good for a fire (burn a whole tree in an hour), as opposed to the olive, which is the very best for a fire because it burns for an inordinately long time and gives off a great smell as well. (Oak and maple are great for a fire as well, of course, better then pine and much less messy, but we don't have many of those here in Israel. Cypress is also very messy but OK. Cedar is the best 'normal' wood we have here, but it's not as good as oak, especially our southern 'wild' oak. Eucalyptus is the best 'healing' wood around here, as the smell of any part of it burning, especially the leaves and the bark, makes many ailments go away. Burns very fast, though. Just a few short words on wood for fires.

Offered by Sol.