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icon Hot Rocks

For those of you who have not tried this before here is a neat way to cook with an open fire: This method is used quite extensively by the Bushman in Africa. These Bushmen along the coast are called Strandloopers this is Dutch for Beachwalkers and they live entirely on indigenous plants, roots and animals caught in the wild. (Of course you shouldn’t be setting yourself up at a beach until after the shift as you could be in for some interesting surfing lessons.)

Use flat clean rocks, you can get them at rocky coasts all cleaned up by the raging sea. These volcanic type rocks are better as they do not crack. Place these in and around the open fire, close enough to get really hot. Then place meat, chicken, fish, even onions and bread on the rocks to cook. They retain heat for a long time. Another nice dish you can prepare is stir fry type mixes like tomatoes, onions and fish. Remember that if you do ever use sea water to cook with, it is extremely potent and can easily ruin a meal. You can also place the rock inside a thick cloth and this makes a great hot pack to comfort and warm a child or ailing person.

Offered by Ray.

This really works! My son's sixth grade class went on a caveman overnighter where we had to build our own shelters and cook our own food from only the materials that were indigeneous to the area. (We brought our own food) The chicken turned out great!

Offered by Louann.