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icon Re-Heater Bag

This is an instant, portable re-usable heat pack. Has a liquid (looks like water) in a sealed clear flexible plastic PVC bag of various sizes. Looks like a typical jell hot-cold pack. However, this unit is not-typical, and as far as I can tell not sold in normal stores. The unit gets hot (130 degree Fahrenheit) when you push a button floating in the liquid. The button you push is a small (.7" diameter) concave stainless steel washer that heats up the metal as you push it. Flexing the metal produces heat. This causes a chain reaction in the liquid to turn it into a solid giving up much heat for an 1-2 hours. The liquid used is a non-toxic salt made when you mix water, vinegar, and backing soda together.

Once the unit has given up it's heat and turned to a solid it can be regenerated by putting this pack in boiling water for 20 min. This turns it back into a liquid. Then, cooling it below it's solidification point of 130 degree Fahrenheit, it still stays a liquid till the button is again pushed. The possible use is portable personal heat (traveling or not) for those cold nights after the pole shift. Can be recharged while or after cooking the daily food or from any other heat source.

There is a possibility this unit could be made. It uses common materials. The ones I bought looks like a tiny water bed 4.5" by 3.25" and weighs about 6 oz. Cost is about $5-6/each depending on the quantity bought. Price is a bit high. The literature says on it sold by

John W. Smith
3980 Everest Ave. Riverside, Ca 92503
(909) 687 2623

Offered by Mike.