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The latest are portable fireplaces that use gel fuel. The gel fuel is alcohol based and doesn't emit any smoke, odor, or toxic fumes so venting is no longer required. So, while waiting for the apacolypse, you can have a bedroom fireplace. There isn't enough heat to be of any real use if you were cold, but it is a nice looking fireplace. Contact:

Jensen Metal Products
Racine, WI

Suggested by John.

Jensen Co. Store of Racine, Wis. - Jensen Jel Fuel.

To order a catalogue from the family-owned business of more than 70 years, call (800) 654-1704. A canful will burn two to three hours. One may put a lid on the can, then relight at any time. Jensen Jel costs $75 for a case of 24 (13-ounce) cans, including shipping. Orders are handled within 24 hours. Jensen says the canned fuel is non-toxic, non-petroleum grain alcohol that burns clean, is completely free of smoke, soot and fumes. It does emit some water vapor, creating humidity in the house -- not a bad thing during wintertime when central heating sucks the moisture out of furniture and the air.

Suggested by Pat.

This vendor will be more than happy to send you a catalog.

Made In USA Alco-Brite
Gelled Alcohol Fuel
Fact Sheet Environmentally Compatible
Safely used for Cooking & Heating Indoors and Outdoors
Emits Harmless Carbon Dioxide & Water Vapor

Suggested by Pat.

We have a fake fireplace that can use canned fuel. The manufacturer is:

Institutional Products Div.
Tenifly, NJ 07670

Offered by Gini.