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Interesting passage from "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. Written in the 1860's, some people consider this the greatest novel of all time. At one point, Tolstoy describes an earth hut used by Russian soldiers for winter encampment in 1807:

This earth hut was constructed according to a plan much in vogue at that time: a trench three-and-a-half feet wide, a little less than five deep, and about eight long was dug. At one end steps were constructed, and this formed the entry, the 'grand staircase'; the trench itself constituted the abode, in which those who were fortunate, as for instance, the squadron commander, had a board set on posts on the side opposite the entrance; this served as a table. On each side along the trench the earth was hollowed away to half its depth, making a bed and divan. The roof was so constructed that in the middle it was possible to stand erect under it, and one could sit up on the beds by leaning over toward the table . . . . When it was very cold, coals from the soldiers' fires were brought on a bent piece of sheet iron and set on the steps . . . . This made it so warm that the officers . . . could sit there in their shirt sleeves.