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From after all I have read I feel my family has something seriously significant to offer to everyone interested in a cost effective, super strong, super energy efficient Survival Shelter/Home. Capable of withstanding an 8 on the richter scale seismic event and perhaps higher with modifications, Over 250 mph winds, and nearly fireproof with metal, or tile roofing. They are 4 times more energy efficient because of the natural ease to exhaust or recirculate BTU's. We have stand-alone off-the-grid models too utilizing off the shelf P.V. and freeze proof Solar thermo-siphon solar hot water and space heating appliances that don't require pumps or controllers and mount flush to the Pyramid’s ideal solar angle of 52". These pyramid also make awsome greenhouses and garage/shops.

I'm a builder of pyramid homes myself, and was an avoinics/electronics technician for the USMC. My electronics background keeps me keen on the newest alt/energy ideas coming down the pike. My Dad, Architect Ron Hexum, now has a website so all can read and study more about his version of the home of the future. Importantly, I'm not sending this information out as a sales pitch. I'm just trying to share with all something that I know blows away most anything I've read about so far on your hub or anywhere else for that matter. The new models of homes now use Structural Insulating Panels (SIP's), instead of a hand stacked roof. Even then they were quicker to build than a conventional home. But now with the SIP's a fairly large home can be constructed in days. Accomplishing 4 steps in one: Structural, Sheathing, Insulation, Vapor barrier. Plus importantly Shelter. SIP's construction uses a fraction of Timber resources importantly too. Dad figures 8 pyramid homes can be built with the same amount of timber resources as 1 conventional home.

Since the early seventies when I was a kid Dad started designing and building Pyramid Homes in Boise. Now there are over 60 in 6 Western States that he's been directly involved with. He lives in Portland now poised to be able to fill the explosive need for affordable Supershelters the world over using Sea Land Containers shipped from the port. He would also be glad to hear from any and all and can explain many aspects better than I. But first read the website info to not swamp him with questions that would be possibly addressed there. It also has pictures too both inside and out of some past homes, as well as a free downloadable 3D software program allowing PC and Mac users ability to virturaly tour inside and out the computer generated 40' Phoenix 2000 model. I would be glad to answer questions too.

Offered by Derek.