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You can cover your straw bail home walls and ceilings and floor with cement inside and out. To see how, use a search engine keyword shotcrete.

Offered by Michel.

This type of construction appears in almost all ancient cultures around the world (where a stucco or concrete material is placed over the straw). It is fire proof, water proof and will last at least a hundred years. There are good sources for straw bale construction information on the internet.

Offered by Lou.

Should we buy the straw now? It's a by-product of wheat or oats. Harvesting requires that grass not be lodged by strong winds, but is standing up. Bailing requires dry stalks and machinery. These conditions may not be an option after the pole shift, where it is predicted that we will have decades of ash laden low clouds and constant rain with no sun. Rainwater in many cases will also produce poisoned mud. About those hundreds of wind scattered, soggy bales of straw purchased before the pole shift: If the topography has changed we might need to relocate a mile or so. That could be a real back breaker without a pickup! If survival is desired, the #1 task is shelter to get past the pole shift. If the same shelter could see us through the Aftertime, so much the better. Most economical of all is Ron's Sand Bag bunker in Survival Tips.

Offered by Bobby.

The straw bale technique provides great thermal protection at reasonable cost, and has some merit for building after the pole shift. If it's built before the pole shift, I would be concerned with the amount of mass to strength ratio. A wall so constructed of straw bales could easily shake apart with the jolts predicted for a pole shift as compared to a concrete steel reinforced structure. The construction technique talks about using only dry straw and keeping it that way. In the wet environment after the pole shift this will be difficult. After the pole shift fighting rot will be a major concern. If the walls absorb water, and the straw begins to rot, some of this smell will get into the interior. After the pole shift we will probably need a more closed environment, due to the need to keep out the volcanic ash and frequent rains.

Offered by Mike.