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How would you like to just paint on fire protection over your steel, concrete, rock, or earth?

Welcome to the Firefree 88 Website! This site is all about an exciting new fire protection product which applies like paint. This product is going to revolutionize the way buildings and structures are protected from fire. ...Withstands concentrated flame temperatures in excess of 2,000 ºF for two hours and maintains its integrity without degradation.

I guess there are many solutions, but many variables need to be taken into account. Cost, Insulator Efficiency, and Effectiveness to name a few. Somewhere there's a balance in there that'll make a good solution. GeoBond and DuraSystems are products you could include in your building plans to help keep the dome fire resistant. (However without knowing the cost of these products it's hard to tell if they are a feasible solution.)

Offered by Jon.