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icon Grain Silo

Most of us have seen the grain silo's that farmers use. You know the tall oblong metal building with a pointed top. Most are made out of light weight steel, riveted together, a door on the side and a hatch door on the top. These silo's come in many different sizes, from about 14-16 ft. diameter to 20-60 feet tall. They come in numerous sizes. If you took one of these and countersunk it into the ground on a concrete foundation, leaving the side door exposed by excavation it should work like a root cellar or it could be reinforced to act as a bomb shelter. If used after the pole shift a wood stove with chimney extended to top hatch could be placed in the center and it should be warm and dry. Windows could be cut out for lighting, depending on height, a second floor could be added if materials were available.

Offered by Mary.

Sounds like a good idea. We have lots of grain silos around here and I had thought about the same thing, but that door 20 feet up got in the way. I never think about going down. Good idea.

Offered by John.

Our farm silos are squat and rounded and appear too thin to be used in this way. We plan to build a small Monolithic Dome (IO 24) partially buried then bermed to completely cover it. Storage dome and Hydroponic domes (eco domes) will be built in like manner. All fitted with escape Hatches and connecting tunnels (able to be sealed off) lined with reinforced concrete culverts.

Offered by Jan.

Notice what remains standing when a tornado goes through a rural area? Low cost, low profile silos made of corrugated steel, with no windows. A water tight, fireproof, hail proof, fire resistant cylinder with a cone roof! You might be forgetting the Aftertime (dark, dark, dark, dirty rain, dirty rain, dirty rain, mud, mud, mud, wind, wind, wind, mold, mold, mold). A canvas tent will not be enough! I think the key will be throw away low cost and durable!

Offered by Bobby.