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Featured in Popular Science Magazine, October 1997, an article called ECO Homes

The Geo-Lite Ecolodge is a self-sufficent system that requires no connection to utility services. Each unit generates its own electricity, recycles its own waste and stores and pumps its own water. An external water source is required. The electrical, water and waste handling capacity of each model is designed to match a range of occupancy factors. As many as 12 adults can be accommodated in a single unit. Geo-Lite Ecolodges can be assembled in a a matter of days. Most models can also be quickly disassembled and relocated if desited.

The dwelling rests on a thin wooden deck supported by a modular steel framework. The raised platform conceals all of the support equipment and may be varied in size to accommodate outdoor amenities such as picnic tables and recreation equipment. The dwelling is composed of one or more bedroom areas and a bathroom containing a lavatory, shower and flush toilet. The nomber and location of doors, windows and bath facilities is completely customizable.

Sustainable Design Features

Variety of Applications - The flexibility of the Geo-Lite system allows it to be tailored to a wide variety of climate variations, site conditions, comfort levels and numbers of occupants. While conceived with ecologically sensitive recreation in mind, the Geo-Lite system offers a much wider range of comfort options than traditional forms of remote-area shelter.

The units are unusually spacious, ranging in size from 330 to over 700 square feet (31 to 65 square meters) with ceiling heights up to 14 feet (4.25 meters).

If desired, features not normally associated with adventure travel such as carpeting, fireplaces, stereo and microwave ovens can be included.

Worldwide Transportability - The entire system can be transported in a standard overseas shipping container.

A very Small Footprint - No grading is necessary. The unit rests on small diameter non-continuous footings requiring little, if any, excavation.

Non-Consumptive Construction Methods - The entire unit is constructed with reusable materials and removable fasteners. It can be completely disassembled and reused without waste.

Relocatable - The unit can be moved to another site with little evidence of its past presence permitting natural habitat regeneration without loss of lodging income. However, the unit¹s modular nature does not prevent it from being left in place and , when assembled, it does not look temporary.

Environmental Features

Clean Power/Clean Waste - Solar power, composting toilets and graywater systems reduce consumption. The need for utility infrastructure and hazardous waste disposal is eliminated.

Tangible Eco-Experiences - For camps or participation-oriented resorts, the Geo-Lite unit can be configured with energy, water and waste systems accessible to the guests, providing a "live-in science lab" atmosphere.

Adaptability to Local Cultural Styles - Our cylindrical structure with a conical roof, a variety of wall surface materials and the location of the dwelling on a raised platform, results in a structure which blends nicely with the architectural styles of many exotic locales.

Maximum Use of Recycled Materials - Wherever possible we use components made from recycled materials. Our support platform, for example is made primarily of recycled steel.