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I was talking to my friend in Europe last night. His intention is to use abandon military bunkers from 1st and 2nd World War for shelter. He is currently making an inventory in his area. I think this is an excellent idea for Europeans. He says that some of them are intact including sanitary and electrical installation.

Offered by Chris.

We have some along the coast that were used to hide guns in case of an approach from the Japanese. They don't have the plumbing et al to my knowledge, but are solid concrete shelters, covered by enough dirt grown over with grass and natural shrubs to afford an excellent firestorm shelter, the doors wide enough to allow escape or rescue, open doors actually, archways. But if well fitted, would not the military return to take them over, wanting to house their own?

Offered by Nancy.

Since I live next to an Army Post, I have discussed this very idea with a friend already. The bunkers would be a great place to possibly survive the shift. We have quite a few here also. We know where all (or most) of the hiding places are here. On the down side, so does the military and military men on post. I just have one of those gut feelings that if the military built it, they'll use it. They know where those things are. Remember, they can watch you walk down the street from satellite and know who you are. They can also keep an eye on those bunkers just as well. You may survive the pole shift here only to find yourself eaten alive when it's over. I personally think it's a bad idea. These places will be swamped with people, you can count on it.

Offered by Clipper.

What he has in mind is finding small ones. Maintained by 4-10 people during the war. Believe me there are too many of them to be controlled. Besides they have no military value at all today. Quite often farmers use them as storage.

Offered by Chris.