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I've been thinking about Tipis and/or Yurts as housing options after the pole shift. It seems to me they would have advantages such as ready assembly, durability, adaptability, portability, and energy efficiency. Although the idea of a permanent home is appealing, I'm sure it will ultimately be more in the way of a log home or rough timber-framed home. Even in todays world, I would not have the capability or know-how or supplies to put a standard house together, and certainly not after the pole shift with a shortage of materials, no stores, near constant rain, and erratic weather. I can't imagine the prospect of putting such a home together, at least not for awhile. Yurts and Tipis are temporary but could probably last some time to get us through the periods of uncertainty. Perhaps domes too could be put together in this way (if in kit form), quickly after the pole shift for people with limited skills. All of these options have remarkable efficiency/strength/cost-effectiveness/adaptability. I think the key here is having everything needed, having it survive the pole shift and having it ready to go - no small task.

Offered by Craig.

Not all of us will have materials to build permanent structures, at least not for some time. Lets suppose I have all my tools and materials safetly buried and after the pole shift I am unable to get them for whatever reason, I also have a leg which is broken and which heals wrong so I have no stamina, and also suppose I have people with me that know nothing about structures. The yurt or tent would do indefinately.

Offered by Mary.