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Teepees and yurts are great as a temporary dwelling solution, while you're building your regular house. They should not be considered for permanent residence. There are many reasons, mostly having to do with comfort. Adding rooms or structures to your existing dwelling, for instance. It's not as efficient to add another teepee to an already standing one, than it is to add a room to a wooden house. Houses are generally better insulated against extremes of heat and cold. Plumbing and other structural elements can be hidden within the walls, they don't need to be in plain view and spoiling the scenery. Houses afford larger living space and better privacy. In the yurt, the entire Mongol family lived in one room, together with their live-stock. We've advanced a bit since then.

The point is, after the worse of the pole shift is over, we can start building permanent settlements, with permanent materials. There will be time enough for it. When life settles back to normal, which is the period I think you're talking about, we won't be living 'on the run', like the people that invented teepees and yurts. So we will not need to use their type of dwellings at that late stage, only, perhaps, in the interim, when we emerge from the enclosed shelters that will keep us alive during the changeover, and before we actually erect our permanent houses or domes.

Offered by Shaul.