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Set up an after pole shift building that would provide a huge amount of shelter, assuming there is ample electrical power. It is a dome shaped structure that is made of a light airtight material with metal loops around it. Several fans (this is where that large amount of electrical power comes in) blow in air to keep the dome aloft by air pressure. Entrances to this thing are like quasi airlocks. Ropes are connected to those metal loops, by the way, to maintain structural integrity. Does this sound far fetched? Well, it’s not, my tennis club back home actually uses such a device to cover 5 or 6 tennis courts at one time during the winter. The cost of the thing, I'm sure, is rather hefty, but it could be purchased by a community (or even later constructed from by salvaged materials). The beauty of this idea, is, of course the large space, but also the fact that it is so large as to house everything a growing community might need. The only problem with this is that the air is not going to be very clean, and I'm afraid that filters may get to too gunked up with the large amount of soot contaminated air entering the structure.

Offered by Ted.