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Plywood Boxes

Wooden and/or metal storage boxes after the pole shift can be used in various ways as housing materials.

Plywood boxes that are rectangular say 1 feet high by 2 feet wide by 1 feet deep would stack like bricks to make the walls of a house. Sheet rock screws used through the ends would hold them together horizontally. A hole about 5"-6" (square or round) cut in the bottom of each end of the box. Reinforcing rod run through each of these holes up to the roof line. Mud poured in from the top would hold them together vertically. The lids could be used for shingles for the roof. Or the lids left on the box with holes in them for reinforcing rods. Caulking or mud to seal any air leaks (mostly the ends of the boxes).
For those who have had or expect a shortage of shelf space. Use Plywood rectangular boxes 1 feet high by 2 feet wide by 1 feet deep. Stack like bricks with the open top toward the inside of the building, to make a shelf. Use sheet rock screws to hold them together. Use tar paper on the outside to seal it. Finish with siding or thermal insulation and then siding depending on how cold you expect the weather to get.

Note: In both cases it would be more optimum to use plywood with exterior glue, sprayed with a water sealer, and anti-terminate preservative.

Offered by Mike.

For those that have the resources to either acquire or build storage boxes in which to keep their supplies, this is a good idea. After all, what are they going to do with the boxes once they dig them up? If the boxes were built or purchased with this idea in mind, there would be a logical end result. Those of us that do not have the resources to plan ahead this far will be looking for shelter (if they survive) and might come across a group that had the resources to prepare in this way. These less fortunate will gladly except a shelter assembled in this manner.

Offered by Roger.