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ZetaTalk: Telekinesis
Note: written on Dec 15, 1996.

Many physical forces in nature are not visible to man. The wind swaying trees in the distance, magnetic fields snapping magnetized objects into alignment, and even the forces of gravity are invisible to man. That man could move objects with the force of his mental focus is only considered to be in the realm of the supernatural because it happens rarely and not in a controlled manner which would allow scientists to study and record it. The phenomenon is not a controlled phenomenon in humans, in spite of what some yogis claim. Man is not structured to allow willful telekinetic abilities, and that they happen at all is due only to latent abilities that get briefly triggered, usually accompanied by a burst of anger.

In 4th Density, the ability to levitate oneself or move other objects is present and is a skill that can be honed. This is a factor of the intelligence that is either present naturally in the species available for incarnation to entities who have graduated to 4th Density, or is genetically engineered into species who will be so incarnated. Just as telepathic thought processes can be focused toward a target, the brain waves that enable levitation or movement of objects can also be focused. The mechanism is not one currently understood by man, but is one of hundreds of physical forces similar to the forces of gravity and repulsion. Essentially, a flood of these energies is focused beneath the object to be levitated, and if the object is to be moved, unevenly so. A moved object is essentially levitated slightly so that friction is removed, and then tipped in the direction desired by slightly more levitation on one side.

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