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ZetaTalk: Quantum Mechanics
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996.

Hand in hand with the realization that atoms were formed of particles of different natures - subatomic particles - came the science of quantum mechanics. Matter was weighed and measured, the electrical flow calculated, the degree of intrusion required to cause atoms bound to one another to break apart noted, and all this went into quantum mechanics, a worthy science. What interferes with the data going into the formulas is mankind's lack of knowledge in general about subatomic particles and the many types of what they would call energy waves that exist. If one were asked to compute the amount of water required to turn a water wheel at such a speed and for such a duration, but were not told that the temperature on occasion would be below freezing or that at other times the water would flood and reverse the direction of water flow - the computations would invariably be wrong.

Quantum mechanics balances out what it does not know with careful observation, so the formulas are the result of observed facts and behavior, not theory. In this regard they are accurate, but where the science begins to go amuck is in the theoretical aspect, where data tied to observed facts is expected to take second place to theories - the facts to follow the theory. Our advice is to stick to observing, as at least that way you were getting someplace.

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