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ZetaTalk: Unified Theory
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996.

Einstein understood far more than he relayed to mankind. Einstein spoke to mankind within the confines of their ability to digest at the time. Great minds, visiting the primitive, lose the audience if they speak well beyond the capabilities to understand. His audience was in the main scientists, and they were able to barely comprehend what he was addressing as is. Now long after his death he is deemed a genius, and correct on many matters. Should he have drifted further afield, he would have been dismissed utterly. He withheld information, deliberately, as do all visitors to a 3rd Density world where spiritual growth is incomplete and high tech weaponry would give the self-serving too much of an advantage. Mankind thus got a glimpse, and a glimpse only, into a world they will not be allowed to explore at this time.

Einstein's theory of relativity, which challenged the accepted notion that matter and energy could not transmute, was violently resisted. In putting forth his Unified Theory, Einstein was not attempting to explain to everyone's satisfaction the factors that govern the motion of planets and sub-atomic particles. He was attempting to wrap his relativity arguments with additional material, so that his critics would have to shut up and think. Thus, the Unified Theory is incomplete, as it was never intended to be otherwise. What's missing? Mankind can scarcely be unaware of gravity and can quantify this force as well as the behavior of moving objects fairly accurately, as even the playpen of a babe is a lab in this regard. Einstein postulated that there were two other forces, equally as influential, but as with his theory of relativity these involved factors and views new to man.

The third force, which he called vibrational intensity, was considered theoretical by Einstein's peers, but it manifests in nature in the Bermuda Triangle and other such spots where natural density shifting occur, and was the basis of the Philadelphia Experiment. To detail this third force beyond what Einstein provided would be to empower the likes of those who conducted the Philadelphia Experiment, who would surely return to their tinkering, sending yet more enlisted men to a horrible death in their lust to harness the ability to transmute to other densities. The Philadelphia Experiment stands as a perfect example of why 3rd Density worlds are not given technology beyond their spiritual maturity. Babes in the sandbox are not handed loaded guns, at least not by any responsible person. Thus, any press by humans to learn more of Einstein's third force will simply not succeed no matter where this press is applied or how cleverly it may be packaged. The answer is no.

Einstein's fourth force was what he termed pressure rebound, and this equates to what we have termed the repulsion force. This force mystified Einstein's peers, who could not determine how to test the theory and were given no help in this matter by Einstein. In truth, in that era, there was no way for humans to demonstrate the repulsion force, as the test requires an escape from Earth's gravity, not possible before the space age. Will Einstein's Unified Theory be completed during the age of man? As mankind will phase out during the coming Transformation and is considered too immature to handle such knowledge, the Unified Theory will remain for man just that - a theory. The theory as presented by Einstein was lacking several key pieces, and without these pieces no progress is possible. Sorry. Grow up, and then we'll talk about it.

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