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ZetaTalk: Star Birth
Note: written on Dec 15, 1995.

The world was treated, recently, to a view from the orbiting Hubble telescope - a twinkling, swirling cloud mass. The death of stars is an event mankind has long been aware of, as super novas appear where dull stars formerly stood, and then wink out altogether. As mankind's telescopes increase in power, more and more stars are discovered, but the birth of a star has yet to be recorded. The process by which a star is born is not one mankind will view from their present vantage point. The Eagle Nebula, while an impressive light display, is nothing more than sputtering, and no lasting star will emerge. The birth of stars occurs after a big bang, where massing suns either light or fail to light, and there the matter stands until the next compression and subsequent big bang in that part of the Universe.

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