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ZetaTalk: EQ
Note: written on Dec 15, 1995.

Intelligence tests have been increasingly broadened into areas with little relationship to intellect. Intellect is thought, thinking, concepts. Thought can be broken down into memory, the ability to string memories together, the ability to abstract a concept from many concrete memories, the ability to arrive at a logical conclusion, the ability to consider the future and plan, and the overall capacity to do much of this at the same time. Thought is not the ability to match a tone, the ability to draw or quote by repeating what one has just seen or heard, or the capacity to be socially pleasant and observant. Where such abilities frequently further the individual and are even taken to be signs of intelligence, this is due more to what society expects of its members than intellectual performance. Is the little girl who is quick to mock her mother's curtsy and phrases bright or just a copy-cat? The latter.

True deep intelligence is seldom recognized for what it is by those of lesser intelligence. The bright child seems distracted, may forget to tie his shoes, makes mistakes when doing simple tasks, and wanders off to be by himself and alone with his thoughts. The dull child may have nothing better to do than be a copy- cat, and as this earns him applause, does it often. This does not mean that the bright child has less of an Emotional Quotient, an EQ as it is called, it simply means they have better things to do. Given a situation that truly tests the ability of an individual to empathize and discern the correct emotional appeal to make to others, the bright child will routinely do as well if not better than the individual of average intelligence.

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