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ZetaTalk: Crystals
Note: written on Sep 15, 1995.

Crystals do have what humans would call magical properties, as they don't know how else to explain the results. Crystals capture and focus energies that mankind is not aware of as yet. These energies cannot be seen and measured, yet their presence leaves its mark. Like most myth makers, crystals have given life to stories that bear no relationship to the truth. It has been reported that crystals can prevent disease, grow sturdier plants, and affect the passage of time. Only the latter is true, but this cannot be put to any practical use. Not all crystals have this effect, and a certain size must be attained before any effect at all occurs. A synergy is in process.

It has been reputed that the lost city of Atlantis used large crystals, and that such a crystal lying under the waves in the Bermuda Triangle is causing havoc. None of this is true. Crystals of any size or shape or of whatever nature are not having any significant effect on mankind or on the Earth at the present time, and any reports to the contrary are false. Crystals have at times been used as a communication booster by various alien groups, but for no other reason. These crystals, left on the surface of Mars or the Moon or even here and there on Earth, are not being activated at the current time and thus have no more influence on their surroundings than other inanimate objects. These crystals are immense, as large as a pick-up truck, and flawless. Humans are incapable of building them, and should they uncover one on Earth would be incapable of activating it. This would be a toy the Council of Worlds would not allow to be placed in the hands of 3rd Density entities. The rules do not allow it.

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