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ZetaTalk: Gravity Field
Note: written during the August 3, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Mankind, in his dealings with gravity, assumes a steady force from a given mass. His math lines up accordingly, with a larger mass having a greater pull, and his explorations off the face of Earth has not challenged this. In the last few years, he has found his probes not behaving according to gravity math, without explanation. And Recently, his probes have given him data to the effect that the shape of the Earth should have changed, per the gravity pull registered from the surface, but measurements do not support this shape change. What has occurred, to change the pull of gravity from the Earth to the extent that it is measurable from space? Mankind's theories include changes in the core, as they cannot see any ostensible change in the shape of the globe. As we have stated, gravity is a particle flow, with outshooting in a laser manner of intense gravity particle streams and a slow drifting back to the surface by the particles. It is the drifting back that creates the phenomenon of gravity, pressure downward, as the outburst goes between atoms and thus does not interact.

Planet X is approaching from a point only somewhat below the ecliptic, at this time, a gravity pull we have described as disturbing the equilibrium. Man looks about him and makes assumptions on the status quo, and when the status quo changes he is shocked and cannot explain the changes. He does not understand the status quo, his explanations wrong, but when we tell him that the equilibrium has been disturbed, as an explanation, he argues. This is the case here, the flow of gravity particles normally involved with the Sun and other planets being considered normal by man, and now, an additional pull from the direction of the Ecliptic causing gravity particles to move in that direction, return from that direction, being noticeable.

How is it that the other planets, such as Jupiter, do not cause such a leaning of gravity pull? Jupiter is estimated to have X mass, based on perturbations when it passes other planets, or is nearby. Mankind assumes this is entirely due to gravity, understanding only a fraction of a percentage the influences that planets have on one another. There are numerous particle flows, and depending upon the composition of a given planet, it will repulse, attract, or care not. Mars is tiny, the gaseous planets not massive enough, and the Sun the only element outside of the Earth itself to affect the even flow of gravity. The Sun likewise, with its outbursting matter, counteracts any excessive pull of gravity particles, in the manner that solar wind affects comet tails. Is Planet X that massive, that strong in its pull, that from a position outside the orbit of Pluto it could cause a change in gravity particle flow in the Earth? Yes, in a similar manner to magnetism flow, where magnetic fields are far outside what mankind imagines, in their reach. This gravity change, recently noted, will not be the last evidence that the monster is on the move, and will soon create havoc on your peaceful planet.

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