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ZetaTalk: Status Quo
Note: written on May 15, 2002

We have explained on numerous occasions how equilibrium in a solar system works, but still this is confusing to our audience. The existing structure is explained by mankind’s scientists as coming out of the big bang, planets caught in a gravity field, on the move so not going directly into the sun, and thus establishing an orbit. Why all the planets are in the ecliptic, like the rings of trash around Saturn, is not explained. How the Moon can remain aloft above Earth, while so massive and moving so slowly, is not addressed, even though this does not compute when Newton's law of Centrifugal Force and the Inverse Square Law of gravity, both mankind’s staples, are applied together using real, not theoretical, factors.

Mankind cannot explain how his own solar system is structured, but presumes to insist that Centrifugal Force is what keeps everything in the place it is, when combined with gravity attraction. In this context, it is understandable that mankind is confused as to why a planet some 9 Sun-Pluto distances away can create a swirling core in the Earth when first starting out on its periodic passage through the solar system. Gravity must be mild, as Jupiter does not seem to affect the Earth. Magnetic confusion should be minimal, as Mercury is closer and seems to have no effect on Earth. What is missing in these conclusions is the network that is in place, a stabilizing of all these pulls and pushes, which is not apparent to man as he is seeing the result, not the arrival, of the stabilizing.

Were everyone in a group to hold hands tightly, in a circle around a large air balloon, they would become fixed in place, unable to move unless a grip was let go. A child, seeing this, would assume that this was "normal" and set about to play in the grass nearby. Should someone ask the child why these people were standing thus, he'd be puzzled, not having noticed them, still as they were. But should a grip let go, on the opposite side of the balloon, bodies might jerk, adjust, and the child startled. He does not see the point where the grip released. Likewise, a decrease in pressure in the balloon would cause wiggling in the people thus circling, it, as now there was wiggle room where before they were stretched tight. The child would be alarmed! Why are these people shuffling their feet, moving their handshakes up and down! Perhaps turning their head to look his way! Thus, like a child, not understanding that the solar system you are used to is the result of many factors fixed, but now adjusting, you see every change as a shock.

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