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ZetaTalk: Hover
Note: written during the 2001 sci.astro debates.

How do we hover, in our spacecraft, without whirling blades or blasting jets? How do we negate the downdraft of gravity particles toward the surface of the planet we are hovering upon, while at the same time negating the upblast of gravity particles which would send us upward in a wink unless also countered? We control both directional flows, creating a gravity barrier around the ship. Likewise space travel, our irresistible kiss, creates a tube through space composed of this same barrier. Gravity particles exist in the space within this barrier or tube, but only create their own gravity dance among themselves - not enough time or quantity to coalesce a gravitational giant. And what is this barrier? It is composed of gravity particles themselves, glued with an overabundance of another particle it does interact with, unlike the majority of sub-atomic particles which interact with gravity particles only in a mechanical manner. Does this not produce a situation where the space or tube might become permanent? There is a time factor, such that we must continually reproduce a space for our craft to hover, and quickly use the tube arranged for instant space travel. The barrier degrades, in a wink, equalizing into the surrounding area where it was gathered to be the glue. You can equate this to your use of electricity, where it dissipates quickly into becoming electrons behaving normally in the surrounding matter as soon as interference by man in making them stream ceases.

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