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The Zetas talk about how the Council of Worlds is not voluntary as all aliens visiting Earth are administered by the Council of Worlds; how there can be no Secession; what the Council Charter is and how this affects the Pace of Change here on Earth; how the Earth is a Member already and as an Earthling you can make your Vote Count; what rights the Minority Vote has, and what constitutes the Voting Population; how the rules work in a Mixed Setting of aliens and humans who often have Mixed Goals; why triggering the Enron investigation and Interfering such as with Chernobyl or Contour or Protection/Healings or Moving Planets so that there is Apparent Precision are within the rules as this affects Things vs People and the pole shift will have No Delay; what Engagement Rules alien groups are required to abide by when interacting with each other; how Star Child Engagements are handled; and whether life bearing planets are considered Reusable Worlds.

The Zetas talk about what Travel Protocol they must abide by; what the rules are guiding Time Travel and whether man's Theories can be tested; whether aliens have ingrained Politics; whether Declaring War occurs and what results when the Service-to-Self engage in Leveling Wars; whether the Death Sentence or Slavery Practices exists on other worlds; what occurs when inhabited worlds are on a Collision Course; what the rules are regarding Solar System Shuttles; what the Exploration Limits affecting mankind are. The Zetas talk about what kind of internal rules the Service to Self groups have; how the Council of Worlds Keep in Line those in Service-to-Self; what kind of internal rules the Service to Others groups operate under; how they manage when they have Friendly Disagreements; how Interference by others is handled; what factor Unconditional Love plays in this; and how they manage Without Money.

The Zetas talk about that in spite of Implants and occasional Healings alien groups are required to abide by non-interference rules; that humans have Free Will over their destiny and Intervention will not occur, but there are some Exceptions; how we are to make our own choices While Unaware; why visitations are without Sight or Sound; how rules affect gifts of Alien Technology and Escape Routes during the coming cataclysms; whether the cataclysms can be Avoided or Rescue Demands honored; and how the hominoid giants using the 12th Planet Shuttle were quarantined because they interfered. The Zetas talk about how God is the highest authority but they don't know What is God with any greater certainty; whether genetic engineering can be considered Playing God; whether there are Planetary Souls or Animal Souls so that we could be hunting and eating our brothers; whether Thinking Machines such as Robots are alive or can have souls, and how the Lack of Choice in Bounded Robots relates; why the Rule of Forgetfulness exists; whether Karmic Justice exists between alien groups; how our past thoughts and actions are On the Record; and how we are to concentrate on our Orientation Lesson.

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