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Troubled Times, Inc.
Annual Report, 1998

During 1998, Troubled Times, Inc. grew by new members and the inclusion of several new projects accepted by the Board to request Grant Proposals under the Troubled Times, Inc. umbrella. A new place of business was approved and will become operational during the forthcoming year. Creative work was done toward the development of a video pole shifts, the historical record of these shifts, and the likelihood of one in the Earth's near future. Several cash gifts were accepted by the Board.


The Board approved several Grant Proposals during the year, one of which was funded, and saw activity on a 1997 proposal.

98-001, a Video Clip of the periodic pole shifts the Earth bears witness to.

To dramatize what a pole shift would mean in terms of crustal shifts, tidal waves, and melting poles, a 6 minute video will be produced. The dramatization is to create a clear focus for the public as to what safety measures are effective and called for when a pole shift is pending. The dramatization is to include key indicators that the Earth has had pole shifts in her past, on approximately 3,600 year cycles, such as:

The video clips would be distributed to TV stations for them to have on hand as shorts to use while reporting on continuing weather irregularities, heating oceans, magnetic diffusion, volcanic activity, and crop shortages.

98-002, a Seed Distribution support project which was funded by a 1998 gift.

The Troubled Times Seed TEAM's goal is to increase a stock of non-hybrid seed, so as to be able to supply families with starter seed during times of increasing crop shortages and a diminishing supply of non-hybrid seed. Seed grown from non-hybrid plants is viable and capable of germination, unlike seed recovered from hybrid plants, which is most often sterile and dooms the family garden to be a one-year operation.

This grant proposal is to cover the cost of postage for distributors, and the return postage of seed grown to the distribution point. The proposal is to reimburse those members of Troubled Times who grow non-hybrid seed, and to reimburse those members of the Seed TEAM who are operating as a distribution point.

98-003, an Administration and Operation project seeking funding to cover annual costs.

To cover normal and periodic administration and operation costs such as filing fees, agent fees for a corporate presence in Delaware, retainer and expenses for professional services, stationary and clerical support, and any other expense deemed by the Board to be included as an administration cost.

97-001, the movie script The Passage is being reviewed by a Hollywood director.

The film would embrace the physical passage of the 12th Planet in a fictional setting, providing the audience with a positive outcome to cataclysmic geological changes and social upheaval. 10% of the net royalty proceeds acruing to the author of the script has been gifted to Troubled Times, Inc.

Grants and Gifts

A total of $1,600 in gifts was received during 1998. A Gift Pool was established to hold cash gifts that come into the corporate PO Box in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Vice President elect is authorized to maintain this Gift Pool, transferring the funds on demand or when the Gift Pool reaches $1,000 to the Treasurer. One gift of $100 was allocated to support the Seed TEAM of Troubled Times to reimburse growers and distribution hubs for their postage costs.

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet
as of December 31, 1998
Retained Earnings 1997$183.00
Cash and Bank Accounts$2,610.50
Total Assets$2,793.50
Loss Due to Fraud$1,500.00
Total Liabilities$2,041.38
Total Equity$752.12
Income Statement
For Year of 1998
Net Income$752.12
Capitol Statement
For Year of 1998
Net Income for Year$752.12
Less Withdrawals$0.00
Change in Capitol$752.12
Capitol December 31, 1998$752.12

A loss of $1,500 occurred from the apparent embezzlement by the former Treasurer, Diana Berger, a.k.a. Ferrizi, formerly of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. In resigning from her position as Treasurer, Diana returned the funds intrusted to her by check, which bounced. Diana had left town. The situation was documented in a video, sent to the Pottsville Police Department, and an arrest warrant was issued. As a result of this experience, a review of the Internal Audit procedures was conducted by the Board. A new Internal Auditor, Jan in Norway, was appointed.

Operating Units

The corporation at present does not do business in any state or country. Accordingly, no state income tax forms were filed, but an annual fee was paid to the State of Delaware. The Company Corporation acts as the corporate agent in the State of Delaware, a presence required by law.

A new place of business was established in Wisconsin, a site soon to be occupied by the President elect. Operations to ensue from this place of business will include correspondence, telephone reception, clerical activity, printing and mailing brochures, distribution of videos, and on-site prototype development. A Business License and Mailing Permit will be secured as this place of business moves into operational status.

Administrative Operations

Troubled Times, Inc. currently operates on the Internet and is staffed with volunteers. The official corporate address is a Post Office box in Fairbanks, Alaska, the resident city of the Vice President elect, Clipper. A corporate e-mail address based also at a local Fairbanks’s Internet Service Provider is gratis, a gift to the corporation. The corporation’s web page was designed Geson, a Board member resident in Sweden.

The corporation’s Secretary elect, Shirley, resides in Canada. The monthly Board of Directors Meetings is held via NetMeeting on the Internet. Corporate funds are maintained in a SunTrust bank in Atlanta, Georgia by the Treasurer elect, Brand. The corporate President elect, Nancy Lieder, orchestrates operations from her home in San Francisco, California, and Internal Audit head, Jan, reviews vouchers and receipts and corporate Bank Statements from Norway.

Directors and Officers

Directors are nominated by the membership, and elected during the annual elections held in February. Officers are likewise elected by the membership, but confirmed by the Board, at whose pleasure they serve.

Nancy Lieder, PresidentGeson, Board Member
Clipper, Vice PresidentPat, Board Member
Brand, TreasurerLyn, Board Member
Shirley, SecretaryRon, Board Member
Jan, Internal AuditDiana, Board Member
Gerard, Internet Communications(vacant)

Appointed Positions

All staff positions are appointed by the board at this time. Appointed positions at the end of 1998 include:

Internal Audit, Jan
contributed oversight of the Treasurer’s accounting and adequacy of the vouchering system
Internet Communications
connecting Board Members during meetings via NetMeeting, IRC, Instant Messaging, and handling net splits and other emergencies
Secretary Proxy, Brand
supported the Secretary by maintaining a lockbox for original corporate records on US soil, forseen as a possible state or federal requirement



Delaware Agent

The Company Corporation
1313 N. Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801-1151