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Scene 146 Snippet

BILLY can be seen climbing over a rock. Talking to NETTY who is following closely.


And you never know! One time I thought it was a rock, and darned if it didn't move! ..

NETTY is right behind him, with DANNY's head popping up into view and looking around. Seeing nothing, DANNY closes the gap between them as they move on down the rock tumble. Suddenly BILLY stops short, NETTY almost bumping into him, as they both look forward without saying a word. DANNY's head pops up behind them, looking in the same direction. All are silent for a moment.


These guys are new.

to take in what the 3 are looking at.

Two short hominoids with thorny plates covering their bodies like a turtle's back are standing before them, several arm's lengths away. They wear little brown colored coats, are brown colored themselves, and are barefoot. One of the pair is smaller than the others, shoulder height. Suddenly a large Zeta materializes between the pair and the three, motioning to the pair to come forward, which they do. NETTY seems to come alive, suddenly understanding what one of the pair, the female, is saying. The Zeta is translating telepathically for them. NETTY is leaning toward her, saying


Only at night? How sad for your children! Do they .. (Falling silent as the female horned toad hominoid is grunting quietly) .. Oh .. well .. that's true .. we treat fire that way ..