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Scene 9 Snippet

ISAAC is fishing with his cap down, back against a tree along the river. DANNY comes up in jeans, alone, notebook well hidden in his pocket. More facts about what might be coming from the Professor


Danny ... a friend of mine at a large observatory has been tracking an incoming object, but has been told to keep mum about it if he "knows what's good for him". Says this has been going on for over a decade, what's reported to be Planet X for many years. They were looking for it, they found it and now they're tracking it. It comes through the Solar System every 3,600 years or so and pretty well tears up the Earth. Well, that's the extra planet I was telling you about, its real! Its inbound! And none of us is ready for it, that's for damn sure.

DANNY is stunned with mouth wide open.


And that's precisely why the government doesn't want the public to know about it. They're not ready for it either.