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Part III Financial Data (Continued)
B Balance Sheet (at the end of the period shown)Current tax year

1. Cash1 $1,000
2. Accounts reveivable, net2
3 Inventories3
4 Bonds and other notes receivable (attach schedule)4
5 Corporate stocks (attach schedule)5
6 Mortgage loans (attach schedule)6
7 Other investments (attach schedule)7
8 Depreciable and depleatable assets (attach schedule)8
9 Land9
10 Other assets (attach schedule)10
11 Total Assets (add lines 1 through 10)11 $1,000

12 Accounts payable12 $817
13 Contributions, gifts, grants, etc., payable13
14 Mortgages and notes payable (attach schedule)14
15 Other liabilities (attach schedule)15
16 Total liabilities (add ines 12 through 15)16 $817

Fund Balances or Net Assets
17 Total fund balances or net assets17 $1,000
18 Total liabilities and fund balances or net assets (add lines 16 and line 17)18 $183
If there has been any substantial change in any aspect of the organization's financial activities since the end of the period shown above, check the box and attach a detailed explanation. [.. ]