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Part II Activities and Operational Information
1 Provide a detailed narrative description of all the activities of the organization - past, present, and planned. Do not merely refer to or repeat the language in the organizational document. List each activity separately in the order of importance based on the relative time and other resources devoted to the activity. Indicate the percentage of time for each activity. Each description should include, as a minimum, the following: (a) a detailed description of the activity including its purpose and how each activity furthers your exempt purpose; (b) when the activity was or will be initiated; and (c) where and by whom the activity will be conducted.

- Informing the public of the likely advent of a pole shift in the near future, given the geological history of the Earth pointing to periodic 3,600 year cycles for cataclysms, the last experienced during the Jewish Exodus approximately 1,550 BC when the oceans of the world dropped 16-20' worldwide, a statistical fact. This activity (a) benefits the public, and (b) was initiated in 1997 with the development of a web site registered with Internet search engines by (c) the President, Vice President, and Public Relations head of the organization.
- Supporting or developing sites which demonstrate solutions for survival during a pole shift and sustainable and healthy living afterwards. These solutions would include but not be limited by those compiled by the Troubled Times teams operating a web site on the Internet. This activity (a) assures the public that solutions recommended are practical, (b) will be initiated as members offer their services or funding becomes available, (c) to be conducted by officers and members of the organization.

- Developing publications such as brochures, MTV style videos for use by TV stations, audio and video clips suitable for traffic over the Internet, and filming demonstration sites or demonstrations of solutions. Using every available media outlet during outreach to inform the public, including web sites free to the public, interviews with newspapers and magazines, TV appearances, brochures, videos, audio and video over the Internet, sites demonstrating solutions open to be toured by the public. This activity is an educational service to the public, (b) was begun during 1997 with an appearance by the President on national TV and by development of a professional quality web site by Geson, a professional web designer who is the Public Relations head of the orbanization, (c) will be conducted by the officers and members of the organization.
- Promoting research into effective yet inexpensive and practical solutions for resisting damage from simultaneous earthquakes, firestorms, high winds, and tidal waves. These solutions also encompass distilling water to free it from volcanic dust, gardening with indoor lighting during gloomy days, and utilizing the high protein and fat of worms and bugs, as well as numerous other solutions addressing potentially difficult times. This activity (a) provides the public with solid advice on how utilize materials they have at hand, (b) was an ongoing activity of the membership prior to incorporation, (c) is conducted by the members and officers of the organization.
See also Article 2 of the Bylaws: Purpose and Objectives

2 What are or will be the organization's sources of financial support? List in order of size.

Our initial financial support is from a membership gift to cover incorporation and administrative costs during 1997 and 1998 ($1,500 total) and a January 1998 offer of free e-mail support ($15/month) from an ISP, which equates to $369 over a 2 year period. Future funding is unknown at this point but anticipated to be from a broad, international base.

3 Describe the organization's fund raising program, both actual and planned, and explain to what extent it has been put into effect. Include details of fundraising activities such as selective mailings, formation of fundraising committees, use of volunteers or professional fundraisers, etc. Attach representative copies of solicitations for financial support.

In addition to the web site at ../nonproft/home.htm, solicitation efforts will include American Express Philanthropic Program, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, AT&T Foundation, Ben & Jerry's Foundation, Big Ben Foundation, Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation, Charles A. Dana Foundation, Donors Forum of Chicago, Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Foundation, GrantsWeb, See also Article 9 of the Bylaws: Grants