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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 26, 2016

Obama made comments in private to donors that Hillary needs to be backed and that her nomination is inevitable. Since the Zetas mentioned he won't shield her from indictment, I'm curious to know if zetas would like to clear up confusion. [and from another] In unusually candid remarks, President Obama privately told a group of Democratic donors that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was nearing the point at which his campaign against Hillary Clinton would end, and that the party must soon come together to back her. Mr. Obama made the remarks after reporters had left a fund-raising event in Austin, Tex., for the Democratic National Committee. The comments were described by three people in the room for the event, all of whom were granted anonymity to describe a candid moment with the president. The comments were later confirmed by a White House official.  Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to quit the race, according to those in the room. Still, those in attendance said in interviews that they took his comments as a signal to Mr. Sanders that perpetuating his campaign, which is now an uphill climb, could only help the Republicans recapture the White House. The Austin event was hosted by Kirk Rudy, a real estate executive, and raised money for the Democratic National Committee. Attendees paid as much as $33,400 a ticket. [and from another] Mr. Obama, according to the Times' sources in attendance at the fundraiser, stopped short of calling for Sanders to drop out of the race. He said he was not endorsing either candidate and that both would make good presidents. White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked whether the president had effectively endorsed Clinton at the fundraiser. Earnest told reporters "Our success in November in electing a Democratic president will depend on the commitment and ability of the Democratic party to come together behind our nominee. And the president did not indicate or specify a preference in the race." [and from another] Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is facing an “uprising” in the national security establishment prompted by long-standing anger about her cavalier handling of classified materials and government secrets. As Clinton’s case progresses, it appears the probe is being directed by intelligence and national security law enforcement authorities rather than civilian agencies subject to political influence. The anger toward Clinton within the intelligence community apparently has been simmering for years. The intensity of anger among intelligence community figures became clear when Gen. Michael T. Flynn, former defense intelligence agency [DIA] director under Obama, said that “someone who does this is completely irresponsible, but totally unaccountable and shows a streak of arrogance to the American public that is unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for President of the United States.” [and from another] Biden also told Netanyahu to keep the Israeli lobby out of the US presidential election, the sources say. The military [DIA], FBI and agency rank and file are determined not to let any Khazarian mafia stooge like Hillary Clinton be elected as president this time. The Pentagon sources are saying the election is likely to be one between Donald Trump and Vice-President Biden. Biden is biding his time and waiting to step in after Hillary Clinton is indicted, pentagon [DIA] and agency sources say. On that front the, “military [DIA] is involved with a secret grand jury that may have gone rogue against those trying to stop the investigation of Hillary,” one of the sources says. [and from another] Also, the takedown of Hillary Clinton is moving along quite rapidly. Hillary’s lesbian lover and aide Huma Abedin has been indicted, her IT guy has been given immunity in exchange for testimony and a grand jury is busy interviewing people to see who will be subpoenaed for her upcoming indictment. Charges will include leaking state secrets and using the Clinton Foundation like a secret government among other things, FBI sources say. [and from another] Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano explained in a Fox Business panel discussion last week that the granting of immunity against self-incrimination to Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up the private email server for Clinton that is central to an ongoing investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), means the Department of Justice intends to secure indictment of a person or people up the “totem pole” from Pagliano in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Supporting his conclusion that an indictment or indictments are in the works, Napolitano, who is a former New Jersey state judge, provides some background information regarding how immunity grants work in the US court system. First, notes Napolitano, “only a federal judge can grant immunity.” Napolitano further explains that a federal judge will only grant such immunity for a witness “the government needs to testify before some proceeding,” which Napolitano notes in this instance would be a grand jury proceeding. Napolitano said last month that, even without Pagliano’s testimony, the evidence related to the Clinton emails scandal shows that Clinton’s “failure to care for national security secrets is now well documented, overwhelming, publicly known, and publicly understood.” What is not clear, he noted, is whether President Barack Obama would OK her prosecution.

As with the supposed battle between Trump and Anonymous, things are not always what they seem. What is clear is that there is a battle behind the scenes between those who want Hillary to secure the White House and those who do not. This has nothing to do with political leanings, as if Jeb Bush had prevailed, the push might be for he to succeed. As we explained, the theft of gold from Fort Knox, the permissive attitude toward Wall Street crimes, and the rise of Trump during the 2016 elections is all intertwined.

One side, including the Bush/Clinton families, is pro Israel, pro Wall Street, pro using the US military to secure Middle East oil for these elite families, and very, very anti-Trump. Trump and the Puppet Master, along with the secret societies that Ben Fulford is working with, are on the other side. The fact that the US Federal Reserve was freed from the control of powerful Jewish bankers shows which side is winning. Meanwhile, the media is being pulled in all directions.

When powerful interest groups are ascendant, they use threats and bribery as inducements. Those in the public or the media who want access to power, want their requests granted, or want jobs and contracts are unwilling to offend the ascendant who might be in power in the White House in the future. Where former federal prosecutors and judges list the statutes that Hillary herself has broken, and Fox News reports this, CNN is agast that Jose Ramos even posed the question to Hillary about a possible indictment. Clearly an FBI investigation and immunity for her IT guy are clues that this is not all about sorting out paperwork.

So what to make of this latest report by DNC insiders, who paraphrase Obama’s off the record words after reporters had left the room, as being so pro-Hillary that it was an essential endorsement. Says who? The DNC insiders? Debby Wasserman-Schultz has already broken several rules to fund Hillary and tried to deny Sanders access to the donor database. Josh Earnest, the White House spokesperson, has already been caught having to retract his statements that the investigation is “not trending” toward an indictment of Hillary.

Did Obama indicate that the Democrats should rally behind Hillary, as the front runner? No. Has he made positive statements about Hillary in the past? Yes, as he would of anyone whom he had given a position of authority. To do otherwise would cast doubt on his own judgement. Meanwhile, the indictment of Hillary marches on. Ben Fulford, who has a very high accuracy track record, has pointed to DIA as well as FBI and CIA and DOJ involvement in her indictment. This is confirmed by other insiders reporting in the press. The DOD as well as the DOJ has prosecutors, and can empanel a Grand Jury. The game is on, and is not leaning in Hillary’s favor!

Could the Zetas say something about the Belgium situation with the bombings et and is there any advice they can give to to the people in Europe? It seems that the advice they give about removing the sleepers cells is not going to work anymore and it's too late now. Is there any truth that the European politicans let this happen to get more control and so over the people, like martial law, border control, rigid laws etc. It seems now that this can't be turn back. Is this right as i am sure that the government in Europe could have done more to control this ? Also from infowars "Governments of Europe brought in terror cells, protected them and let them attack"  [and from another] A series of deadly explosions rocked Belgium's capital on Tuesday, targeting the main airport of Zaventem and the city's metro system. [and from another] [and from another] Donald Trump has shown his geopolitical foxiness in that he told AIPAC yesterday, just hours before this happened, that NATO has been basically backing ISIS, and is no friend of Israel. And that's just true. How astute. Hollande, Merkel, France more than anybody, has been backing Al Qaeda and now Islamic State, it's the elephant in the room. All over the Middle East, all over North Africa, especially Libya and Syria, and that's what's so frustrating about watching the communist Hollande, the communist Merkel, go, "We will stand strong against this terror. We will keep the emergency going and take all your rights and arrest anybody who's right wing and criticizes Islam." They bring 'em in, unvetted, they let 'em attack, and then they take your rights. This is the ultimate false flag. It's a real Islamic attack. But when you bring 'em in and you know they're going to attack and you know a bunch of 'em are terror cells, then you are aiding and abetting, it is a false flag.

What is unfolding in Europe is what we predicted over a year ago. We stated at that time, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, that Europe had stayed too long at the party – open borders, welcoming Arab workers, and the anticipation that the Euro would be a strong currency. We stated that the elite living in Europe wanted to be able to declare martial law, for their protection, but wanted it on their terms. Now they had chaos and terrorist attacks, but not on their terms.

Alex Jones is not saying that these terrorist attacks are false flag, he is saying they are caused by ISIS and their allies, their handlers and backers, but not caused by the governments of Europe. The governments of Europe are aghast, in horror at what is unfolding and did not want any of this. Alex Jones is, in his own words, saying when you welcome the refugees, obviously riddled with ISIS sleepers, you are “aiding and abetting” terrorist attacks. Clearly, as Turkey is supporting ISIS, brokering oil for them and training them, the first step for Europe would be to kick Turkey out of NATO.

I should note that I've come across a wild claim that a certain General Dunford has accomplished a coup d'etat, on Jan 21st, and is now the Acting President  of the republic, a 'restoration' of the United States while Obama retains the position of "national spokesperson" so as not to incite panic. [and from another] The military, FBI and agency rank and file are determined not to let any Khazarian mafia stooge like Hillary Clinton be elected as president this time. The Pentagon sources are saying the election is likely to be one between Donald Trump and Vice-President Biden. Biden is biding his time and waiting to step in after Hillary Clinton is indicted, pentagon  and agency sources say. On that front the, “military is involved with a secret grand jury that may have gone rogue against those trying to stop the investigation of Hillary,” one of the sources says. [and from another] Klein said that Comey has a choice at the end of the investigation—he could send the case to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and recommend whether Clinton should be indicted or he can bypass the Justice Department and the White House and go to a federal judge who is overseeing the case. Klein posited that when the FBI concludes its investigation, Comey may ultimately let a federal judge decide whether to indict Clinton.

In July, at the start of the Jade Helm exercises to run from July 15-September15, 2015, we referred to the announcement as “firmly in the schedule “. It was clear from the Jade Helm plans that the intent was for the US military to be standing at the ready, for the panic in the people and the rush from countries to the south of the US after the announcement, a matter we referred to as “rioting after the announcement”. Then there were hints of a Third Term for Obama in late July, on the Jon Stewart show, and we the Zetas suggested that Obama might “delay or cancel” the 2016 elections.

On September 5, 2015 when Obama went to Alaska, roughing it with Bear Grylls, we referred to this time as “just ahead of the announcement”. Then Jade Helm came and went, with no announcement.  All talk of a pending announcement within ZetaTalk stopped, other than to indicate that corporations knew this was in the future, that mankind would become aware. On January 16, 2016 we stated the ocean shipping slowdown was due in part to “rumors that the presence of Nibiru is about to be announced”. And during Wal-Mart closures on January 23, 2016 we stated that this was because they “anticipate the announcement”.

So what happened to the announcement? Obama lacked the courage. As a result of this colossal failure,  having to disband the Jade Helm structure, the US military reacted. Obama is no longer running the country. CJCS General Dunford is. Ben Fulford has for months been referring to Obama as the US “spokesperson” and on March 14, 2016 mentioned a “secret Grand Jury” empaneled by the military. Insider Ed Kline had inferred that the indictment of Hillary may result not from the DOJ but from a judge that the FBI has been working with. The DOD is repeatedly mentioned. Now there are various Internet rumors that Dunford is in charge.

Is this true, and how does this work? In that the Middle East, under the direction and press from Israel, Turkey, the Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve, and the Saudis were supporting ISIS and this threatened to create a force that would not only invade Europe but also create an endless terrorism threat to the US, the military did indeed effect a silent coup. Russia needed to enter the fray, and Dunford, but not Obama, agreed. This will never be admitted, publicly, nor do the parties want this. So what of the indictment of Hillary? In that the military is in charge, the Grand Jury has been empaneled there, something we confirmed on March 19, 2016.  

General Dunford is using the DOD prosecution at present using national security threats as the rationale. For lack of a better term to use with civilians, Hillary is being court martialed, for her time as Secretary of State which is an official position equivalent to a military officer, and as he, General Dunford, is now in charge, all federal positions can be seen as military positions. Thus, her indictment is legal, but the public would be confused. Dunford will order the DOJ to prosecute, while in the meantime all Grand Jury activity is proceeding without delay.

Last Ben Fulford's report mentions a "possible announcement made by Pope in May". [and from another] On a final note, Russian sources say Pope Francis is planning to make a major announcement, possibly in May, and then retire. While experience has taught us to be wary of specific dates or deadlines, it is undeniable that major world changes are taking place. [and from another] A federal law enforcement official said that barring any unforeseen changes, the F.B.I. investigation could conclude by early May. [and from another] The Pope added, "I try to think of my sins and my mistakes." Because I know this will not last long, two or three years, and then to the Father's House. "

It was not quite 2 years ago that Pope Francis made a startling statement, that he would only be Pope for another 2-3 more years. He implied he would die, by that time. Our statement at the time was that Pope Francis knew the Vatican would likely kill him, as he was continually giving the flock permission to ignore Vatican rules. The rules, as most Service-to-Self rules, are designed to maintain Vatican control, not to benefit mankind. Pope Francis estimated the time of his likely assassination at 2-3 years, which encompasses August, 2016 through to mid-2017.

The Ben Fulford report, as we have stated, is highly accurate, due to the many credible sources that Ben enjoys. Presuming that this report is credible, why would Pope Francis entertain resigning in May, 2016? His health of course is fragile, in that he only has one lung and has stumbled more than once in front of public cameras. Any announcement he might made is not something we, the Zetas, have the right to reveal. This is for he, and he alone, to announce. But one obvious interpretation for an early resignation is that he would prefer to live, to give interviews, rather than be assassinated.