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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 19, 2014

CIA's head has come to Ukraine to instruct power agencies - unofficial source. It is obvious that the Maidan was constructed west. Russia wants to limit migration. But this methods such use US and European Union terrible. I do not understand Obama's position on this matter. And what did the CIA director in Kiev? And who is behind the unrest in the South East? And the effect on the migration of the Eurasian Economic Union? [and from another]  [and from another]  The Eurasian Economic Union is a proposed economic union of post-Soviet states. On 18 November 2011, the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia signed an agreement, setting a target of establishing the Eurasian Union by 2015. [and from another]  [and from another]  A source in the Ukrainian parliament has told the Russian Interfax news agency that CIA's Director John Brennan has recently visited Ukraine's capital Kiev and had several meetings with representatives of Ukraine's power-wielding agencies. The person who said this to Interfax in a phone talk added that John Brennan came to Ukraine not under his real name. According to some yet unconfirmed information, the decision to suppress protesters in Slavyansk, a city in Ukraine's east, with force was advised to Ukraine's authorities by Brennan. However, Interfax does not have any confirmation from any official sources that this is really so. [and from another]  On Saturday, supporters of the federalization of Ukraine took control of a number of administrative buildings in Slavyansk Donetsk region - the city council , the police department and the office of the Security Service . Earlier, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Golub said that his colleagues say about the visit of the Director of the CIA in Kiev as a fait accompli. Commenting on these reports , the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich said that he considers the arrival in Ukraine CIA director as a challenge to Russia . [and from another]  The White House is confirming that CIA Director John Brennan was in the Ukrainian capital over the weekend. The CIA denies that Brennan encouraged Ukrainian authorities to conduct tactical operations.

Increasingly, countries will posture for the Pole Shift and the Aftertime. China aggressively defends its borders in the South China Sea, which is depicted in the press as an issue over fishing rights. It is not. It is a posture to block migrants as the Last Weeks approach. Australia is diverting migrants to New Guinea, another Commonwealth country. And the Queen is courting New Zealand as a refuge when it comes time for the royal family to desert the UK. It should be no surprise, then, that Russia and China and many former Russian satellite countries are firmly bonded in economic and security agreements.   

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) includes Belarus in Europe and Armenia which borders Turkey. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) bonds Russia to China. Russia and China absolutely form a united front as the globe marches toward the Pole Shift. Where China is focused on blocking migration from drowning India and countries on the sinking Sunda Plate, Russia has a broad border with Europe that will be massively flooded in the Aftertime. This issue is central to the fuss over the Crimea and eastern Ukraine at the present time, which are the only territories Russia desires. Brennan’s visit to Kiev was to explain this to the new Ukraine leadership. The split will resolve all tensions, and should be allowed to proceed.

How are these lands central to Russian defense in the Aftertime? The massive flooding that will occur within 2 years after the Pole Shift (due to rising sea levels reacting to friction-heated ocean bottoms) will devastate Europe and western Russia. Russia will migrate its populace to eastern Russia, but will remain on the highlands near Moscow, on the highlands of the Crimea, on the highlands near Sochi, and in the Urals. How will these lands be defended, while Russia moves hundreds of millions of its people to the east? The Crimea is Russia’s main naval base, and the flooding Volga and Don rivers will provide an inlet to the flooded lands of western Russia. Russia will defend its rear, as it migrates, by boat!

The Pope admits to extra-terrestrial life, would the Zetas care to comment? [and from another]  During the homily, held this morning in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis with great ease and amazement among the faithful present reveals: "Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made ??so much progress and will most likely soon will know our new brothers and sisters with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day there will be wonder and remember that God is one and watching over us all.” The revelation has puzzled and amazed thousands of people came to the streets to follow the homily, but Pope Francis has done more, he wanted to clarify that the progress is very important and must always have an open mind to new also the most amazing, in accordance with common sense. This revelation will surely change everything, but the Pope still walking on his way to open the doors of a renewed church in any kind of true. [and from another] November 10, 2009  Though it may seem an unlikely location to happen upon a conference on astrobiology, the Vatican recently held a “study week” of over 30 astronomers, biologists, geologists and religious leaders to discuss the question of the existence of extraterrestrials. This follows the statement made last year by the Pope’s chief astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, that the existence of extraterrestrials does not preclude a belief in God, and that it’s a question to be explored by the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict, who resigned in March, 2013 did not personally make a statement about extra-terrestrial life. His chief astronomer was assigned to begin the process whereby the Catholic Church would back away from its prior stance, that man alone was made in God’s image and thus visiting aliens should be assumed to be demons. It was not so long ago that the Catholic Church tried Galileo as a heretic for his stance that the Earth was not flat. Given his personal predilection for rigidity and autocratic edicts, Benedict was not deemed up to the task of dealing with increasing disclosure about the pending passage of Nibiru and the reality of the alien presence.

Pope Francis is a different man, on many levels. Genuinely Service-to-Other in his orientation, preaching the Golden Rule and the importance of love and empathy in all aspects of interpersonal life, it is a natural reach for Pope Francis to begin to educate the Catholic flock on doing the same for the visitors. There are many Catholic challenges that remain. Some in the church will want to baptize the visitors, or press them to accept Jesus as their savior, which is of course an absurd posture.  The absurdity of this position will only drive more Catholics from the church, a trend that has been ongoing for decades.

Google just bought another war technology company – today’s news - under the pretext of global internet access. Looking closer at all recent technological acquisitions of Google and its secret research and construction activities as well as its intrinsic capabilities as an internet company a very different picture is shining up.  Google maps and street map surveillance activities. Google spying hot spot activities via street map equipment. Now Google glass also. Google Android system - controlling a large part of global telecommunications. Google buying war robotics companies. Now Google buying drone builder company. Google building ships, the sort that can be used as spy tech centers easily. Is the top management of Google transferring the company into a future private warfare company of the - at least - US establishment?

We have previously pointed out the relationship of Google and Amazon plans for robotic delivery of goods for the future needs of the elite. Barter may be the mode of the future, but the elite do not intend to open the gates of their enclaves to starving hoards clamoring to gain entry. They plan to exchange medicines and vitamins for fresh produce via a robot delivery service. How do new Google enterprises such as Google Maps for street surveillance, Google Glass for an instant and hands-free Internet connection, and Google Drones for delivery of the Internet from space fit into this picture?

All this is not to serve the common man in the Aftertime. The common man will be fishing and gardening and struggling to build housing from the scraps blown about by the Pole Shift winds. Are the wealthy planning to give these survivors Internet access and street surveillance? The elite plan to use these technologies to keep their militia aware of the terrain, and as a direct communication to their militia. The elite will be hunkered down, behind walls and gates, with vast reserves of supplies. They assume an ability to barter for years with the starving hoards at their gates, with an eventual re-establishment of their ranks in a new society. What the elite fail to compute is that their militias will not remain loyal to them. They will implode from within! 

I ask you a question, our friends Zeta regarding this news, published 15.04.2014 online news agency "Interfax" under the heading:  "In the GLONASS system has suffered a major failure". In my opinion, this is another fact of concealment, about the impact of Planet X (Nibiru). Please could Zeta, comment on the news, on the subject of: do not introduce misleading Russian authorities ignorant people? [and from another]   Moscow . April 15. INTERFAX.RU - Eight satellites Glonass navigation system both went out for half an hour last night . This is the second failure in the system from the beginning of the month. Problems started a few minutes before the morning on April 15. Spacecraft number number 747, 743, 717, 737, 738, 720, 732 and 735 show signs of "unhealthy" in their ephemeris (satellite position data in space). This condition persisted for half an hour, said the information-analytical center of Roscosmos. This is the second state of emergency in the GLONASS system in two weeks. On April it has failed for more than 10 hours. Spacecraft were given incorrect information about its location and therefore provide consumers the wrong navigation information. An error occurred while virtually all vehicles. As explained by the "Interfax" a source in the space industry, then the problem was caused by the "human factor " - the program tab on board vehicles incorrect data. April 11, it became known that a group of GLONASS satellites are 22 of the necessary apparatus 24. Therefore, the system is not yet able to provide coverage of the entire Earth navigation signal. For uninterrupted availability of the GLONASS system anywhere in the world need to work 24 spacecraft. Navigation support for customers in Russia rather work 18 vehicles. [and from another]  “Bad ephemerides were uploaded to satellites. Those bad ephemerides became active at 1:00 am Moscow time,” reported one knowledgeable source. For every GNSS in orbit, the navigation messages include ephemeris data, used to calculate the position of each satellite in orbit, and information about the time and status of the entire satellite constellation (almanac); this data is processed by user receivers on the ground to compute their precise position.

Was this, as is being reported in some media, merely a bad ephemerides passed to the satellites or is this a cover story? It is clear that the mass outage was due to some of the satellites in the network being disabled, as all must be operational for the network to operate. But it is also clear from the graph that satellite failure was transient, and this failure moved from one satellite to another and did not linger on an affected satellite. And if a programming error was the cause, they why did this situation repeat during the month of April? Were the GLONASS programmers repeatedly drunk?

This GLONASS failure was due to some of the satellites being affected by the Earth wobble, moved out of position temporarily by uneven air pressure in the upper atmosphere caused by layers of the atmosphere being dragged about by the wobbling globe. Air pressure sorts itself out in time, high pressure disbursing to low pressure regions, so the satellite floats back to its assumed position and comes back online. Else why would a given satellite in the network be affected, and then not, if its programming were the cause of an outage?

Today monsters presence, and abnormal light and brightness at bottom, explain to me if possible . Ciao Alberto [and from another]  [and from another]  Why there are ripples around PX, we know it is dust but little info/comments, Is it because of our atmosphere we are seeing like that? [and from another] A halo is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky.

Alberto has noted a change in his photos. The light reflected from the vast tail of Planet X is now more evident below the Sun, where formerly the tail wafted in a clockwise manner from below the Sun to the left, thence above. The Moon Swirls were found to the left and above the Sun, as recently as two weeks ago. In addition, there seems to be a distinct orb at the 4 o’clock position on an April 15 photo, which is itself reflecting sunlight as though it were partway between the Sun and the Earth. Is this Planet X itself? It is indeed, distinct from the brilliant Moon Swirls in that it holds dust closely shrouded around itself and does not act like a flashlight funneling light down a tube.

Mankind is familiar with the halos around light caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere. When the angle from the light to the camera or viewers eye is right, a diffraction of the light rays can form a circle. Of course, the light rays are diffracted in all directions, and the viewer is only capturing those light rays that converge on his eye.  During Alberto’s photo, when the heavily shrouded body of Planet X was clearly defined, why did his camera capture concentric circles around this corpus? Unlike the Moon Swirls, which can focus light down a tube as though coming from the end of a flashlight, the Planet X halos are caused by an even distribution of light from the corpus itself. The shroud of dust clings closely, but rapidly becomes less thick at a distance from the corpus. At various points where the composition of this shroud changes, a ring is formed that will reflect and diffract light outbound from the corpus of Planet X.

Planet X and the Earth have moved into an 8 of 10 position, whereby Planet X appears more to the right as Earth has pulled as far as possible to the left. In addition, Planet X has moved closer to the Earth, so that when the vast tail is hosed out from the N Pole of Planet X, it splays directly at the Earth. The former curl of the tail round and then above the Sun, visible from Earth, is now more likely to be lost from sight as the Earth is increasingly within the tail. This of course will bring more electro-magnetic interference with mankind’s electronics and satellites, and also more visibility as Second Sun sightings will increase in frequency.

I'm aware of something interesting on a heliplot at HNR station which is near recent solomon earthquakes. At some stations, the wave undulation, a wave form, often sometimes appears. And an earthquake is not generated even if the waveform appears. However, in the heliplot of HNR station, the waveform and the wave of the earthquake's tremor are piled up and appear, that is overlapped.  This seems to be an unprecedented new phenomenon. Could you comment about this? [and from another] Jun 5, 2003

Indeed, most often a seismograph would either reflect a quake (black vertical jiggle lines) or undulating magma (wavy lines). But in 2003, when Planet X first entered the inner solar system, this type of overlap was common. To disguise the presence of Planet X, the seismograph sensitivity was dialed down, repeatedly, so that only a large quake or a global wobble following a large quake would be apparent. This was in step with reducing the magnitude of quakes, and dropping quakes from the databases. Why has this pattern of mixed magma sloshing and jolting plate movement returned? Despite reduced sensitivity, the jolting and reverberations of the increased plate movements is now once again appearing. The USGS will either have to admit the increased violence of plate movement, or once again reduce the sensitivity.

I found this RT video that sounded interesting. A few things seem peculiar with this launch. Would the Zeta's care to comment on this? [and from another] The US Just Launched Secret Next-Gen Spy Satellite  [and from another]  It is also possible that NROL-67 could be unrelated to the main geostationary constellations; instead it could be a one-off mission or the beginning of a completely new series. Documents leaked to the Washington Post last year hinted at a signals intelligence satellite named “Nemesis 2? which received half a billion dollars of funding during the 2011 financial year. No spacecraft could be identified as either Nemesis 2 or its presumed predecessor Nemesis 1. The mission patch for NROL-67 depicts the winged horse Pegasus above the Earth, with the words “in scientia opportunitas” which translate as “In knowledge there is opportunity”. Significantly, the depiction of the Earth prominently shows Europe, rather than North America like most US military patches. The launch patch, by contrast, prominently features a dragon set against clouds and a full moon. The motto reads “forest fortuna adiuvat”, an unusual variant spelling of “fortes fortuna adiuvat”; “fortune favours the bold”.

NROL-67 is so secret that NASA spends most of its article discussing this mission in speculation. None of the speculation is correct. In the tradition of bragging about their inside knowledge while denying this to the tax-paying public that pays their way, NASA is once again revealing the true mission. The Apollo Logo includes the constellation Orion, and for centuries it was known that Planet X, aka Nibiru would approach from the direction of Orion. Yet during all these past decades NASA lied to the public, denying that Planet X existed. There are multiple hints in the NROL-67 logos and names – Nemesis 2 and a dragon, both identifiers of Planet X.

In the 1980’s, prior to the discovery of Planet X in 1983 by JPL’s infrared balloon sent aloft to search for it, the perturbing presence out in the direction of Orion was termed Nemesis. And the writhing Planet X complex in the sky has been depicted as a fire breathing dragon – the Moon Swirls like wings and talons and a tail. NROL-67 is being hoisted by a rocket only previously used to boost a Mars rover, so is not merely putting a satellite in orbit. Its intended target is Planet X itself, which looms closer. Europe faces Nibiru when the globe has stopped rotation during the Last Weeks, and thus Pegasus stands on Europe to gain information as the hour of the passage approaches.