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Issue 896, Sunday November 12, 2023
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Motherships in View

In 2015 the Blue Book archives were suddenly opened. But unlike the past, where the topic of UFOs was suppressed, the media was suddenly abuzz about the Blue Book archives. Has the creeping disclosure finally crept into the media? The worried WEF placed the issue of alien life on its Global Risks forum in 2013. One by one countries began selectively releasing their UFO files, including the reluctant USA in 2020. The Skinny Bob video and the little floating Blue Alien in Peru were compelling. Then in June 2023 a whistleblower claimed that NASA was running a coverup.

Pentagon UFO Unit to Publicly Release some Findings after Ex-Official says ‘Off-World Vehicle’ Found
July 24, 2020
A Pentagon UFO unit will make some investigations public as ex-advisors suggest that “vehicles not made on this earth” were placed in US government storage.
Military Whistleblower Comes Forward to Allege U.S. Has Alien Craft: Report
June 5, 2023
A whistleblower on the U.S. government’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” task force is coming forward to allege that federal agencies have secretly recovered and studied alien craft—a claim that NASA and other departments deny strenuously.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/26/2013: The World Economic Forum is not planning to lead on this matter, but is scrambling to address what they know is coming. The Awakening to the alien presence is driven by the Council of Worlds and the billions of aliens that have arrived in Earth’s vicinity to assist in her Transformation. The participants in the World Economic Forum see themselves losing their leadership opportunity, being dragged along by the populace who clearly understands that UFOs are real, intelligent life elsewhere is real, and are giving the Call in huge and increasing numbers to find out first-hand what this means.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2020: Periodically disclosure of the alien presence tries to surface and hits the headlines briefly until it is pushed down under the waves again, hopefully to drown. The cover-up over the alien presence is long and deep, running since the Roswell crash in 1947 when President Truman ordered the cover-up in a secret Executive Order. Despite this order having been redacted, vested parties still persist. Big egos do not want mankind to think that any technological power beyond those possessed by mankind exists. It is they, they insist, who have space ships that can switch dimensions and possess anti-gravity control.

But there is nothing like irrefutable evidence, and Chile has just provided that. Chile was one of the first countries to open their UFO files, and now has done it again. But the Mainstream Media such as the Daly Mail is reporting this 2017 photo taken in Chile rather than ignoring it. Why? Is full disclosure about to happen? Are the big egos in charge around the world capitulating?

New Analysis of 200ft 'Glowing Orange' UFO Revealed
October 27, 2023
An image showing the sun shining through white clouds over the Andes Mountains also features a band of reddish clouds encasing a 'a seemingly massive saucer-shaped object.'
New analysis of 200ft 'Saucer-Shaped object' Spotted over the Andes Mountains in 2010 finds it is 'a Genuine UFO': 'We're Getting Closer to the Truth,' Scientists Say
October 27, 2023
The Chilean government shared the photo with NARCAP, an advisory of aviation professionals investigating UPAs and aviation safety. Ted Roe, head of the organization, conducted a lengthy analysis of the image, publishing a 23-page report on July 2, 2010. Roe was featured on 'The Proof is Out There' where he said: 'This study resolves that this is in fact an external anomaly.
A Formerly Classified ‘UFO Sighting’ Video Was Just Released by the Chilean Government
January 1, 2017
The Chilean government has been keeping an especially intriguing 10-minute UFO siting secret for the past two years, but now video evidence along with an official report have been declassified and released.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/1/2023: Motherships hide in clouds, as we have repeatedly explained. When they leave their hide, they often leave a hole in the clouds. On occasion they can be visible while cloaked by the clouds, as happened in 2021 in Edmonton. The sighting under review by NARCAP is from 2010 when a flaming hole in the clouds was also captured on film. Is there a relationship? Chile has been a leader in the disclosure efforts, providing evidence previously classified by their military in 2017. The flaming Mothership sighting and the flaming hole in the clouds was arranged to encourage this process.

Motherships have been in the news before, as have clouds with a big hole punched in them, as in this 2021 episode in Edmonton, Canada. The outline of a Mothership can be seen hiding in the clouds. Odd punch holes in clouds are a puzzle not easily explained by mankind’s scientists, but the Zetas as usual explain. A mothership occupied that space, and after leaving, voilà there is a hole.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2021: We have confirmed in the past that Motherships can be cloaked in clouds, by several means. Light can be bent around the Mothership so that it simply disappears from view. When assisted in this cloaking by clouds, a punch hole in the clouds can appear when the Mothership leaves, and the Mothership may be temporarily visible when the process of bending light around the sides of the ship is stopped. The clue that this is what the Edmonton photo captured is the uneven outline standing behind the clouds. The edges of the ship are visible when the cloud is absent, but hidden when the cloud is thick.

In 2010 in Chile this process left a flaming circle in the sky, as can be seen in this video.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/10/2007: The recent evacuation of a mothership or large ship, which was there, but concealed by the bending of light rays around the ship. Once the ship leaves, on a cloudy day, the hole in the clouds is at first apparent!

Despite fighting a losing battle while trying to maintain a coverup over the Alien Presence, NASA struggles on and insists the data needs to be kept from the public. This has been a long running issue for ZetaTalk, as the frequent ZetaTalk on this matter shows. The latest gambit is for all government workers, past and present, to report only to a special portal. In other words, do not talk to the media. But meanwhile Steven Spielberg is producing a documentary.

Pentagon Unveils UFO Reporting Portal for Service Members, Government Workers
October 31, 2023
The Pentagon on Tuesday launched a new portal where current and former service members, government employees and contractors can report UFO sightings. The secure online form will help the Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office compile accounts of unidentified aerial phenomena sightings to include in its congressionally mandated Historical Record Report, which is due to Congress by June 2024. “This phase of the secure reporting mechanism is for current or former US government employees, service members, or contractors with direct knowledge of alleged US government programs or activities related to UAP dating back to 1945 to contact AARO to voluntarily submit a report,” the Pentagon said in a statement.
Spielberg-Produced UFO Doc has more than 300 Witnesses for Mile-Long Spaceship
September 28, 2023
They want to believe. In the new Steven Spielberg-produced Netflix documentary, “Encounters,” now streaming, there was an eye-popping number of witnesses to one of the UFO incidents. For five months after October 2007, more than 300 locals near Stephenville, Texas, reported seeing a large “delta shaped” UFO. Witnesses all reported it to be enormous – some estimates said it was a mile-long, others claimed it was the length of 17 football fields. The mass sighting made national news in 2008. Coverage of it appeared in ABC News, the Los Angeles Times, CBS News and on National Public Radio. “Encounters” is just the latest project from Spielberg’s longtime fascination with UFOs and extraterrestrials, which has included “E.T.,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “War of the Worlds” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”
No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public
July 23, 2020
For over a decade, the program, now tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, has discussed mysterious events in classified briefings. Public fascination with the topic of U.F.O.s has drawn in President Trump, who told his son Donald Trump Jr. in a June interview that he knew “very interesting” things about Roswell — a city in New Mexico that is central to speculation about the existence of U.F.O.s. The president demurred when asked if he would declassify any information on Roswell. “I’ll have to think about that one,” he said.

Hollywood did not wait to be invited. They started featuring flying saucers in 1950. But the theme was invariably that the public should avoid contact as aliens were sure to be intent on colonizing the Earth or eating humans or doing a takeover of human bodies or some other nefarious agenda.

The UFO Sightings that Swept the US
July 14, 2022
The first flying saucer film, called, yes, The Flying Saucer, came out in 1950. This was a low-budget independent thriller written, directed and produced by its star, Mikel Conrad, and marketed with the suggestion that it might be based on the truth. "What are they?," asked a poster's slogan. "Where are they from? Have you seen a flying saucer?" In the following year, 1951, Hollywood released two bona fide saucer classics. One was Robert Wise's The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which an alien ambassador named Klaatu (Michael Rennie) warns the human race to "live in peace, or pursue your present course and face obliteration". His smooth, windowless saucer is the last word in interplanetary minimalism. The other 1951 classic was Howard Hawks' The Thing from Another World, in which an alien spaceship is recovered from the Arctic ice.

Steven Spielberg once again to the rescue with the films ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Other film makers followed, showing the alien visitor as a victim if inadvertently left behind, likely to be dissected alive by their captors as in the movie Starman. But the public is likewise not waiting. In 2008 when asked how many contactees existed, the Zetas put the number at 20,000. The most recent count is over half the human population, over 4,000,000,000 and counting. Give it up, coverup, you have lost!

ZetaTalk ET 7/15/1995: Rumors surrounding the Roswell incident include stories about EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, who survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. These rumors also state that the movie ET was based on this situation, as a small boy, a son of one of the government officials involved, struck up a telepathic relationship with the EBE. Any of this true? Some. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. Rumors that EBE died were spread so any press to see and talk to him would be eliminated.

EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries. This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arms length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him. An officer, called suddenly to the site where EBE was being housed, had his young son in tow, and left him in the car while he conferred inside. When he returned he found that his young son had much to tell him, having been in telepathic communication with EBE. Without having the two ever meet, and without confirming to the young boy that his conversational pal was real, the government subsequently had the two in close proximity and questioned the boy endlessly. To this day he cannot prove that this occurred, other than that questions were put to him.

The impact of Roswell on human culture, and on the government in particular, was that they knew for sure that aliens, intelligent beings from other worlds, existed. The legacy of EBE himself was essentially the quaint story of ET, where aliens are viewed as shy and non-threatening, more vulnerable than humans, and with charming eccentricities. That they bond well with young children is considered by most to be a de facto proof of their acceptability, in line with the adage that a person can be trusted if the dog and the kids take a shine to him. EBE was followed, however, by contacts with the government by a very different sort of alien, those in the Service-to-Self, and this set the stage for the next phase of the government's relationship with aliens.

Finding ZetaTalk

Where the name ZetaTalk, like the name Nibiru, seems to have been a dirty word destined to get one banned or threatened as a result of their internet posts, lately the tide has turned. Sites that do an excellent job reporting the truth, like MrMBB333 and StrangeSounds, dare not utter these words else their ad revenue is denied, etc.

But suddenly within days of each other, many sites are finding their tongue. Ben Fulford has a vast following but would also never utter the Nibiru word, but lo just this past week posted 2 of the ZetaTalk Doubles analysis for Bibi Netanyahu. These had just appeared in a recent ZetaTalk newsletter. Does Ben read the ZetaTalk newsletters? Apparently so, or somebody on his staff does. And those who would be a takeover, plagarizing ZetaTalk regularly, are having problems getting on the Internet, as Dutchsinse reported.

Fake President Biden Declares World War III but he has No Army
October 30, 2023
The photographs below show, that most of his public appearances are by an avatar, However, the real Netanyahu is still around and hiding deep underground. He is being hunted down by anti-Satanic Israeli and US special forces, Mossad and Pentagon sources claim.

The Dark Judge and his associate LitecoinBull have always partnered with ZetaTalk on Doubles analysis, but for some reason openly admitted and embraced these Doubles just this past week. This past week the Dark Judge posted the Doubles analysis of Gates and LitecoinBull posted a Musk analysis done by ZetaTalk.

Beyond the Doubles the Dark Judge has once again admitted that the Zetas and Nancy are independent entities, as in this tweet on November 5 wherein ZetaTalk fans came to the rescue with the goods, the Newsletter quote the Dark Judge was seeking.

And lately Ariel of the Prolotario1 Tweets is openly quoting ZetaTalk and pointing to a sense that ZetaTalk is accurate. What’s up with that? He is also referring to “Global Cataclysms” that are looming, a key fixture in the ZetaTalk prophecies since the inception of ZetaTalk in 1995. Is Nibiru about to be admitted? Is the world about to be introduced to ZetaTalk in a turnabout from the usual debunking treatment?

Celebrity "Health" Issues- the Why
"Since 2019, the USSF has captured an astonishing 80% of deep state operations, their funding, power grids, data, server data, and the full dossier on the world cabal. Safety measures are in place, for global cataclysms are looming". As stated by FoxWolf17.
The Changing of the Guard
"Israel is the head of the Khazarian Mafia. The western Rothschild banks are collapsing at present while BRICS ascends. This means the debt slaves the Rothschild banking system created are refusing or unable to repay the principal and exorbitant interest these banks imposed for centuries. The Khazarian Mafia is broke." Enq quote. This was from ZetaTalks. Why are they stating the same in regards to my sentiment about Israel?

Beijing Blowout

On October 31 we saw a correlation between the intense burning in Beijing and the tilt of the Philippine Plate. Why is Beijing always so intensely red with SO2 Methane burn and its companion CO from underground burning? Beijing sits on a thumb shaped extension of the Eurasian Plate, and thus could snap off to become a platelet as depicted in a November 2022 newsletter. This intense burn in Beijing has also been accompanied by quakes outlining the Philippine Plate, which is obviously tilting. The tilt of the Philippine Plate would cause a CCW turn for Taiwan, as the Zetas predicted a year ago. Will the Beijing thumb snap off, resulting in the Blowout the UFO display showed? The stage certainly seems to be set.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2022: The UFO display in Beijing is showing an explosion, which any shattering of the Eurasian Plate there would include. These would be major earthquakes.

On the extreme deep red around Beijing on November 3, wrapping around the Thumb of the Eurasian Plate in a red swoop, did a Beijing Blowout happen? The China Observer reported Martial Law being imposed in Beijing on the next day, but ascribed it to politics.

Military Convoy Heads to Beijing, Whole City on Semi-Martial Law
November 4, 2023
Netizens have captured images of numerous military vehicles entering Beijing.

But by November 6 the ripping rock stress has seemed to disappear! How many months and even years has Beijing been deep red from Methane released from the ripping rock? But the Triangle between Taiwan/Japan/Beijing still remains distressed under the waters of the Beijing Bay and the sweep of the Pacific Ocean beyond the bay.