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Issue 837, Sunday October 16, 2022
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Bangladesh Outage

When a massive power outage affecting almost all of Bangladesh struck on October 4, the grid administrators had no explanation for the outage. But the Zetas point to an odd island of calm in SO2 emissions below Bangladesh in the Indian Ocean and sweeping above Bangladesh into Tibet. Yet India to the West shows the SO2 emissions that accompany rock stress and ripping, and SE Asia and in particular China have an abundance of SO2 emissions. What caused the Bangladesh outage? The Zetas explain.

Bangladesh Faces Power Blackout after National Grid Fails
October 4, 2022
About 140 million people in Bangladesh are without power after a grid failure caused widespread blackouts. Officials of the state-run Bangladesh Power Development Board said power transmission failed somewhere in the eastern part of the country. All power plants tripped and electricity was cut in the capital Dhaka and other big cities. Engineers were trying to determine where and why the glitches happened and it could take hours to restore the system. Bangladesh's recent impressive economic growth has been threatened by power shortages since the government suspended operations of all diesel-run power plants to reduce the cost of imports as prices have soared. The diesel-run power plants produced about 6 percent of Bangladesh's power generation, so their shutdowns cut output by up to 1500 megawatts.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/4/2022: Whether India and Australia reside on the same plate has always been open for dispute, but we have confirmed that they act and move as one plate. Bangladesh is residing on the Eurasian Plate but is subject to much turmoil because the Indo-Australia Plate nearby is being shoved under the Himalayas. This is a downward motion for India while the Eurasian Plate is in a stretch from the UK through to the China coast.

The Indio-Australia Plate also has a fracture point just below Bangladesh, where a solid rock point reaches up toward Bangladesh. This fracture point is notably free of SO2 gas emissions, as is Tibet above Bangladesh. They are both refusing to crumble. Thus Bangladesh is caught in a tri-plate crunch, with India being pushed DOWN while China is being stretched sideways to the EAST and the Australia Plate spike and its firm connection to Tibet insist on remaining STATIC.

In these situations there is extreme electronic screech from the rock. This does show on the SO2 charts where Asia along the Indo-Australian Plate and rock spike are free of SO2 emissions, as is Tibet. That India and China are emitting SO2 from shifting rock can clearly be seen. Electric grids are subject to cascading outages, where a failure in one sector triggers a domino failure. This is a common occurrence when high demand is placed on a grid.

Nord Stream 2

On September 26 several leaks appeared in the Nord Stream pipelines that carry gas from Russia to Germany. Two of the leaks were situated at the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, and another on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The West immediately accused Russia of sabotaging its own pipeline, while Russia pointed the finger at the US where Biden had been recorded on video bragging about how he might accomplish that. Per the Zetas, this was due to geological stretch ongoing in this region. Not sabotage.

Huge Pressure Leaks hit Undersea Nord Stream Pipelines
September 26, 2022
Three Russia-to-Germany pipelines running under the Baltic Sea reported massive pressure falls. Two of the leaks were near the double Nord Stream 1 pipeline, to the northeast of Denmark's Bornholm island, and one leak was reported near the Nord Stream 2 pipeline off the southeastern coast of the island.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/26/2022: The Nord Stream 2 gas leaks are not sabotage nor the result of a technical failure. They are geologic, due to undersea fault lines between Germany and Denmark. Nord Stream 2 passes through this region just north of Germany to land on the German coastline. Movement on this fault line caused an underwater observatory the Boknis Eck Observatory to be demolished in 2019. The Eurasian Plate it being stretched from the UK through to China, as we have regularly been reporting. If the establishment would admit that Nibiru exists and these Plate Movement are the result of Nibiru's approach, the public would not be confused.

This exact region off-coast of Germany had a similar accident in 2019 when the Boknis Eck Observatory suddenly seemed to disappear. Then pieces of it were discovered nearby. It was crushed and chewed to pieces when a known fault line moved back and forth, a geological chewing motion. This likewise was clearly not sabotage. The Eurasian Plate is being pulled into a stretch from the UK to the China coastline.

Large Underwater Observatory Disappears Without a Trace, Baffling Scientists
September 5, 2019
The Boknis Eck Observatory is or at least was located at the outlet of Eckernfirde Bay, which is north of Kiel, Germany and south of the Danish border. It was 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) off shore, planted at a depth of 22 meters (72 feet), reported the BBC.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/5/2019: The Boknis Eck disappeared at the outlet of Eckernfirde Bay and thus was under a broad enough expanse of water that any temporary heaving of rock below the waves would not be noticed by those on land. The Boknis Eck was not located on a fault line but was located at the border of different rock types.  Such rock strata borders are weak, allowing rock on one side to rise or fall, or slip-slide over or under another. Such movement is often temporary, with the rock returning to its prior arrangement. The entire Eurasian Plate is under a stretch, tearing apart in places, and during a stretch surface strata borders may accept the stress until other areas, in deeper rock, halt the process. Had this happened on land, the result would have been a sinkhole or collapsed bridge. But equipment such as the Boknis Eck, if caught in this drama, might be scraped off by rock strata passing overhead. The Boknis Eck was ground up during this temporary motion. Parts of it will be found over time in the bay.

Panic and heightened paranoia over the Nord Stream accident now had Britain sending warships to the North Sea to protect all known Oil and Gas pipelines and Internet Cables. Here again there is history to rely upon. Last January 11 an Internet Cable from Norway to Iceland faltered. This area likewise is under stretch duress, particularly because the N America Plate has a connection to the Eurasian Plate near Norway, and during the lead-up to the New Madrid Rupture there is tugging between the Eurasian Plate and the N America Plate.

Britain Sends Warships to the North Sea to Protect Underwater Gas and Oil Pipelines and Internet Cables
October 5, 2022
Britain has sent warships to the North Sea to protect underwater gas and oil pipelines and internet cables from Russian sabotage after the Nordstream was blown up in a suspected Kremlin attack.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/11/2022: What happens to a plate border when one of the plates is under extreme stress which will not be relieved until a rupture occurs? We are of course talking about the N American Plate which will have the SE Portion torn from the Mainland Portion by the pending New Madrid Adjustment? The N American Plate shares a long border with the Eurasian Plate, all the way from Northern Japan, then across the Far East, then along the Canada/Siberian border, and finally down through the North Atlantic where this long border ends at the African Plate.

All these border attachments are affected by the pending New Madrid Adjustment and will warp and overlap and yaw and snap back on occasion while this tension continues. The border between Norway and Greenland goes right through the Svalbard islands. This is not where an undersea cable should ever be located, but Norway was not thinking about the pending passage of Nibiru when they set about laying cable. So to save face, while the St. Lawrence Seaway is being pulled open and the N American Continent is having spasms, Russia will be blamed.

The Eurasian stretch is also producing Methane light towers in Russia. Notably these Methane towers are a yellow color, where the Russian Superweapon Peresvet (which blinds surveillance satellites passing over their military installations) are a solid white color. Methane light towers have been seen during the past few years elsewhere around the world in various shapes and sizes and colors, but the Shadow of Ezra shows what the Peresvet device produces. Distinctive.

Peresvet: a Russian Mobile Laser System to Dazzle Enemy Satellites
June 15, 2020
If imaging satellites are blinded by a laser beam, an adversary would be denied the opportunity to follow the movements of mobile ICBMs. This would come in handy if there were signs of an imminent attack on Russia's ICBM arsenal or if Russia itself had the intention to launch a nuclear first strike on another nation.
Curious Pillars of Yellow Light seen over Belgorod, Russia
October 5, 2022
Yellow light beams seen over Russia's city of Belgorod intrigued the residents.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/6/2022: These yellow towers of light are appearing in Russian cities that border Europe but are not yet appearing in the Eastern half of Russia. Yes, as Shadow of Ezra indicated, the Russian Superweapon capable of blinding satellites with a blaze of light is in operation, but these towers of yellow light are not the Peresvet. As the damage on the Nord Stream pipelines shows, Eurasia is being pulled apart and releasing Methane towers. Eurasia is in a stretch from the West coast of the UK through to the East coast of China, and more is to follow.

New Madrid Warnings

The Sequence of Events the Zetas outlined for the New Madrid Rupture to occur were for Antarctica to push up into the S Atlantic, then the Africa Plate to slide into the void opened up in the S Atlantic, and then the Turkey rock hook to snap allowing Africa to drop and roll. This then tears open the Azores, precipitating the New Madrid finale. This has been steadily in process, with Africa sliding its foot into the S Atlantic and the Atlantic ripping open top to bottom. Now we have signs that the rock hook is indeed getting ready to snap.

On the evening of September 27, a Tel Aviv resident noted that the water pulled away from the beach. This is often the first sign of a pending tsunami, where Plate Movement underwater has opened a void for water to pour in and rebound. And indeed underwater quakes along the Turkey rock hook snap line did register the next day on September 28. Cyprus lies on the rock hook and experienced a jolt on September 27 which resulted in a sinkhole. Days later on October 3 a sinkhole also appeared in Jerusalem.

Sinkhole nearly Swallows Pickup Truck in Paphos
September 28, 2022
Local media said a pickup truck fell into a sinkhole on Tuesday on a dirt road near Agia Varvara, Paphos district, with a video online later showing a single cab submerged in water and mud.
Sinkhole Opens on Bar Ilan Street in Yerushalayim
October 3, 2022
On Monday a sinkhole opened up on Bar Ilan Street in Jerusalem.

And on the other side of the world, the West Coast of the USA is also showing signs of the New Madrid finale's approach. While the SE Portion is glued to the Caribbean and Africa Plates, the Mainland Portion to the West of the New Madrid Fault Line is attached to the Eurasian and Pacific Plates. Thus as the Pacific compresses, the Mainland Portion is pulled West into the Pacific and slides down to drop on Mexico. The study of the many earthquakes at the tip of Mexico and along the coastline Mexico shares with the Cocos Plate tell the story. Now we have more than earthquake charts to tell the story.  We have a canceled Amtrak/Metrolink train line.

Metrolink, Amtrak Suspend Train Service to Oceanside because of Unstable Slope
September 30, 2022
Metrolink and Amtrak train service between Orange County and San Diego County has been suspended until further notice because of slope movement beneath the seaside tracks at San Clemente. The low-lying section of track crosses an ancient, recurring landslide that is aggravated by storms, waves and high tides.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/3/2022: Railroad tracks are always built on solid ground, and any evidence of a landslide would have precluded the site from even being considered. Nor do storms or waves affect the solid land upon which tracks are laid. The San Andreas Fault Line is well inland from the coastline at San Diego but the Mainland Portion of N America has been steadily dropping, landing heavily upon Mexico and the Cocos Plate border. Thus the site of the Metrolink Amtrak is being shoved over the Pacific Plate and this destabilized the ground where the track was laid.  

The shifting Mainland Portion is evident at New Orleans too, where the floor of the Mississippi River is not allowing barges free access. The constant stretch of the Mainland to the West and down over Mexico has pulled the Mainland thin there, giving the floor of the Mississippi River less depth.

Low Water Levels on Mississippi River Threatens Shipments
October 6, 2022
Ingram Barge Company, the largest U.S. barge operator, declared force majeure in a letter to customers due to "near-historic" low water conditions on the Mississippi River. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Coast Guard said there was a queue of 122 vessels at Stack Island and 15 vessels at Memphis. Due to increased groundings, the number of vessels in tow is being restricted.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/6/2022: We stated that the New Madrid Adjustment began on October 12, 2019 when the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed.  The Isthmus of Tehuantepec was then watched closely as this is the start of the New Madrid Fault Line. The Isthmus is constantly peppered with deep quakes, as the Mainland Portion to the West of the fault line pulls down and toward the Pacific while the SE Portion to the East of the fault line stays glued to the Africa and Caribbean Plates.

The separation of the Mainland and SE Portion reached New Orleans by April, 2022, but made scant progress up the Mississippi River since then. Now the floor of the Mississippi River is rising at New Orleans due to the tugging apart of the N America portions. This is due to the Mainland Portion dropping as it is pulled down toward Mexico and westward into the Pacific. The Mainland Portion is being stretched during this process, losing elevation thus, and during this process is raising the floor of the Mississippi River at New Orleans.

Space Force Demo

The US Space Force tested their ability to shoot down an asteroid heading for Earth with a demo. This was broadcast live on September 26. Russia also shot down an inbound chunk of rock in 2013 at Chelyabinsk. Per the Zetas, what the Russian missiles and the Space Force Dart are doing is exactly the right thing to do. Aim and fire. What will happen to the dust and minor debris produced by such a strike? Follow-up photos show that it just drifts away, and does not head toward Earth to create mischief.

NASA Strikes Asteroid in Key Test of Planetary Defense
September 26, 2022
NASA's DART spaceship on Monday struck the asteroid Dimorphos in a historic test of humanity's ability to prevent a cosmic object from devastating life on Earth. The 530-foot (160-meter) asteroid Dimorphos - roughly comparable to an Egyptian pyramid - which orbits a big brother called Didymos, first appeared as a speck of light around an hour before the collision. Its bread bun shape and rocky surface finally came into clear view in the last few minutes as DART raced toward it at roughly 14,500 miles (23,500 kilometers) per hour.
NASA's DART Mission Will Intentionally Crash a Spacecraft into a Small Asteroid to test Planetary Defense Capabilities
NASA's goal with DART is for us to be prepared with a planetary defense capability if an asteroid is ever discovered to be on a collision course with Earth in the future. Small fragments of asteroids, from pebble-sized to person-sized, hit the Earth every day. No known asteroid poses an impact threat to Earth for the next 100 years, but the danger from asteroids not yet discovered is still unknown. The DART mission will be the first of its kind to alter the path of an asteroid so we can observe how a real asteroid responds to a deflection attempt, should we ever need to deflect one.

ZetaTalk Advice 2/16/2013: Clearly not an asteroid, the Chelyabinsk meteor came from the direction of the Sun, where Planet X, aka Nibiru, is wafting its vast debris ridden tail. This meteor event is not the first nor will it be the last during this passage. Fireballs have been on the increase since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. They have screamed across several countries or provinces or states, outside of any anticipated regular meteor showers.

The Russians have claimed that they shot down the Chelyabinsk meteor, unsure if it were a missile, an attack, and in any case trying to diminish the size and potential impact. This is true, and as meteors are slowed by the atmosphere, and as the flaming meteor makes an unmistakable target, they were able to connect. Does the Chelyabinsk meteor usher in a new era of larger and more devastating fireballs descending upon the Earth? Without a question, and all will be coming from the direction of the Sun.

Smacked Asteroid's Debris Trail more than 6,000 Miles Long
October 4, 2022
The asteroid that got smacked by a NASA spacecraft is now being trailed by thousands of miles of debris from the impact. The image shows an expanding, comet-like tail more than 6,000 miles (10,000 kilometers) long, consisting of dust and other material spewed from the impact crater. This plume is accelerating away from the harmless asteroid, in large part, because of pressure on it from solar radiation. Scientists expect the tail to get even longer and disperse even more, becoming so tenuous at one point that it's undetectable.