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Issue 805, Sunday March 6, 2022
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Life Recall at Death

It has long been reported by those who returned from the brink of death that their life flashed before them, known as a “life recall”. This fact has now been recorded by doctors who were monitoring the brain of an aging man for seizures. He had a sudden heart attack and his last moments were caught by the EEG scans. The last parts of his brain to die were those responsible for long-term memory. The Zetas explain.

World’s first Scan of Dying Brain Reveals Final Moments
February 22, 2022
For the first time ever, scientists have recorded the activity of a dying human brain, discovering that it showed the same patterns as seen during dreaming, memory recall and meditation. Findings published in journal Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience showed the recording of the activity in an 87-year-old patient who had been connected to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine to detect seizures and treat the patient, when he suddenly had a heart attack and passed away. The 900 seconds of brain activity that were measured around the time of the patient’s death were described as being similar to “life recall.” The experience, which has been likened to what happens around a near-death experience.
Frontiers Journal Ranking Analysis: Human Neuroscience
June 28, 2017
In summary, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: Is the 1st most-cited journal in Psychology, and 8th most cited in Neurosciences, with 4,864 citations. Ranks at the 78th percentile of Journal Impact Factors in the category of Psychology, and in the 58th percentile in Neurosciences.
A Replay of Life: What Happens in our Brain when We Die?
February 22, 2022
Imagine reliving your entire life in the space of seconds. Like a flash of lightning, you are outside of your body, watching memorable moments you lived through. This process, known as ‘life recall’, can be similar to what it’s like to have a near-death experience. What happens inside your brain during these experiences and after death are questions that have puzzled neuroscientists for centuries. However, a new study published to Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience suggests that your brain may remain active and coordinated during and even after the transition to death, and be programmed to orchestrate the whole ordeal.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2022: We have addressed what the soul experiences at death – being greeted in a tunnel of light by souls they knew during the incarnation and being ushered to a critique by the Birthing Guides. But what does the human brain experience at the moment of death? There is a common report that one’s life flashes before one at the moment of death, and this is true. The human brain simultaneously supports many functions, but during death many portions of the brain lack blood and oxygen while other parts continue to be supported. As is known, short and long term memory are separate functions of the brain, so short term memories must be integrated into long term memory banks during sleep. Long term memory is one of the last parts of the brain to die, thus the “life recall” reported.

Indeed, the Zetas focused on the soul’s journey at the moment of death, as this is the journey that lives on and does not die.

ZetaTalk Description 1996: Humans are aware of a reception line awaiting them when they die, from the reports of Near Death Experiences - a long tunnel with a bright white light at the end, and those now deceased who were close to them waiting or beckoning. If the moment of death is confusing to doctors, it is no less clear in the spiritual realm. Beyond the issue of when the spirit leaves the body is the spiritual issue of how the entity puts the past life to rest, judges progress made on various lessons that were at the fore going into the incarnation, and determines any future course of action they personally might desire as a result - critique time.

ZetaTalk Description 1996: We have mentioned that spirit guides force an Out-Of-Body entity back into its body, and that birthing envoys gather up entities leaving a dead or dying body. How is this done without physical restraints? If spirits can pass through walls and travel freely, would they not simply flit away from the entities watching over them? Order is maintained in these situations by what we would best describe as a force of will.

New Madrid Separation

The Zetas have said the New Madrid Fault Line rupture will come up from the Gulf, and start within a 3 week period spanning the end of 2021 and the early days of 2022. It was clear from looking at the position of the N American Continent that N America was locked at the top, being a flat top plate, so it could not roll. It was also locked at the bottom at the tip of Mexico, blocked by the Cocos Plate. For the Mainland Portion of N America to slide to the SW, the Cocos Plate would have to either fracture or move aside. On February 18 the buoys showed that the Mainland and SE Portions were moving independently. Something gave.

ZetaTalk Comments 2/18/2022: The Mainland and SE Portions of the N American Continent have separated at the tip of Mexico through the Gulf of Mexico. This can be seen in the buoy recordings, which show the SE Portion with a heaving Gulf floor while the Buoy off the West Coast of Mexico is showing a normal wave height throughout. Previously, they rose and fell together. The extreme quake activity over the past few days from the Tehuantepec Ridge and down along the coast to Guatemala, combined with a very deep quake on the Isthmus itself, shows that a likely Cocos Plate snap was at this location.

Internal dynamics of the Cocos Plate shows that the Tehuantepec Ridge is riding over the section just to the SE, creating a distinct platelet candidate there that has been pushed down in the past. What will this separation of parts to the East and West of the New Madrid Fault Line where it begins at the tip of Mexico mean? As the N American bow relaxes the Mainland Portion will find it can slide to the SW with less resistance. This will inevitably pull apart the hard rock at New Madrid, creating the anticipated rupture of the New Madrid Fault Line.

That a rupture at the Isthmus occurred is shown by a February 19 train derailment on the railroad at the Isthmus. The Isthmus is low land and narrow, and has been considered a candidate for a canal similar to the Panama Canal. This was accompanied by booms in central Florida, a reaction in the SE Portion of N America.

2:05pm HUGE boom in Central Florida
February 19, 2022
I don't know what it was, but it shook my house and rattled the windows. VERY low frequency. Did anyone else hear it? All the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. It sounded more like an impact than an explosion.

Isthmus of Tehuantepec
Although the isthmus has been considered a favourable transportation route since the early 16th century, it was rejected as an interoceanic canal site because construction of the canal would have been too costly. Instead, a railroad extending 192 miles (310 km) from Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Campeche to Salina Cruz on the Gulf of Tehuantepec was opened in 1907.

ZetaTalk Comments 2/19/2022: If the Mainland and SE Portions of the N American Plate have separated at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, then each portion can act on its own. This is true of the lower portion as the separation travels up from the start of the fault line at Tehuantepec and then through the Pemex gas fields and the deep waters of the Gulf to New Orleans. Until the separation arrives at the hard rock barrier at the town of New Madrid, which resists pulling apart, the serious rupture we have predicted will not occur.

In the meantime, life in the lower part of the N American Continent will be changing. While the Mainland Portion drops slowly, relieving the bow stress that had been imposed upon it for over a decade, the SE Portion continues to find itself in a tug-of-war between its attachments to the African and Caribbean Plates and its deteriorating attachment to the Mainland Portion. The Cocos Plate has fractured at several points to allow the Mainland Portion to drop but must fracture further below Central America.

Meanwhile the Isthmus itself will pull apart, in two different directions, a trauma already displayed by the train derailment on February 19. The dance that will occur between the Mainland and SE Portions before the rupture reaches the town of New Madrid will be more violent than has been the case. This dance will reverberate throughout the SE Portion, but the path of the rupture will come up the Mississippi River from the Gulf. Monitoring this path will provide the best clues as to progress and timing.

The dropping Mainland Portion does not drop as a unit, but in steps. As a lower point slides to the SW, it makes room for points higher in the Mainland Portion to slide and drop. This could be seen on February 22 when dual train derailments occurred near Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX – both lateral to the Mississippi River Embayment. The Mainland Portion is dropping.

No Injuries after Train Derails in Denison
February 22, 2022
Crews with the Dallas Garland and Northeastern Railroad are still working to clear a train derailment near West Morton St., in Denison. It happened just after 4 pm, on Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses say at least six cars overturned and the track separated. It is still unclear what caused the derailment and no injuries have been reported.
Freight Train Derails in Arizona; Crews Contain Solvent Leak
February 21, 2022
The derailment happened east of Highway 87, at Storey Road. The cause of the derailment was being investigated.

ZetaTalk Comments 2/22/2022: What is the nexus between multiple pressure points on the Cocos Plate border and two train derailments in the southcentral US? With the SE and Mainland Portions separating at the Tehuantepec Isthmus they can both operate independently. The Mainland Portion continues its slide to the SW, thus signs the Rivera Platelet is now fracturing its connection to the Cocos Plate and more hammering quakes along the Albatross Plateau. The Cocos Plate fractured at the Guatemala Basin and this break is still continuing, with the Cocos Plate now pushing against Central America.

The separation is predicted to run through the Gulf and up past New Orleans along the Mississippi River. Sinking land along the Mississippi River Embayment, with consequent breaks in the bridges over the Mississippi River there, would be expected. Note that two sudden and unexplained trail derailments in Phoenix and Dallas are lateral to the Embayment. The pressure is rising, though not yet along the fault line running under the Mississippi River. Watching the Embayment for flooding and the bridges there for closures would be clues to progress of the New Madrid Fault Line separation.

While all eyes are on the Gulf and the tip of Mexico, the top portion of the Mainland Portion is under stress too. The N America Plate has a long, straight border with the Eurasian Plate, all the way from Japan through the Arctic to Iceland and thence down between America and Europe to the Azores. This will pull apart at the Azores when the final New Madrid rupture occurs. But meanwhile, the tug-of-war is evident. The heliplot at Tiksi in Siberia is usually black from this tugging but on February 21 it handed the tension over to Greenland just across the plate border.

ZetaTalk Comments 2/21/2022: Since the Cocos Plate has fractured, allowing the Mainland Portion of the N American Continent to shift South and West without being blocked by the Cocos Plate, the pace has picked up. Within a day of the February 19 fracture that Nancy detected via the buoys, there is reaction at the top of the N American Plate. On February 20, another clue is being presented via the Heliplots, which show the constant intense jitter at Tiksi, Siberia moving to Greenland.  Tiksi has had black Heliplots for months while the Mainland was being tugged down, but now has a normal Heliplot, while the tug has moved to Greenland.

We have consistently predicted that the tear of the Atlantic at the tri-plate Azores juncture would happen “almost instantly” when the jolt at the town of New Madrid occurred, signaling that the rupture of the great New Madrid Fault Line had begun.  The SE Portion clings to the plate borders to the SE – the Caribbean, African, and S American Plates. But what of the long border between the Mainland Portion and the Eurasian Plate? This envelops the Mainland Portion from the far East across the Arctic over to Greenland and thence down between Canada and Europe.

The N American Plate border through the Arctic is held in a rigid stance because the N American Continent cannot roll, having a flat top. The New Madrid rupture may emerge from the Gulf, thence outlining the SE Portion along the Fault Line and across the Atlantic to the Azores tri-plate juncture, but the script has been written such that the Azores plays a part. The SE Portion and its attachments hold firm, but the N Atlantic is already rupturing along the mid-Atlantic rift. The switch of the tug from Tiksi to Greenland is preparing the way.  

Indeed, a rupture at the Azores during the New Madrid adjustment has long been predicted by the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2007: Of course the northern Atlantic Rift is most vulnerable at the Azores, where three plates touch and movement in any one of them destabilizes the rift. Africa is tugging to roll to the East, and drop, and will do so before the European tsunami occurs. This makes the separation of the N American Plate from the Eurasian Plate at the Azores and upward quite vulnerable.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: For the New Madrid, which will include the European tsunami in its effects, there will be one large jolt with a subsequent and almost immediate tearing of the Atlantic.

On February 24, attention returned to the Gulf, where a heliplot at Kingsville, Tx inexplicably turned black. A retired geologist, Mr. Jack M. Reed had the answer, published in 2006. The Gulf has a platelet on the Mainland Portion of N America under the waves in the Gulf. As the rupture of the New Madrid Fault Line that started at the Isthmus travels north under the waves, this platelet got bumped, with a reaction at Kingsville. The rupture is northbound.

What’s behind the Mysterious Booms Heard around East Texas?
January 5, 2022
Houses shaking and loud explosions are what people in several East Texas towns say they experienced this last week.  Now East Texans want to know who and what is to blame. No one is positive about what could be causing the heavy noises and shaking.
5.2 Earthquake Dead Center in Gulf of Mexico
February 10, 2006
A retired geologist, Mr. Jack M. Reed, theorized there has to be a hidden tectonic plate segment in this spot and it is not only geologically active but is responsible for triggering the New Madrid Quakes.

ZetaTalk Comments 2/24/2022: Why would Kingsville, TX suddenly go black on the USGS Heliplots? Ostensibly this is not on a fault line or plate border, though reports of unexplained booms have occurred there as recently as January 5. What is significant is a platelet in the Gulf, seldom active but under great pressure at present because the Mainland and SE Portions of the N America Continent are in the process of separating. The Isthmus has separated and now this separation is moving through the Gulf. New Orleans will separate next.

Tasmania Lightning

Though seldom in the news except when a portion of the ice on Antarctica sloughs off creating chatter about Global Warming, Antarctica like the other plates around the world does participate in the 7 of 10 Plate Movements. Ultimately, at the time of the Pole Shift, the Antarctica Plate will be pushed to pop up in the Atlantic, forming new land from seabed between the tips of S America and s Africa. This pressure is steady and become evident on occasion. There was a nexus between quakes at the tip of S America and lightning at Tasmania.

Para Kas-Vetter: Over 35,819 Lightning Strikes in Australia within the Past 24 Hours
February 22, 2022
Over 35,819 Lightning Strikes in Australia within the past 24hrs and that number is rising!

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2022: We have described the path of the Antarctica Plate during the 7 of 10 Plate Movements as being shoved down by the Pacific compression while emerging between the tips of S America and Africa. Eventually, this process produces new land in the South Atlantic. It is evident that this pressure and process was ongoing on February 22. Earthquake data from the USGS shows this to be the case at the Scotia Plate and also south of Tasmania where the Magnetic S Pole rides.

Serious Plate Movement involves the movement of electrons within the plates, as Earthquake Lights demonstrate. And as is commonly known, lightning is a flow of electrons arcing from the atmosphere to the ground. Combine several factors – quakes on both sides of the Antarctica Plate and the intake of magnetons at the Magnetic S Pole of Earth just south of Tasmania – and it should not be surprising that the charged tail of Nibiru joined the dance in Australia on February 22.

M6.3 Earthquake Hits Antarctica before M6.0 Quake Hits Argentina
February 22, 2022
Within the last 8 hours, two strong earthquakes rattled the ground around the world: A rare M6.3 earthquake in the Balleny Islands region of Antarctica followed, a few hours later, by a M6.0 tremor in the Jujuy Province of Argentina.