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Issue 778, Sunday August 29, 2021
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Lockdown Game

Why are western countries increasing their vaccination demands just as evidence shows that the vaccines are ineffective or even spreading Covid and its variants?  The lockdowns prevent herd immunity from developing, while at the same time the vaccines inspire Antibody Dependent Enhancement – the development of variants. Statistics show that countries that avoided lockdown or compulsory vaccines fared far better than those that took the lockdown route. Per the Zetas, it is all about controlling migration – Martial Law on the cheap.

France, Italy Set to Unleash Increasingly Restrictive COVID-19 Health Passes
August 6, 2021
Unvaccinated citizens of France and Italy are set to face tighter restrictions after officials ruled in favor of COVID-19 health passes for those attempting to enter restaurants, bars, and hospitals, as well as travel.
Did the CDC Director just Accidentally Admit that Vaccination Passports Are Futile?
August 8, 2021
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated the vaccine does not prevent COVID-19 infection, nor does it stop the vaccinated person from transmitting the infection or the delta variant. The data shows an equally distributed infection rate regardless of vaccination rate, which is simultaneously admitted by Direcor Walensky, which, as an outcome, is an admission that undercuts the entire argument for compulsory vaccines. In regional populations with extremely high vaccination rates, the COVID infection rate continues unabated. The percentage of vaccinated people hospitalized is identical to the percentage of people vaccinated in the community.

Gibraltar, Iceland See Massive Covid Spike Despite over 90% of Population Vaccinated
July 30, 2021
Stats coming out of several countries show vaccinated people are spreading Covid-19, as evidence mounts the vaccine is actually causing viral variants and infections as experts predicted. It was reported by Israeli media that people who were already infected with Covid were 7 times less likely to be reinfected than those who were vaccinated, speaking to the power of natural immunity. Likewise, in Iceland, an island where nearly the entire adult population is vaccinated, Covid cases are similarly on the rise.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2021: As has been abundantly clear from the start of the Covid-19 game, the stance of many of the players has not been to fight the virus but support other agendas. SARS and Ebola had threatened to ravage the globe but had been addressed calmly, with isolation and quarantines and the development of vaccines. Covid-19 resulted in hysteria, even though the facts supported the statement that it was just another flu – one which attacked oldsters with a long immune memory with a Cytokine storm while leaving youngsters almost totally unaffected. But the true death rate was only slightly higher than the annual flu.

Why was Covid-19 treated differently, with lockdowns and travel restrictions that tended to make everyone a prisoner in their own home? The presence of Nibiru in the inner Solar System was due to become apparent to the populace, with Heads of State warned that by January 2021 it would be “undeniable”. This is certainly true, as the Daily Earth Wobble and flaming Petrol bubbles and Red Dust are undeniable now. The establishment fears demands for the truth, as they will have to admit they knew, but lied to the public. They fear riots and retaliation from the taxpayers.

Covid-19 as all flu virus has mutated, but the Delta variant which emerged in India was deliberately engineered and released in India to prevent citizens of India from emigrating. The number of mutations that continually emerge is due in part to the lockdowns, which prevent herd immunity from being established. Covid-19 lives on, thus. The mRNA vaccines also allow Antibody Dependent Enhancement by failing to kill 100% of the virus, so a crippled version of Covid-19 survives as a mutant.

That lockdowns and the mRNA vaccines create mutations has only encouraged these means of keeping the public locked in their homes, a type of Martial Law on the cheap. Those in the establishment who hoped to keep the public unaware of Nibiru’s approach until the very Last Weeks now see that they will be faced with an angry public, and their ability to lead not only diminished but eliminated. They cannot be trusted to lead. In these situations, the more frightened the guilty leadership becomes, the more harsh and abusive their treatment of the truthers becomes. Eventually, this can lead to revolution, unless the leadership begins telling the truth.

The public is told that Covid-19 or its variants are the problem, but the death rate from the vaccine is higher than the death rate from Covid-19. This is hidden from the public, because without the continuing threat the public will not cooperate with lockdowns. An example of the big lie occurred in late June when British Airways had four healthy young pilots die after they received the vaccine. The public was not informed, but instead was fed a lie.

Airlines Facing Massive Problems after Vaxxed Pilots Go Down; Mass Shut Downs Coming?
June 27, 2021
The airline industry faces a pilots deficit because people are dying due to getting the covid-19 vaccine.
Besides the pilots’ deaths, accidents occur, and maybe the airlines will shut down for lack of staff.
Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week – Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine
June 17, 2021
Four young and healthy British Airways pilots recently passed away and the airline is claiming there is no link to the Covid-19 vaccine. The photo of the four books of condolence sitting next to framed pictures of the pilots was posted to Twitter and authenticated by Reuters. The first two guys were in their forties and fifties; this guy, mid-thirties, perfectly fit, no underlying conditions. He gets his second jab and he’s dead within days, exactly the same with the first two.
Covid vaccine: How many people in the UK have been vaccinated so far?
June 29, 2021
The UK has four vaccines approved for use: Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen; three of which require two doses for maximum protection.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2021: Did British Airways cancel flights on June 17 because their pilots were suddenly dropping dead from various vaccinations mandated by the UK? Yes. After a quick cost benefit analysis the upper management decided the cost of insurance and loss of a plane if the pilots died mid-flight would be more than canceled flights, so they took the cancellation route. Of course this is being denied and the media instructed to bury the story, but the story had already spread.

The annual flu vaccines are produced over many years, so that adjusting for a year ahead is merely a tweak of the year past. But Covid-19, though just another variant of the flu and no worse than the annual flu in death rate, was different in enough aspects that new vaccines were developed. This rush job, in most cases, resulted in mutations and variants, blood clots, nerve damage, and heart inflammation. Young people were dropping dead right after the vaccination, and health exams prior to taking the jab were no insurance against this. Perfectly healthy, then dropped dead.

What was the airline company to do? The UK, their home base, insisted that every person in the country must be vaccinated. A compromise was reached with the UK government rules, so that unvaccinated pilots could wait. The airline company also scheduled safe pilots that had been vaccinated months ago without ill effect. All this will be kept from the public as airline profits are deemed the primary goal.  The truth about vaccines deaths is to be kept from the public.

Meanwhile, the protests against the lockdowns and enforced vaccine mandates foment. Is revolution or Martial Law next?

France, Italy see Mass Protests against COVID Health Pass
August 7, 2021
Protesters took to the streets in France and Italy on Saturday in opposition to COVID rules that they say infringe on their civil liberties but which officials argue are needed to curb the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus: Thousands Protest against Restrictions across Europe
July 24, 2021
Thousands of Europeans took to the streets in France, Italy and Greece on Saturday to demonstrate against coronavirus restrictions and mandatory vaccination policies.
Protests in France, Germany and Italy over Covid Passports
August 1, 2021
Dozens arrested as thousands protest against lockdown and vaccine passports in Europe.

Nibiru’s Embrace

As Nibiru draws closer there are aspects to the Nibiru encounter that change or worsen. One is the Daily Earth Wobble, which has been evident since 2004 when Nibiru first entered the inner Solar System. This has been depicted in Crop Circles and has a documented effect on weather temperature extremes and the drift of the Auroras and the Jet Stream. The Figure 8 of the Wobble was documented by an international team of ZetaTalk fans in 2004.

Now we can add altering the ocean currents to the list. Pacific Cyclones have a track record which shows they strike land in Asia, though there are some currents such as the Kuroshio that curl outward toward the center of the Pacific. Lately the Kuroshio has become more dominant. At the same time, the Atlantic Gulf Stream has weakened. Per the Zetas, it is the Daily Earth Wobble once again, tilting the Earth from side to side, that has caused these current deviations.

Kuroshio, (Japanese: “Black Current”) also called Japan Current, strong surface oceanic current of the Pacific Ocean, the northeasterly flowing continuation of the Pacific North Equatorial Current between Luzon of the Philippines and the east coast of Japan. This flow, known as the Kuroshio Extension, eventually becomes the North Pacific Current (also known as the North Pacific West Wind Drift). Much of this current’s force is lost west of the Hawaiian Islands as a great south-flowing eddy, the Kuroshio countercurrent, joins the Pacific North Equatorial Current and directs the warm water back to the Philippine Sea.
Climate Change Could Shut Down a Vital Ocean Current, Study Finds
August 5, 2021
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC, a section of the Gulf Stream, transports warm water from the tropics northward and cold water from the North Atlantic to the south.
The Real-Life Day After Tomorrow: The Gulf Stream is at its Weakest for over 1,000 Years due to Climate Change
August 6, 2021
Ocean currents play a critical role in regulating the planet. They are the continuous, predictable, directional movement of sea water by gravity, wind, and water density. Water in the ocean moves in two directions - horizontally and vertically. Horizontal movements are referred to as currents, while vertical changes are called upwellings or downwellings.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2021: Why have cyclones off the coast of China and Japan turned outward to the East, where they normally turn to the West to make landfall? The Kuroshio, known as Japan’s Black Current, flows in that direction, carrying warm water from the Philippines out into the Pacific, but it is subsequently reversed by other Pacific currents that force cyclones westward. For the past few years, the Atlantic Gulf Stream has weakened. Are these currents affected by the increasingly violent Daily Earth Wobble?

The Wobble creates turmoil in the Atmosphere by two mechanisms. It turns the Earth under its blanket of air so that the heat or cold of a land mass affects the air mass above it. It can cause this heat exchange to happen rapidly or cause it to linger longer. And it can cause an air mass to build up so that it becomes a high-pressure area, or conversely cause an air mass to deflate so it becomes a low-pressure area in the extreme. Storms are caused by these pressure differences, but do atmospheric condition affect ocean currents?

Ocean currents are affected by the Coriolis Effect whereby the globe turns so that its blankets of air and water are left behind. They at first are thus going West as the globe goes East, but then curl in the temperate regions to return both the air and water to the Equator. The Figure 8 of the Daily Earth Wobble includes a Lean to the East and a Lean to the West of the N Pole. A Lean to the East allows the Pacific to pile water up near Japan but a Lean to the West creates a void. It is the latter that is causing a new Cyclone path.

The Daily Earth Wobble is what slings the Earth plates around, causing the Plate Movements that began in earnest in 2010. Where this is expressed as an increase in earthquake magnitude and frequency, it also is expressed in the increase in sinkholes and fracturing infrastructure. Where the direct connection is not recognized, these plate movements also cause hot Earth where heat from the friction of subduction or from compression is present. This occurred in California in 2018 at Paradise and now we have a repeat in 2021 in Greenville. Is there a nexus? The Zetas explain.

Dixie Fire becomes Largest Single Wildfire in California History
August 6, 2021
The Dixie Fire burning in two Northern California counties is now the largest single wildfire in recorded state history, exploding in size overnight as drought-stricken lands continue to fuel the flames. The fire, which has burned for 23 days and forced mass evacuations, razed the Gold Rush town of Greenville. The Dixie Fire is eerily similar to the 2018 Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive blaze in state history. The Camp Fire leveled the towns of Paradise and Concow, destroying nearly 19,000 structures and killing 85 people.
'Complete Devastation'; Walking Through Greenville's Burnt Remains
August 6, 2021
Smoke fills the air of what’s left of Greenville, CA, after the Dixie Fire moved through the town in a matter of hours, leaving total devastation in its wake.
Recreation at Risk as Lake Powell Dips to Historic Low
August 6,2021
Lake Powell is the second-largest reservoir in the United States, right behind Nevada’s Lake Mead, which also stores water from the Colorado River. Both are shrinking faster than expected.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2021: There is a nexus between the 2018 Camp Fire scorched Earth in Paradise and the 2021 Dixie fire in Greenville. Camp Fire was declared the largest wildfire in California history but now Dixie has claimed that crown. These locations are almost on top of each other, located in the same general vicinity in ravines and creek beds, with only thin crust to separate the surface from the rock strata of the Pacific Plate sliding under it. That there is drought in the area is insignificant, as the fire comes up from the ground and literally melts all in its path.

Points to the North of this part of California have the Juan de Fuca Plate as a buffer, and points to the South have the Cocos Plate as a buffer, but this part of California has no buffer when subduction occurs along the San Andreas. As we explained in 2018, hot earth from rapid and direct subduction is well recorded in history by the West Coast Indians during the last crustal shift. Our advice for the hapless residents of these areas is to stay high on the ridges, away from the creek beds or gullies. 

All this evidence of Nibiru’s embrace is subtle, but what can be seen in the skies is not subtle. The Zetas long predicted that by the start of 2021 Nibiru could no longer be denied. Now in 2021 we see a pulsing Sun and burning Petrol in the sky. Nibiru and its Double Helix are clearly discernible in photos, even to the point of closeups of the cream-colored atmosphere of Nibiru. As the Petrol and Red Dust and debris sling closer, the view may get confusing, but this is just part of Nibiru’s embrace.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2021: In these photo captures from Idaho there are Moon Swirls above the Sun seen from the side, having captured and incorporated Petrol. This creates a fuzzy rather than a brilliant image, and when the Petrol is attracted to the Sun it drifts away from the elongated swirl. The reason the mass of Petrol has started to change the view is because it has caught up to Nibiru, which has slowed its pace as it prepares to pierce the Ecliptic.  Depending upon how much debris and Petrol is attracted to moons in a String of Pearls, the string will either have clarity, showing the individual moons, or appear as a streak.

This photo has also captured another phenomenon, as both the fuzzy Moon Swirls above the Sun and one of the String of Pearls below the Sun are arranged as a pair. A swirl has a point of compression where matter is being pushed and an associated void point where matter is being pulled away. When a swirl develops in a Moon Swirl, the motion pulls other moons and debris toward the void. If the Repulsion Force prevents more material from joining, a second Moon Swirl develops. This dual chain can develop for a String of Pearls too.