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Issue 702, Sunday March 15, 2020
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Pandemic Containment

Has Covid-19 become a pandemic? A pandemic is defined as a runaway infection that has spread to more than one continent. As of the end of February, Covid-19 has spread throughout Asia to Japan and Korea and Indonesia, to the Middle East in Iran and Bahrain and Kuwait and Iraq and Israel, to S America in Brazil, to a dozen countries in Europe notably Italy and Germany, to Africa in Egypt and Algeria, to India and Australia, and to Canada and several states in the USA. It’s a pandemic. The good news is that new cases in China have peaked, indicating that containment, a strict quarantine, works.

World Battles Virus Epidemic as Cases Multiply Outside China
February 26, 2020
Worries over the ever-expanding economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis multiplied, with factories idled, trade routes frozen and tourism crippled, while a growing list of nations braced for the illness to breach their borders. With Brazil confirming the arrival of Latin America’s first case, the virus had a toehold on every continent but Antarctica. In Europe, where Germany, France and Spain were among the places with a growing caseload, an expanding cluster of more than 440 cases in northern Italy was eyed as a source for transmissions. In the Middle East, where cases increased in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq, blame was directed toward Iran.
Germany Facing Coronavirus ‘Epidemic,’ Govt can no longer Track Infection Chains
February 26, 2020
German Health Minister Jens Spahn has said that his country is facing a “coronavirus epidemic.” Since breaking out in northern Italy, the deadly COVID-19 virus has spread to more than a dozen European countries.

What does containment mean? The Zetas immediately advised all air travel in Asia should be stopped, but of course this did not occur as the profits of the airline and travel industries rule as the primary consideration. Eventually Australia and the US did ban such travel from China, but too little too late as LA had just been infected by a Korean airline crew member. President Trump then added Iran, Italy, and S Korea to the list. Israel has now urged all air travel be avoided. In a world without air travel, this pandemic would still be restricted to Wuhan or at the most central China.

Government Triggers Emergency Plan for COVID-19 Pandemic, and considers Economic Assistance
February 27, 2020
The tourism and education sectors are being heavily affected as the crisis worsens.  The travel ban on arrivals from China has been extended for at least another week. There will be no carve out for the tens of thousands of university students unable to reach Australia.
Israel is the First Country to warn its Citizens not to Travel Abroad over Coronavirus Fears
February 26, 2020
Israel became the first country to officially warn its citizens to avoid any international travel amid fears over the coronavirus outbreak. Several airlines have canceled flights to China, where the respiratory virus originated, and governments have issued warnings about travel to certain countries, but no country has actively urged their citizens avoid traveling abroad at large until now.
Coronavirus: Trump adds Travel Restrictions on Iran, Advisories for Italy and South Korea
February 29, 2020
The U.S. was "expanding existing travel restrictions to include any foreign national who has visited Iran within the last 14 days.” The administration is also urging Americans not to travel to areas of Italy and South Korea that have been struck hard by the virus.

Cases Soar in Italy, Iran and South Korea as Alarm Grows
February 27, 2020
In both Italy and Iran, with two of the biggest outbreaks, the number of reported infections more than doubled in just two days, approaching 900 combined, and people who had recently been to those countries continued to seed new outbreaks elsewhere.

ZetaTalk Advice 1/31/2020: Nature contains epidemics in both man and animal by allowing the weak to die and the strong to develop immunity, passed on in the DNA from mother to child. But as with the SARS epidemic these outbreaks of a mutant virus are exacerbated by mankind’s love affair with the airplane. To contain this new virus, all travel by air in Asia should be stopped, immediately. But the airline industry would not tolerate having their profits reduced in this manner, so until a new vaccine is available and widely used, or until those most vulnerable to a bad head cold and pneumonia are eliminated, more deaths will be reported.

To restrict contact, many countries are imposing more than travel bans, they are disbursing crowds, even if this impacts traditional religious practices. Saudi Arabia restricted pilgrimage, and Catholics are discouraged from attending services for Lent. Japan is pressing for scanty graduation ceremonies. Schools have not yet resorted to online classrooms, or school from home, though this seems an obvious solution. Students from China expecting to attend school in Australia are being told to stay away, no apologies.  

Saudi Arabia Restricts Pilgrimage to Most Sacred Muslim sites of Mecca & Medina over Coronavirus
February 26, 2020
Saudi Arabia has imposed a temporary ban on religious pilgrimage, known as Umrah, to historic Islamic shrines in Mecca and Medina over the coronavirus outbreak that has recently spread to the Middle East.
Virus-hit Japanese Schools Close in the lead-up to Graduation Ceremonies
February 26, 2020
With the end of the academic year approaching next month, education boards in the prefecture asked all schools to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus at graduation ceremonies by shortening them or reducing the number of attendees.
World Battles Virus Epidemic as Cases Multiply Outside China
February 26, 2020
In St. Peter’s Square, many of those gathered for Pope Francis’ weekly audience wore face masks and clergy appeared to refrain from embracing the pontiff or kissing his ring. Services in Singapore were broadcast online to keep people from crowded sanctuaries where germs could spread, bishops in South Korea shuttered churches for what they said was the first time in the Catholic Church’s 236-year history there, and in Malaysia and the Philippines, ashes were sprinkled on the heads of those marking the start of Lent instead of using a damp thumb to trace a cross of ashes.

Pandemic Impact

Of course the airline and travel industries have been impacted, and shipping of necessary parts in the supply chain for the manufacturing sector might be affected, but the plunge in stock markets is, per history, only temporary during pandemic scares. Staying the course is usually the wisest money management choice. Inventories that become depleted will need to be refurbished, so within months or a year, matters return to normal.

How Stocks Reacted During Past Flu Pandemics
February 28, 2020
Let’s look at stocks during past pandemics. During the 1900s and into the 2000s, the world has been confronted with several major flu pandemics. In the post-WWI era, there have been five known flu pandemics including the Asian Flu (1957-58); the Hong Kong Flu (1968-69); the Russian Flu (1977-78); the Swine Flu (2009-10); and lastly, the current coronavirus (2019).
Coronavirus: Historical Stock Market Performance with Pandemics
January 28, 2020
Market impacts tend to be short-term in nature, and highly speculative. A lot depends on daily new cases and the global spread of the virus. Airlines are at risk if people dial back on travel. Testing and diagnostic companies that can test for the virus may see increased demand. But history has shown that while pandemics can create a significant opportunity for specific companies, they tend to be short lived.

ZetaTalk Overview 3/31/2020: During any pandemics, more than illness and death occur. Those infected are ostracized, quarantined, and the social isolation, where short, has devastating effect on school attendance, workplace attendance, and the ability to move produce and goods from one segment of society to another. Food shortages develop, as well as shortages in supplies. These are opportunities for businesses to step into overproduction or be inventive or resourceful. Many new corporate entities or networks find their birth during such troubled times.

Stock markets have routinely dipped during recent pandemic scares but rebounded quickly when the pandemic eased. Depleted inventory must be refilled, and the new corporate entities that have emerged create a boom. If schools had to be closed, online or home school venues may flourish. If shopping for food is risky, due to the threat of contagious, then home delivery networks may flourish. Certainly the airline and travel industries are suffering. There are winners and losers.

Familiar faces among politicians or the celebrity crowd might disappear, and even the Pope appears to be fighting what has been described as a “cold”. Might opportunists take advantage of the virus to attack the opposition? An assassination masked by Covid-19? Always a possibility.

Iran’s Vice President Tests Positive for Coronavirus
February 27, 2020
Iranian Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar has become infected with the coronavirus, state news in Tehran reported, adding to the already mounting concern in the country as the virus continues to spread. Ebtekhar, who advises President Hassan Rouhani on family and women's matters, was placed under quarantine.
Tom Cruise under Quarantine, 'Mission: Impossible' Italy Shoot Delayed
February 26, 2020
Cast member Tom Cruise attends a news conference promoting his upcoming film "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" in Beijing. A planned three-week shoot in Italy for Tom Cruise's new Mission: Impossible film has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Pope Francis Falls Ill, Religious Events Canceled due to Coronavirus
February 27, 2020
The pope appeared to have a cold and spoke with a slightly hoarse voice at his general audience and coughed during an afternoon Ash Wednesday service in a Rome church.

ZetaTalk Overview 3/31/2020: Religious rituals and political rallies may need to be closed, but in the day and age of TV and the Internet, physical participation is not necessary. Will the 2020 vote in the US be canceled if Covid-19 cannot be contained? Delayed at most, but not canceled, but we predict that the Covid-19 will be dramatically eased by mid-Summer 2020, due to aggressive quarantined practices and the emergence of effective anti-virals and several new vaccines.  

But Covid-19 will bid farewell to many well-known celebrities and politicians, as their normal activities require interaction with others. Something as simple as a church service, or a session of Congress, or a meeting with a Cabinet can prove deadly when a highly infectious virus is involved. Will assassinations be attempted, under the cover of a viral infection? Absolutely. The Pope fears for his life, as we recently detailed, and is now ill with a cough. A pandemic offers opportunities, on many fronts.

Spring Planting

For those new to gardening, starting young plants without a greenhouse or in limited space can present difficulties. But with just a warm windowsill, and some bottles or containers from the recycle bin, you too can start a garden from the groceries you have at hand! Then transfer to a small garden spot outdoors, or to container gardens on the back porch. This video from ZetaTalk Followers shows you how. And remember to always save fresh seed for next year!

How to Replant Vegetables! | Gardening Hacks and Tips by Blossom
February 14, 2020
These replanting hacks will make you grow crazy!

Where this concept allows you to get a garden going from fruit and vegie scraps you have at hand, preparing to plant a traditional garden is another matter. Here’s where saving seed from the last harvest matters. Mother Nature wants her seeds dry and cool, so most seed only needs that preparation and protection. Many seeds will not sprout unless gathered from a ripe fruit, so those peppers and squash and melons should be ripe before harvesting, as this chapter in the Finegan Fine short story depicts.

A frantic scene ensues, as the gardener and his family are evacuating. Finegan is on the roof of the factory with the gardener, trying to harvest his crop. The gardener is harvesting potatoes. Finegan is doing the same to carrots, starting to tear the greens off them. The gardener cries out, “No, no, leave some! I'll replant 'em for the seed. Gotta have the seed.” Finegan and the gardener are now harvesting green cabbage, cutting this off at the root and discarding the brown and tattered outer leaves. The gardener cries out again, “Leave that'en. I'll replant for seed. Just those half dozen will do.”
The gardener rushes over to the far side of the factory rooftop, tearing off his shirt. He picks seed shoots from carrot and cabbage plants being used to grow seed and ties them into his shirt. Along the sides of the factory roof the vines holding summer squash can be seen bobbing up. The squash on the surface is bloated and yellow, oversized and almost rotting in appearance. The gardener cries out, “The squash!” He dives into the water and swims along the bobbing vines, plucking the overripe summer squash and tossing them to Finegan. Several of them shatter when caught. “Arrrrrr! These are rotten!” The gardener's wife rushes up to collect the mess in a basin. She says, “This is seed! You gotta rippen it full.”

Pole Shift Timeline

In July, 2017 I had an email exchange with a Muslim scholar, who requested the Zeta input on what he described as a mystery they had been struggling with for 14 centuries. It was a statement by the Prophet Mohammed, known as “The Hour”. It was my honor and privilege to engage in this conversation with this learned scholar. The vibes were warm and wonderful, intensely loving and focused on providing humanity with the tools to survive.

Among his predictions of the End of Times what Islam in the Qur’an and The Sunna (Muhammed Talk) called «The Hour». Muhammed talked extensively about the coming of the hour and its consequences to humanity even though he admitted that neither him nor the Arch Angel Gabriel knew precisely about the exact timing of its happenings, but nevertheless he presented us with many approaching signs that will occur very close together: Prophet Muhammed more than 14 centuries ago stated that the fake Christ will rule the world for 40 days:
·       One day like a year
·       One day like a month
·       One day like a week
·       And the rest of the days like your days.
Since then Muslim scholars have been presenting hundreds of interpretations to this statement in vain.

ZetaTalk Answer 7/10/2017: We in ZetaTalk have been allowed to describe a sequence of events, as the date of the Pole Shift is not to be known. Jesus and Muhammed, as well as other Star Children, were intent on giving humanity messages to help them grow, spiritually, toward being good hearted. As the Book of Exodus and Revelations in the Bible and the Muslim Hadiths show, these early religions also tried to convey wisdom about past and pending cataclysms. In Islam, this is documented in the Hadiths where sunrise West during the Last Weeks allows the hour of the Pole Shift to be determined.

That said, what would Muhammed have been referring to in his reference to 40 days? “One day like a week” is referring to the stopped rotation of Earth, which we have predicted will last 5.9 days. This seems like a single day as the Sun stands still over part of the globe. “One day like a month” preceding that would be the Last Weeks. Excluding the Severe Wobble leading into the Last Weeks and the Rotation Stoppage at the end, our prediction includes 34 days, a month that includes 3 Days of Darkness and 6 days of Sunrise West.

“One day like a year” preceding the Last Weeks is predicting the confused weather and sunrise/sunset times that result from the daily Earth wobble gone wild. We have predicted that the seasons will “blend into one another”, thus that year will seem not to have distinct seasons, but a mix. The wobble can make the Sun rise and then set again, as has been documented, so night and day may become confused as the wobble worsens. Muhammed is predicting this confused period to last at least a year. And then things go back to normal, rotation returns, and Nibiru is gone from the skies, having moved on.

Given the ZetaTalk interpretation, we can back into not just a sequence of events, but a timeline of events. If “one day like a week” is the Stopped Rotation just prior to the hour of the Pole Shift - we are not there as yet. If “one day like a month” is the Last Weeks from the 3 days of Darkness through the 6 days of Sunrise West – we are not there yet. If “one day like a year” is wobble turmoil including a true blending of the seasons – we are not there yet. Per the Zetas, the Blending of the Seasons would be going from the heat of the hottest Summer day to the cold of the coldest Winter day, within days. But this gives us a timeline. When the wobble has stirred things up to that degree, we have but a year.

ZetaTalk Last Weeks 8/14/2010: This progression is another 2-3 days in time. Then the 3 days of darkness and the 6 days of sunrise west, which is a momentum and turnaround for the swing into the 3 days of darkness. Then the Earth rights herself, side by side with Planet X, and begins her rotation slowdown. It is during this time that the Earth is drawn toward Nibiru, so that Nibiru quickly increases in size in the skies and is the writhing monster of legend.

ZetaTalk Blending Seasons 10/8/2011: We have stated that a blending of the seasons will be a factor, to the extent that the weather would jump from mid-summer to mid-winter within a day or so. We are not there as yet.

ZetaTalk Blending Seasons 11/6/2010: The blending of the seasons will be a phenomenon that will occur during the 8 of 10 scenarios, in the time prior to the last weeks. What you have had up until the present is trends for more extreme weather. Imagine going from the heat of the hottest Summer day to the cold of the coldest Winter day, all within a day or so. That is a blending of the seasons.