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Issue 594, Sunday February 18, 2018
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Cancer Cure

Is there a cure for cancer? The medical and pharma industries offer surgery to remove the primary tumor, and chemo or radiation treatments which target the cancer cells. This usually results in a prolonged life, and in some cases results in a cure. But chemo and radiation also affect the other cells in the body, so are hard to endure. Spontaneous remissions also occur, outside of any treatment, where the body just decides to rid itself of the cancer. But for most, the diagnosis is grim, and there is no choice but to get traditional treatment.

Chemotherapy: How Cancer Drugs Impact the Body Long-Term
June 2, 2014
First used to treat cancer in the 1950s, chemotherapy drugs use powerful chemicals to kill cancer cells and inhibit them from reproducing and spreading throughout the body. Most often, these medications are very effective at what they do – but they can also be a little too effective, destroying healthy cells along the way. This gives rise to many of the common short-term side effects associated with cancer treatments, such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting, constipation and hair loss. Additionally, health problems can still persist once chemotherapy has ended, as these drugs can sometimes cause permanent changes to the body’s systems.
Spontaneous Remission
It has long been assumed that spontaneous regressions, let alone cures, from cancer are rare phenomena. Frequency was estimated to be about 1 in 100,000 cancers. It is likely that the frequency of spontaneous regression in small tumors has been drastically underrated. In a carefully designed study on mammography it was found that 22% of all breast cancer cases underwent spontaneous regression. The protocols strongly suggest that an immune mechanism was responsible. There are several case reports of spontaneous regressions from cancer occurring after a fever brought on by infection.

Per the Zetas, cancer is developing in the body all the time, cleaned up by the immune system. When cancer persists, it is because the person or animal has decided to give up, decided to die. The stories recounting spontaneous remission often depict a lifestyle change, where depression is thrown off and replaced by hope and/or taking action. Depressed immune systems thus are reversed, and become functional again.

Cancer: the Mysterious Miracle Cases Puzzling Doctors
March 6, 2015
The 74-year-old woman had initially been troubled by a rash that wouldn’t go away. By the time she arrived at the hospital, her lower right leg was covered in waxy lumps, eruptions of angry red and livid purple. Tests confirmed the worst suspicions: it was carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. Despite receiving no treatment at all, the tumours were shrinking and shrivelling before their eyes. “We watched for a period of a few months and the tumours just disappeared,” says Irvine. After 20 weeks, the patient was cancer-free. “There had been no doubt about her diagnosis,” he says. “But now there was nothing in the biopsies, or the scans.”
The Body Can Beat Terminal Cancer — Sometimes
August 21, 2007
John Matzke was just 30 years old when he was told that he had only 18 months to live. At 6 feet 4 inches tall, with blue eyes and broad shoulders, Matzke cut an impressive figure. A biopsy showed that the lump was malignant melanoma, a particularly fatal form of skin cancer. He would have that tumor and then a few others removed by surgeons. Only half of all melanoma patients with lung metastases are alive 30 months after surgery. He went on long hikes in the mountains, he ate healthy foods, and he meditated. He also spent a lot of time picturing himself healthy and visualizing good strong blood cells destroying the cancer in his body. A month later, it was remarkable—the tumor on his chest X-ray was gone. Gone, gone, gone.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/15/1996: Cancer is considered a scourge of mankind, as cancer is so often what the mortician writes as the cause of death. What is poorly understood is that cancer is a natural process which allows the organism an out, a type of suicide. How often is it observed by humans that a fellow, informed that they have incipient cancer, continues the activity that is deemed to be causing or encouraging the cancer. Smoking is a case in point. Cancer is developing all the time, but is held at bay by scavenger cells that mop them up, as is known by your biologists.

What occurs in cancer development is that the scavengers are told to cease, to back off and let the destruction proceed. Cancer occurs for the same reason many infectious diseases run rampant, because the immune system turns off. As has long been recognized by humans, the immune system is highly sensitive to one's surroundings, and by design. Suicide in nature is rarely possible, other than to cease eating or fail to remove oneself from danger, both actions which are associated with mental depression.

The frantic war against cancer waged by the medical profession is most often a losing battle because the patient has determined the outcome. Spontaneous remission occurs without medical assistance, and many cancer patients can be found to have several of these in their history. When a spontaneous remission occurs during medical treatment, the treatment is credited, but in truth the success is due to the care and attention the patient receives.

At last they get time off from the hated job, have someone ask with sincerity how they feel that day, or escape from a domineering spouse with a hospital stay. Cancer treatments are always futile where the underlying causative situation is not addressed, as even if all the cancer cells are eradicated, which is never the case, they would just recur in some other spot. To cure cancer, address the patient's life first, and attack the tumor as a secondary measure.

Have researchers pursued what the body is doing during these magical spontaneous remissions? With a fervor, and they know the chemistry involved! It’s called GcMAF, a natural enzyme produced by the body. It boosts the immune system to fight cancer and germs and counter the negative effects of inflammation. Production of GcMAF is predictably assisted by probiotics in the gut and Vitamin D and C. A death enzyme has also been identified – Nagalase – which is produced when the body is giving up and blocks GcMAF. So why are the doctors pushing for the world to know these facts being killed?

The War on Cancer Inside Us
January 29, 2018
The advent of Nagalase testing and GcMAF therapy gives us reason to hope and expect that we can soon eradicate the specter of cancer. Big Pharma, insurance companies, cancer care facilities and cancer specialists. For a multiplicity of reasons—including but not limited to the flow of cash—this gargantuan beast resists change. GcMAF and Nagalase are the two new elephants in the room. People will continue to die because of the reluctance of modern medicine to embrace change. If we started screening everyone for elevated Nagalase today, and giving GcMAF to those with high levels, we could eradicate cancer literally overnight. Left behind in the rubble would be some some very unhappy drug salesmen and more than one bored but retrainable oncologist with an overdue Mercedes payment.
Cancer and Autism: Mysterious Deaths of Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA
July 31, 2015
Human GcMAF holds great promise in the treatment of various illnesses including cancer, autism, chronic fatigue and possibly Parkinson’s. When agents from the USFDA and local state of Georgia law enforcement raided Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic, they had a very specific agenda – they were after everything they could find pertaining to GcMAF. Scientific medical research is also being done on GcMAF for the treatment of terminal cancer. There are many major corporations who would see such a substance as a major threat to their financial prosperity.

Of course, when the status quo of any industry is threatened, there is resistance. And in the case of the Pharma industry, or major stockholders running clinics or for-profit hospitals, the profit motive is huge. But why would the enigmatic Q, whose cryptic puzzles have many on the Internet abuzz with trying to discern his meaning, enter this fray? Q has a prediction accuracy track record, which we have pointed out in this Newsletter, and thus the Zetas will on rare occasion comment on Q posts. Certainly GcMAF could counter cancer and has been shown to eliminate the AIDS virus also.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2018: Why would Q specifically mention cancer and AIDS as two diseases suspected of having a cure that is being kept from mankind?  There are HIV cocktails that have allowed Magic Johnson to remain alive and healthy. But for Africa, AIDS is a certain and quick death. There is an Ebola vaccine, but for the poor in Africa, not available. We have stated that cancer is a normal mutation that happens all the time, but is countered by the body’s immune system. Those profiting from chemo and radiation therapy methods would resist a natural cure being promoted.

Flu Hype

The 2018 flu season has been declared one of the worst in years, not since the 2014-2015 season, not since the 2009 swine flu alarm, with statistics on hospitalizations and the deaths of young children much in the news. But is this false hype? If this is the case, who stands to profit from Tamiflu sales, or vaccine production? Only 16% of those going to the doctor even have the flu. And as usual there are several different variations of flu infecting the public, only one addressed by the vaccine.

The 2018 Flu Scare: A False Alarm
January 23, 2018
The influenza virus infections that children are getting remain, in the vast, vast, vast, majority of cases simply variations on the common cold.
Massive Flu Outbreak? Here’s the Real Story the Media Won’t Touch
January 16, 2018
The lies, the hoax, the scandal. Health authorities admit this year’s flu vaccine is only 10% effective. But of course, they urge you to take the vaccine anyway. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive. Most diagnosed cases of the flu aren’t the flu. The basic flu symptoms—cough, fever, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, weakness—can be caused by a variety of factors that have nothing to do with a flu virus.
3 Strains of Influenza Sweeping U.S. with Incredible Intensity
February 7, 2018
A deadly flu epidemic continues to rage from coast to coast, and officials said the epidemic hasn't even reached its peak. There are also three major strains of the flu circulating, and people have the chance of getting the flu three times this season.
This Flu Season Is Now the Worst in Years. Here’s Why
February 9, 2018
Infection rates for the 2017-2018 flu season were still rising, higher than those in any year since 2009, when the swine flu was pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even more worrying, the hospitalization rate is the highest that the C.D.C. has ever recorded at this point in the season. It has just surpassed that of the lethal 2014-2015 season, during which 710,000 Americans were hospitalized and 56,000 died.

What is the danger in getting a flu shot, just in case? For those at risk of pneumonia from flu, such as the aged or those struggling with depressed immune systems, this insurance makes sense. But for otherwise healthy individuals, getting the flu shot can put one at risk for a cytokine storm, a hyper immune system response. The patient then dies due to their lungs filling with water. Doctors are rightfully cautious about giving antibiotics, due to caution against creating drug resistant strains like MRSA. More is not always better, with medications. That said, who is profiting from the 2018 flu season hype?

The Cytokine Storm of Severe Influenza and Development of Immunomodulatory Therapy
July 20, 2015
Ultimately death arising from these infections are often associated with hyperinduction of proinflammatory cytokine production, which is also known as ‘cytokine storm'. The most virulent influenza, the 1918 H1N1 Spanish flu, infected approximately 5% of the world's population and killed 2%. For infections caused by the 1918 H1N1 virus, the resistance became hyperactive, resulting in an excessive inflammatory reaction known as the cytokine storm phenomenon.
Tamiflu and Donald Rumsfeld
May 6, 2006
It is true Donald Rumsfeld does indeed have stock holdings in Gilead Sciences, Inc., the California biotech company that developed Tamiflu. Rumsfeld was a member of Gilead’s board of directors between 1988 and 2001, and he was its chairman from 1997 until he joined President George W. Bush’s cabinet as Secretary of Defense in 2001. According to federal financial disclosures filed by Rumsfeld, he has Gilead stock holdings valued at between $5 million and $25 million. Former Secretary of State George Shultz, who is on Gilead’s board, has sold more than $7 million worth of Gilead stock since the beginning of 2005.
Big Pharma and Big Profits: The Multibillion Dollar Vaccine Market
February 7, 2018
Pharmaceutical corporations who produce vaccines will reach an estimated $61 billion in profits by 2020. With a forecast of $61 billion in projected sales, rest assured new vaccines will be developed for almost anything.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2018: We will address the issue of whether the 2018 flu is as bad as being reported, and whether there is any ulterior motive in creating a panic. The profit motive, ever present in Pharma corporations and their major stockholders, is a reason to hype fear or delay a cure and reap the benefits. Treatments such as Tamiflu, which are to be taken prior to any symptoms of the flu can manifest, are suspect, as is a vaccine admittedly not effective for a flu virus that has mutated. To prevent flu pneumonia deaths they rush to vaccinate the entire populace, often inciting a cytokine storm among those healthy enough to survive the flu.

Nefarious Agendas

Lest we be complacent, let’s take a walk down history lane. Certainly the history in the US, particularly at the hand of the CIA, is alarming. There is the issue of how the AIDS virus was encouraged to spread. Found in monkeys and chimps in Africa, which are eaten as bushmeat, the AIDS virus suddenly leapt into the human population in Africa. Per the Zetas, this was no accident. Its leap was encouraged. Ebola was to be included but proved to be too difficult to handle.

African Meat that could be Behind the Next HIV
May 25, 2012
Eighty per cent of the meat eaten in Cameroon is killed in the wild and is known as "bushmeat". The nation's favoured dishes are gorilla, chimpanzee or monkey because of their succulent and tender flesh. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is now widely believed to have originated in chimps.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/15/1995: It has been assumed that AIDS was initially spread through a vaccination program. This is incorrect. It was spread through diet, by blood improperly cooked. It was spread through the dietary norms of the initial groups infected. Once having taken place, fastening on a group of humans, the infection could be directed. Sexual habits in Africa and the South Seas is highly promiscuous. Sexual liaisons can be arranged. There were plans to sculpt the world’s populations with other diseases too. However, AIDS began to sculpt in ways not expected. The rich, the influential, those close to home.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/15/1995: The Ebola virus did not catch on as did the AIDS virus, and the reason was simple. It tended to kill its handlers! When cast out among the swine, as was the phrase used to describe dissemination, the swine would die, but those casting their evil seed could not run fast enough. They carried it home with them, and they died in secreted hospital rooms, infecting their frantic nurses and doctors. After a time or two, they gave up on the Ebola virus, which refused to be tamed.

Then there is the issue of how Anthrax has been used by the CIA, for political reasons, during the Bush administration. In 2002 a number of members in the US Congress received envelopes with a white powder – Anthrax. The strain was identified to be one held by a CIA lab in Utah. The FBI was used to harass and investigate the wrong people, as a distraction, but prosecuting those in the CIA responsible never occurred. Anthrax has been used on occasion since 2002, powdered to create the aerosol version, most deadly, and its danger is still present as a threat.

The CIA and Anthrax
The CIA had samples of weaponized anthrax and been making more using the same strain as found in the letters sent by the anthrax terrorist. Scientists at Dugway were also taught how to weaponize the bacteria. A U.S. Army installation in Utah has been producing dried preparations of the Ames strain of the anthrax bacterium, the same strain found in letters to senators Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy. Dugway scientists how to dry deadly bacteria into a fine powdery form in 1998.
Donald Trump Jr.'s Wife taken to Hospital after getting Letter with White Powder
February 12, 2018
Donald Trump Jr.'s wife was taken to a hospital in New York City today after opening a package at her home that contained an unknown white powder, according to authorities. Vanessa Trump and two other people at the apartment were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene before being taken to the hospital.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/15/2002: The CIA, in labs in the ultra-right Utah area, produced the Anthrax that was to bring down Democratic Senators and bring the Senate back into the Republican fold. It should be noted that no one has ever been brought to justice for these attacks against the Democratic Senators, even when the Anthrax source was known. Such is the alliance of the Bush Administration.

In 2004 an entire stock of flu vaccines prepared by a UK lab had to be destroyed, discovered to be polluted. Per the Zetas, the Bush Administration had hoped for this bad batch to poison undesirables – the old and sick – in the US. Then there was the deliberate release of a live 1957 bird flu virus to over 3,700 labs around the world in 2005. This release came from the CDC, in Atlanta, an incident the FBI called highly suspicious. Death by flu or flu vaccine was an obvious agenda of the Bush Administration. Again, no prosecution occurred. It was all called an accident.

Flu Shot Shortage Tests Ethics
October 29, 2004
Who should get the flu shot first: A sick nursing home resident or a toddler? A pregnant woman or a jail inmate with AIDS? Those are the choices health officials across the country are struggling with as the government doles out the nation's short supply of flu shots.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/7/2004: There is deep paranoia about vaccines, among those sensing the plans to sculpt the population during the pole shift. How to eliminate the aged, the sick, and those too young to be put to work as child labor? Vaccinations are a route open to be used. We would suggest that should such Earth changes commence, the last thing the population will be concerned about is the flu.

Pandemic-causing ‘Asian flu’ Accidentally Released
April 13, 2005
The virus that caused the 1957 “Asian flu” pandemic has been accidentally released by a lab in the US, and sent all over the world in test kits which scientists are now scrambling to destroy. The flu testing kits were sent to some 3700 labs between October 2004 and February 2005 by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a professional body which helps pathology laboratories improve their accuracy, by sending them unidentified samples of various germs to identify.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/16/2005: Vaccinations, again selected to enhance illness among those not deemed fit for the work camps of the future, could likewise be focused. All that is needed as a catalyst is a pandemic, a worldwide threat, and if nature does not cooperate then a nudge can be provided. Notable in the recent revelation that a proven deadly virus without natural immunity in the worlds populace was released on purpose to thousands of labs in dozens of countries worldwide, via standard mail routes, is the lack of uproar about this calamity, the lack of major media attention. Notable is the fact that this release came from a US lab.