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Issue 575, Sunday October 8, 2017
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Mississippi River Heaving

During the 1812 New Madrid earthquake the Mississippi River ran backward for a time, due to heaving in the river bed near New Madrid.  This was recorded by many, who described the retrograde rush of the water as swift, the speed of a race horse. Waterfalls were formed where the ground had been thrust up, but soon wore down by the flow of water to allow barges on the river to proceed again. The violent up-thrust created the blockage that formed the Reel Foot Lake.

Mississippi River ran Backward?
A "thrust fault" uplift dammed the Mississippi for a few hours early on the morning of Feb. 7, 1812 from about Island #10 north past island #9. There were temporary river waterfalls where the Mississippi ran backwards during 1811-12 earthquakes. It happened when a thrust fault created a sudden dam several feet high near the bottom of the river loop near New Madrid. Ask the boatmen who were rudely awakened in the middle of the night. "In a moment, so great a wave come up the river that I never seen one like it at sea. It carried us back north, up-stream, for more than a mile. The water spread out upon the banks -- covering three or four miles inland. "It was the current going backward. Then this wave stopped, and slowly the river went right again. "Everywhere there was noise like thunder. The ground was shaking the trees down. The air was thick with something like smoke. There was much lightning.
Eyewitnesses to Mississippi River Earthquake Terror
"...the water ran 12 feet perpendicular... Another fall was formed about 8 miles below the town, similar to the one above, the roaring of which he could distinctly hear at New Madrid…" "...from the deck of the primitive boat she saw the rapid current of the Mississippi suddenly change its course and run with racehorse speed, up-stream, accompanied by a sound like the most terrific thunder..." "The current of the Mississippi was turned back till the accumulating waters gained sufficient force to break through the newly raised barrier…" "...we saw a sandbar form below us, that extended clear across the river, & the water commenced rolling in terrific waves up the current & broke our boat loose... This bar lasted only a short time; in a few hours the retrograde current soon spread over it again..."

Now heaving in the Mississippi River bed is occurring again. This was noted by September 29 and October 1 on YouTube videos, showing the extraordinarily low level of the river at Memphis. This was per US Army Corp of Engineers river gauges. All manner of speculation ensued. Yes there has been a modest drought up-stream, but a quick check on the water level upstream, at St. Louis and a bit further north at Hamilton, shows the water merely backed up. St. Louis had a 15 foot level, and further upstream at Hamilton there was a 11 foot level, but Memphis stood at a -5. The Zetas explain.

Mighty Mississippi River Going Dry!
September 29, 2017
130 mile stretch of the Mighty Mississippi River from Tennessee to NW Mississippi is completely dry in places, so low making it impossible for barge traffic to deliver grain to the International or National markets.

Mississippi River going Dry above New Madrid Fault - Crack in Ground?
October 1, 2017
Has a crack formed in the bottom of the Mississippi River leaking water down into the New Madrid Fault? The Mighty Mississippi is getting very low, even bone dry in some places. No drought. Where is the water going?

ZetaTalk Analysis 10/31/2017: Is the mighty Mississippi so low above Memphis that barges can hardly navigate? Drought in the states feeding the Mississippi has very moderate, and does not account for the river depth in the Memphis region. The river is at a normal depth upstream at or above St Louis, IL. The temporary low water depth at Memphis is due to heaving in the ground there, stress on the New Madrid Fault Line, and this stress will come and go until the New Madrid adjusts. Temporarily, the flow of the Mississippi is being held back, a fact that is not notable as the water above Memphis is not at flood stage.

Heaving land was noted during the last major New Madrid adjustment, when the river was reported to run backward. Rock strata being asked to rip on a diagonal will resist, and during this resistance will bunch up to create a heave. When the pressure to rip at a diagonal is eased, due to land elsewhere moving instead, then the heave relaxes and seemingly goes back to normal. When the quakes in Mexico no longer suffice, then the New Madrid Fault Line will itself begin making its move.

Nibiru Huge

Despite the vast tail of Nibiru spreading out between Nibiru and the Earth, fogging up the view, Nibiru has gotten larger and more dominant in filtered photos. This is a rapidly moving scene, over this past month, with magnetosphere fields around the Moon Swirls appearing first as waffles, and then the entire field throbbing with energy, with the rapid throbbing caught on video. Nibiru visibility can take many forms, from a Second Sun at dawn or dusk, or the almost daily webcam captures in Italy and France posted on the Pole Shift ning.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2017: Much of the tail composition and position has been hidden from mankind due to distance. Unless the ionized red dust in the tail is thick, it only appears as a reddish haze when at a distance. But the dust in the tail is not uniform. There is clumping and congealing around various debris particles, which themselves can become ionized due to longevity in the charged tail. The waffle is magnetic field lines that have formed around the dominant moon in a Moon Swirl. Just as a magnetic field is identifiable on mankind’s electronic equipment as lines, due to clumping of the magnetons, the waffle has lines.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/30/2017: Human scientists understand that the Sun and magnetosphere’s can pulse, for many reason as yet poorly understood by man. We have described the behavior of many particle flows as being a rush to clump together and a push away from crowding. This is God’s plan, and accounts for the dynamic nature of the Universe, always in motion. Where man’s studies indicate that pulsations are long, and Alberto’s video shows a rapid pulse in Nibiru’s tail, the variations are many. The tail is throbbing, as interactions between many magnetospheres within the tail are involved.

Now Nibiru itself is appearing much larger in Alberto’s photos. There has been a gradual increase in size over the past month or so, from September 7 to September 11 to October 2. What does this mean? It can only mean that Nibiru has moved closer to the Earth. Perhaps squeezed closer together by the Earth being forced to shift over by pressure from the Dark Twin that shares Earth’s orbit path. All these planets bobble about during the magnetic and gravity dance that precedes the passage. These dynamics have long been predicted by the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/10/2013: We have described the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth as dynamic, Planet X swinging its N Pole to point toward the Earth more directly at times, then swinging back, and the Earth bobbling to the left as far as possible to escape this influence from Planet X.

ZetaTalk Timeline 6/10/2014: The twists and turns that Planet X and the Earth take during a passage are not linear. These planets are dancing partners. The Earth has been in a daily wobble since 2004, and this involves a daily Polar Push against the Earth’s magnetic N Pole with a Figure 8 rebound. Planet X, for its part, encounters both Venus and the Dark Twin in its path, and where these are pushed away they are both subject to different influences and thus return. This messy scenario will continue until the Last Weeks. Planet X, and the Earth, and Venus and the Dark Twin are bobbing and weaving about, like shadow boxers forever dancing but never engaging. Venus and the Dark Twin escape at some point prior to the Last Weeks, after some drama quite visible from Earth, so if this has not yet occurred, then the Last Weeks are not yet upon you.

Las Vegas Shooter

Going Postal is a phrase that emerged in 1986 after an enraged postal worker went into a workplace rage and killed his boss and several co-workers at the Post Office. It has come to describe the type of unmitigated rage that can develop in what would be described as Walter Mitty types – quiet, dutiful, and passive – when they suddenly explode in violent behavior.  Would this fit Stephen Paddack, who lived a quiet life but suddenly conducted the largest massacre in US history? In fact, Paddack was at one time a mail carrier.

Going Postal
Between 1970 and 1997, more than 40 people were killed by current or former employees in at least 20 incidents of workplace rage. On August 20, 1986, 14 employees were shot and killed and 6 were wounded at the Edmond, Oklahoma, post office by Patrick Sherrill, a postman who then committed suicide with a shot to the forehead. On October 9, 1991 a former United States postal worker, Joseph M. Harris, killed his former supervisor and killed her boyfriend at their home. The following morning Harris shot and killed two mail handlers at the Ridgewood Post Office. On November 14, 1991 in Royal Oak, Michigan, Thomas McIlvane killed five people, including himself, with a rifle in Royal Oak's post office, after being fired from the Postal Service for "insubordination."
The Mystery of Stephen Paddock
October 2, 2017
He seemed to have plenty of money, and had held steady jobs as a mail carrier, accountant, auditor and apartment manager. Paddock listed his occupation as postal carrier. His brother-in-law said he was an accountant; public records describe him as an internal auditor.

What caused Stephen Paddock to Go Postal? This was clearly planned. Paddock had sent his Pilipino girl friend abroad a couple weeks earlier and reportedly sent $100,000 there, in $10,000 chunks. Was he planning to escape and live there under a new identity? He had explosives in his car, which could mask a fake suicide attempt. Though reportedly a multi-millionaire, he was a high-stakes gambler, risking up to $250,000 at a time in online gambling. Had he run up massive gambling debts? His father, presumably a role model for young Stephen, eluded the FBI and even escaped from prison, going on the run. Was it ISIS? Per the Zetas, Paddock worked alone.

Las Vegas shooting: From ISIS to Gambling Debts, Theories abound for Shooter's Motive
October 3, 2017
Paddock was a prolific gambler who was known to play poker games for $1,000 a hand, and was spending up to $30,000 a day on the casino floor in the days leading up to the shooting, according to casino accounts. He was purportedly well known in Las Vegas and was even comped free rooms and given access to special casino facilities thanks to the large sums of money that he spent on the Strip. “It's like a job for him,” his brother, Eric Paddock, said. “It's a job where you make money. He was at the hotel for four months one time. It was like a second home.”
What was Stephen Paddock's Motive?
October 4, 2017
The only unusual detail of Paddock's lifestyle to come to light so far is his high-stakes gambling. According to his brother Eric, Paddock would win up to $250,000 a time gambling online and in casinos. Between his gambling success and properties in Florida, Nevada and California, Paddock is believed to have been a multi-millionaire. However, any regular gambler can quickly see their fortunes change very quickly. Is it possible Paddock racked up huge debts in the months before the shooting?

ZetaTalk Analysis 10/31/2017: Details about the Las Vegas shooter’s life are emerging, showing a man who had the intelligence to accumulate wealth, but spent his retirement gambling. Had he lost it all? That he was becoming increasingly paranoid was apparent in that he had amassed a huge arsenal of guns. This was not a sudden snap, but a steady decline, over months and years. The fact that his girlfriend of many years recently left him is an indication of his decline, his touchy ego, and constant ruminating about his future and safety in general.

Was Stephen Paddock, as a young boy, affected by his father, who was on the run for years while being sought by the FBI for bank robbery? Young boys both fear and admire their fathers, and the impression young Stephen got was that the family had to be on guard. Young minds cannot sort out the reasons for the paranoia, but the lingering sense of urgency and dread lingers. Despite conspiracy theories, this was not ISIS inspired nor some kind of Manchurian Candidate setup by the CIA to do a False Flag operation. He worked alone.

Meanwhile the fallout from the carnage continues, from an examination of the gun laws that allowed Paddock to compile his arsenal to surveillance by the IRS to identify who might be next, losing all to gambling debts. Are open air concerts the problem? Or concerts with a high vantage nearby such as the Mandalay Hotel? Would better scrutiny of what hotel guests bring into their rooms catch these scenarios before they happen? The debate continues.

Las Vegas Shooting
October 4, 2017
At least 59 people were killed and 527 were injured in the shooting that started late Sunday night. Police believe he killed himself, ending the massacre.  Police searched the gunman's home in Mesquite, Nevada, where they found at least 19 firearms, explosives, several thousand rounds of ammunition and some electronic devices. In Paddock's 32nd-floor hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, police recovered 23 weapons, including a handgun, and multiple rifles - some had scopes on them. Authorities also found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a material used to make explosives, in his car. As police uncovered more evidence, they're still piecing together a motive. There was no explanation so far on why Paddock, a 64-year-old retired accountant who had never faced any notable criminal charges, unleashed a hailstorm of bullets into concertgoers. So far, police believe Paddock acted alone.
Nothing Stood Out about Stephen Paddock before Las Vegas Shooting
October 2, 2017
One point of intrigue has emerged from the shooter's background, courtesy of his brother: Their father was a bank robber. According to the FBI, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was on its most-wanted list from June 10, 1969 until May 5, 1977. He escaped from prison in 1969 and lived on the run until 1978, when he was arrested in Oregon, the Eugene Register-Guard reported at the time. Eric Paddock said his father died a few years ago. Eric said he was born while his father was on the run. They were married for four years and nine months.

7 of 10 Volcanoes

As the Earth wobble increases in scope and ferocity, the 7 of 10 Plate Movements follow. Volcanic activity has been noted as well as an uptick in earthquakes. Note how this increased volcanic activity correlates with the 7 of 10 Plate Movements predicted by the Zetas. The Zetas predicted that the tilting of the Indo-Australian Plate would be followed by Indonesia on the Sunda Plate being squeezed under the plate curve formed by Sumatra and Java. Then the Philippine Plate would tilt. Do not the current exploding volcanoes reflect this activity?

The Ring of Fire is Exploding Right Now
October 4, 2017
The Ring of Fire is exploding right now with 32 volcanoes erupting, 33 showing unrest or minor activity, and several strong earthquakes.
Seven Volcanoes in Six Different Countries all Start Erupting within Hours of Each Other
October 4, 2017
In Vanuatu the Yasur volcano is giving some cause for concern. In Indonesia a four mile high ash cloud is making life hard for residents. Mount Sinabung came back to life in 2010 after dormancy of hundreds of years. Occasionally coming to life after its 2010 awakening, the rumbling of the volcano prompted the evacuation of over 6000 people as scientists feared a major eruption. Mount Merapi exploded yesterday. Hundreds of people were killed when it last erupted in 2010.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: The Indo-Australian Plate is being driven under the Himalayans. Bangladesh is sinking and the Coral Sea is rising, showing the overall tipping of the Indo-Australian Plate. Jakarta on the tongue of Indonesia is also sinking rapidly, showing that the tilt that will allow Indonesia to sink has already started.

Next in the 7 of 10 sequence is the S American roll, where the top part of S America tilts to the left, pushing the Caribbean Plate down and into the Pacific. This includes Central America, which is likewise pushed West. The recent Mexico quakes are part of this process. Exploding volcanoes all up and down the Andes show this process, as to the volcanoes in the Caribbean and Central America, and even Popo near Mexico City.

Mexico suffers Volcano Eruption Same Day as Deadly Quake
September 20, 2017
As if the deadly earthquake in Mexico weren’t enough, a volcano erupted amid the violent tremors. Popocatepetl — about 45 miles southeast of quake-ravaged Mexico City and some 30 miles from the temblor’s epicenter — belched ash and gas as the earthquake rocked the country’s central region.
Seven Volcanoes in Six Different Countries all Start Erupting within Hours of Each Other
October 4, 2017
In Mexico, the Colima volcano blew its top after a period of relative calm. A steam and ash cloud rose two miles into the sky and the grumbling of the mountain could be heard in towns a few miles away. In Guatemala the ‘Fire Mountain’ belched out lava and sent up a moderate ash cloud causing an ash fall over nearby towns.
Fernandina Island Volcano Erupts in Galapagos
September 5, 2017
After eight years of relative calm, this volcano began generating a column of water vapor and magmatic gases that were about four kilometers high.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: Meanwhile, S America is showing signs of a roll to the west. The Andes are regularly being pummeled. As the Indo-Australia Plate lifts and slides, this allows the Pacific plates to shift west, which allows S America to shift west also. This is greatly increased by the folding of the Mariana Trench and the Philippine Plate.

Next in the sequence of 7 of 10 events is the African Plate roll, which is already in process. To hide this fact, that both S America and Africa are rolling, all buoys in the South Atlantic are silenced, deactivated. S America rolls to the left, to the West, while Africa rolls to the right, to the East, thus pulling the Atlantic apart. The Mediterranean is also pulling apart. The African Rift Valley, alive with volcanoes, is certainly pulling apart. Again, the current volcanic activity reflects the 7 of 10 predicted Plate Movements.

Seven Volcanoes in Six Different Countries all Start Erupting within Hours of Each Other
October 4, 2017
Mount Etna is putting on quite a display. The current eruption started a few days ago and has been getting stronger as time moves on. A massive eruption lit up the sky and disturbed residents yesterday. The ash cloud was high enough to see flights canceled. The lava flow was the biggest in years.