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Issue 545, Sunday March 12, 2017
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Prong Wars

As the announcement about Nibiru approaches its crux – the revelation that an exoplanet is indeed in the inner Solar System and currently passing the Sun – the cover-up battles have intensified. The cover-up has always encouraged the public to look outward into dark space, away from the Sun. Thus they recently provided access to the WISE images, which does just that. WISE never includes the region within Earth’s orbit, which is where Nibiru rides since its arrival in 2003. Per the Zetas, NASA is not trying to help during the “discovery” of Nibiru, but is rather trying to deflect.

NASA-Funded Website lets Public search for new Nearby Worlds
February 15, 2017
NASA is inviting the public to help search for possible undiscovered worlds in the outer reaches of our solar system and in neighboring interstellar space. A new website, called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, lets everyone participate in the search by viewing brief movies made from images captured by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. The movies highlight objects that have gradually moved across the sky. By using Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, the public can help us discover more of these strange rogue worlds.
Help scan the Realm beyond Neptune for Brown Dwarfs and Planet Nine
Is there a large planet at the fringes of our solar system awaiting discovery, a world astronomers call Planet Nine? We’re looking for this planet and for new brown dwarfs in the backyard of the solar system using data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. But we need your help! Finding these dim objects requires combing through the images by eye to distinguish moving celestial bodies from ghosts and other artifacts. There are too many images for us to search though by ourselves. So come join the search, and you might find a rogue world that's nearer to the Sun than Proxima Centauri - or even the elusive Planet Nine.
Wide-field Infra-Red Survey Explorer
Solar panels will provide WISE with the electricity it needs to operate, and will always point toward the Sun. Orbiting several hundred miles above the dividing line between night and day on Earth, the telescope will look out at right angles to the Sun and will always point away from Earth. As WISE orbits from the North pole to the equator to the South pole and then back up to the North pole, the telescope will sweep out a circle in the sky. As the Earth moves around the Sun, this circle will move around the sky, and after six months WISE will have observed the whole sky.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/18/2017: At first blush this offer seems to be asking amateurs to help them locate Nibiru, as we have in ZetaTalk  mentioned the possibility that the actual official announcement route might be by elevating amateur discoveries to review and discussion by Prong 3 astronomers. But this maneuver by NASA has the opposite intent. Owned or bribed by the wealthy elite who still want the cover-up to continue, those at the helm in NASA are intent on discrediting the Prong 3 efforts and confusing the general public.

Nibiru will be discovered, as we have stated, within the Dark Energy Survey images which have imaged the inner Solar System from the Chili observatory since 2013 and include recent infra-red images from the SouthEast to the NorthEast along the Ecliptic. This scan is within the Earth’s orbit, where the Nibiru complex has resided since 2004. The WISE images, on the other hand, all point outward from the Earth into the night sky, never imaging the region, thus, within the Earth’s orbit. This maneuver by NASA is intended to create clutter, to drown out the Dark Energy Survey discoveries.

The Dark Energy Survey, on the other hand, does image the region where Nibiru rides, along and just southeast of the Earth’s Ecliptic. It also has in its image databases the region Nibiru passed through as it entered the Solar System in 2003. The Prong team knows exactly what to “discover” when the time is right.

Dark Energy Survey
The gun-barrel shaped region of the survey (blue and red) that lies along the celestial equator is another sky area that has been observed by other telescopes, both in optical light and at other wavelengths. That region of sky, which passes directly overhead of someone standing on the earth’s equator, is visible from both the northern and southern hemisphere, while the more southerly portion of the footprint is only visible from the southern hemisphere.

Then, just ahead of Nancy’s anticipated appearance on the American Heroes Channel on February 26, NASA again tried a diversionary tactic. The Prong Wars were palpable. First, by pointing to a cool brown dwarf in the Trappist system, NASA was pointing to everything but Nibiru, once again. Their statement implied was that if Nibiru were here, nearby, NASA would have noticed and presented this to the public. Were they planning to once again deny that Nibiru exists? Oddly, their hour-long presentation was cut short, ending after only 40 minutes. The Zetas explain.

NASA to Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond our Solar System
February 20, 2017
NASA will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 22, to present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets. The event will air live on NASA Television and the agency's website.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/4/2017: NASA rather abruptly ended the anticipated hour long presentation a full 20 minutes early. They had hardly run out of questions, though the moderator kept saying “keep them coming” as though there were few questions. Their planned presentation material had already been covered, but these detail oriented scientists could have talked for hours to fill the time. Were they deliberately closed down and told to stop?

The moderator was told to close down due to “our time is up”, as their plans were to address exoplanets close into the Solar System. This was to appear as though coming from a questioner. Denial of any possible life brearing planets or brown dwarfs/dead suns would have been the response. Since the moderator could not signal the panel without being obvious, she just shut the presentation down! Who ordered them to stop? Members of the Trump administration.

This seemed to be less a pro-Nibiru announcement than a pro-extraterrestrial life announcement, a fact publicized by Google. However, Trappist was described as being an “ultra-cool dwarf” which fits the description of Nibiru itself, which is a cross between a planet and an unlit star - 4 times the diameter of Earth and 23 times as massive, per the Zetas, creating its own heat and light as a “smoldering brown dwarf”.  Nevertheless, NASA was once again was denying Nibiru and pointing the public out into dark space, rather than looking at Nibiru next to the Sun.

American Heroes

Nancy and the ZetaTalk material were on the American Heroes Channel as part of the How the World Ends series. This portion of the series was titled Planet X and premiered on February 26, 2017. It is available to be streamed from their website. The show openly acknowledges that Nancy is the founder of the PlanetX/Nibiru theory, relating the two objects as one and the same. The trailer, on their FaceBook page, leads with that assertion.

Leading up to this Nancy Lieder’s name appears in the main stream media. Pending progress by the Prongs, with increased attention to the ZetaTalk message, is almost palpable.

Will the Mysterious Shadow planet Nibiru Obliterate Earth in October? No.
January 5, 2017
The concept mutated toward doomsday in 1995, when a self-avowed alien contactee and psychic Nancy Lieder warned about a collision with Nibiru on her site ZetaTalk. As outlandish as the prospect might seem, the concept took hold. In the estimation of NASA astrophysicist David Morrison, there are some 2 million websites devoted to what happens when Nibiru meets Earth.
Should You Be Worried about the 'Death Asteroid' Headed Towards Earth?
January 27, 2017
There’s really only one person saying WF9 is the Sweet Meteor of Death some people were rooting for in the 2016 election: Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, a Russian astronomer who claims that the asteroid is actually a piece of Nibiru. What, you might ask, is Nibiru? Why, it’s a planet we were told about by Nancy Lieder, a woman who claims to be in telepathic contact with aliens from Zeta Reticuli. This would be a good point to bring up that the “Nibiru cataclysm” was supposed to have happened in 2003.
But really, are you surprised? People predict asteroids are about to wipe us all out constantly. It was supposed to happen in 2016. And 2015. And 2014.

Personal EMP

Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) has been in the news lately for bringing down big airplanes with a total loss of electronic control and hurtling electric trains off their tracks when they speed up during a pulse. Air France 447 in 2009 was the first such airliner crash of note, and Hoboken in 2016 the most recent train surge. Increasingly there have been unexplained fires or electrical faults, in parked cars or electronically controlled cars or cell phones. All electronics can be affected. Yet we are moving forward with an increased use of robots and drones and driverless cars. Disaster awaits.

Two years ago, in a Target parking lot, I experienced an unintended acceleration in my car. When I went to back out of my space, something crazy happened and my car started vibrating and the wheels started spinning. I held my foot on the brake as long as I could, screaming the entire time because it was surreal. When I let my foot off the brake, the car took off speeding forward at a highly accelerated rate and my car went airborne. I ended up smashing down the “exit” lane of Target and then pushing forward into a guardrail. It was later revealed that Toyota admitted to a “glitch” in the software of their Toyota Camrys. There are thousands of cases of this happening not only with Toyota but Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler, early Subaru’s and other manufacturers. Could Toyota’s “basically hidden” electronic throttle control issue be not only a “glitch” in their software, but one affected by EMPs? The accident that was captured on the “Target” parking lot cameras.
Disneyland Parking Garage Fire Damages 9 Cars
February 14, 2017
Multiple cars caught fire at the main parking garage for Disneyland guests. The investigation into the cause of the fire was underway, officials stated. Foul play was not suspected as a factor. It's just an accidental fire that started with one vehicle then quickly communicated to other vehicles.
Samsung Suspends Sales of Galaxy Note 7 after Smartphones Catch Fire
September 2, 2016
Korean manufacturer confirms 35 cases of newly launched devices exploding while being charged and offers exchanges but stops short of full recall. “We have received several reports of battery explosions on the Note 7, and it has been confirmed that it was a battery cell problem. There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process so it was very difficult to find out.

Where manufacturers stop short of a total recall while replacing an ailing part, the cause is often unknown. Complex electronics have a zillion parts that can go amuck, burn out, fail, or not respond as programmed. Is there any sign that Personal EMP might be on the increase? I, Nancy, have a personal story to tell in that regard. I live in the Wisconsin stretch zone, where Wisconsin is being pulled apart as the Seaway is ripped apart. One can see this on a map of Wisconsin, with the yaw to the west of the Green Bay Peninsula moving down through a series of lakes toward Madison. This was also the direction of the Wisconsin booms in 2012.

What happened to myself, 5 miles west of Baraboo and to a friend in Baraboo on or about February 10, 2017 was surreal. Is this a portent of things to come? Both the electrician and plumber agreed that my basement experience looked like EMP. But there could be no other explanation for my friend in Baraboo. The moral of the story? If you live in the stretch zone, anticipate personal EMP!

North Freedom: We had a couple new electric space heaters plugged in upstairs, and they apparently blew a circuit. This happened repeatedly while we were trying to figure out just which circuit or device was the issue. None of that is supposed to create an EMP, nor are space heaters supposed to blow a circuit in a newly rewired house. So all the lights go out in the basement.  All 5, simultaneously, on two different circuits there. All 5 light bulbs needed to be replaced. Then the hot water disappeared. The plumber confirmed that the reset switch on the hot water heater had been thrown but the filament was fried anyway. Yes, the water table is only 5 feet below the floor here, and EMP acts like lightning, seeking water and electronics are a great route for this. But it should not have happened!
Baraboo: My electric lights began to flicker. And then my smoke alarm, which has been dead for nine years, suddenly came alive and began chirping wildly. Simultaneously the TV in my spare bedroom turned itself on, and the batteries in my never-used flashlight failed.My heater controller failed within days, as did the battery on my IPad!

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/26/2008: Looking at a map of Wisconsin, one sees that Green Bay is at the point where the peninsula is pulling away from the mainland of Wisconsin. In other words, at the rip point. Looking further inland along the line of rip, we see Lake Winnebago, a large body of water which formed over an area that had sunk in the past. When we described the St. Lawrence Seaway ripping open during the pole shift, and the ripping process which has already begun since the wobble and tugging at the surface of the Earth occur daily, we described not just the seaway but a Mississippi River bridge failing at Minneapolis and the much earlier rumpling of the Black Hills in S Dakota. Of course the ripping open of the seaway is going to affect Wisconsin as it is in the heavy traffic lane!

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/7/2012: It is no surprise that a crevasse on the Michigan peninsula has been joined by booming in towns to the south as rock snaps in a diagonal line toward Mexico. On March 18 Clintonville began booming. On March 20 Chiapas at the tip of Mexico adjusted. On March 20 the Clintonville booms moved down diagonally to Montello. On March 28 the Baja beach disappeared. And on April 1 the Clintonville booms moved along diagonally to Baraboo. Most definitely related!

Then there is the case of the dueling cell phones in Maine. This situation happened a year ago and again about 6 week ago. Cell phones, one or both, plugged in and being recharged, so a surge is a definite possibility. One with an energized “send” function and another with an energized “receive” function, perhaps.The Zetas explain.

Maine: A year ago my phone started ringing and it was my wife’s phone calling. But her phone was plugged in, recharging, next to mind on the table, and she was upstairs, asleep. Now again about 6 weeks ago this happened again. This time both our phones were plugged in, being recharged. This time my phone called her phone, and recorded on her answering machine. We could hear the news on the TV playing in the background, so it was a definite connection between the two phones.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/11/2017: If EMP can cause a surge in an electric train, or fry the electronics on a fly-by-wire airplane, then it can surely play havoc with personal electronics such as cars and cell phones and home appliances. Cell phones plugged in to be charged are subject to a surge through the electric power grid, and with a “send” function activated would likely try to call the last phone number called. EMP is known to be both surge and brownout, so having lights flicker and then burn out would occur. Filaments such as found in light bulbs or electric heaters would be particularly sensitive to be fried.

It should not be surprising that car, van, and bus engines burst into flame, as fuel for a fire is right at hand in the gas tank and oil tank. Car moving parts are greased well, too. An EMP affecting the battery would spark in all directions, and once roaring, the fire would cause an explosion. The public can expect such incidents to occur, intermittently, due to the charged tail of Nibiru interacting with the electric screech in rock layers in both compression and stretch regions. Obviously, one should avoid touching any electronics affected, during an EMP, avoid air and train travel if possible, and if in a car or bus seemingly affected by EMP, leave the vehicle before it explodes.

The UK and most of Europe is also in the stretch zone, as is the swath of land through southern Russia to Tibet. Germanwings going into the Alps in 2015 was EMP related, and radar blackouts along the Danube. Manchester, in the center of the UK, recently had a couple separate instances of a bus and a van bursting into flames, for no reason. Both occurred on March 1, basically simultaneously. Manchester is in the stretch zone identified by the Zetas as a spot where England is pulling apart, into two pieces. Once more, EMP in the stretch zone strikes!

Huge Fire as Bus goes up in Flames in middle of Manchester Street
March 1, 2017
The back of the double decker bus caught fire in Cheadle Hulme during rush hour. One witness told Manchester Evening News: "I couldn’t believe it. The whole of the back of the bus where the engine is just went up in flames.”
Van Explosion under Manchester Airport's Runway causes Terror and Travel Chaos as Planes are Diverted
March 1, 2017
A van caught fire in a huge explosion inside a tunnel underneath a runway at Manchester Airport. The tunnel on the A538 was closed along with the runway as fire crews battled the blaze last night after eyewitnesses reported hearing a loud bang.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/16/2013: During each Pole Shift, each passage with consequent crustal shift, the UK experiences sinking on its western side. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and even England will experience drastic sinking during this pending passage. That this has happened in the past can be seen by looking under the waves, and seeing ocean bottom that has recently been land, below. England will not only be pulled down, on its western side, it is also obviously being torn in two at the River Humber. The establishment will come up with an excuse, as they always do, for the Earth changes in process, no matter how absurd their excuses become. The Eurasian Plate is being pulled apart, while the Atlantic is spreading apart. Rock layers get torn apart in this process, so the loose ground shifts as the base upon which it lies gives way. This process will continue and accelerate.