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Issue 369, Sunday October 27, 2013
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Bigfoot Hybrids

Last covered in this newsletter in Issue 325, when DNA evidence proved that Bigfoot was a version of early man.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/1/2012: We stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that Bigfoot was a version of early man, and the DNA shows this to be precisely correct.

Sightings are on the increase. Video footage taken during a camping trip near San Antonio, TX and a thoroughly analyzed video of a 1994 Washington State sighting have peaked interest. These are not men in suits. The walk has a rise and fall, unlike man who merely strides. The trapezius shoulder muscles can be seen moving under the skin just behind the head.

Per ZetaTalk, Bigfoot is very much our peer, in spiritual development and quality of the soul. They have merely requested a type of spiritual sabbatical, incarnations into a more primitive life form.

ZetaTalk Insights 7/15/1995: These entities have been placed into a primitive condition at their request, so that they can return to a basic understanding of how to get along with each other, with nature, and ponder the wondrous workings of nature. Their quarantine is not an exile. It is a search for peace. Has Bigfoot something to do with early mankind, perhaps an early model of man? The answer is, not surprisingly, yes! Bigfoot is indeed an interim model of one of the six races of man. How does it happen that only this race retained an intermediate model? How did the others not retain this. During the evolution of man, during periodic genetic engineering efforts, the entire race would be affected. All within a given race were in breeding proximity of each other, and the genetic alterations spread out accordingly. Bigfoot was separated, removed from the others, and moved into remote areas.

Why have sightings been on the increase, and if Bigfoot was to be protected from mankind’s cruelty, why is such strong evidence of Bigfoot’s existence now being allowed to fall into man’s hands? Per the Zetas, due to the Pole Shift forcing survivors into the wilderness, we will be encountering them more frequently in the future.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/5/2013: In that mankind will be chased into the wilderness in great numbers during the Pole Shift and Aftertime, the Council of Worlds has decided to allow mankind to be educated about Bigfoot. Thus, the increased sightings.  Bigfoot can and has mated with man, producing offspring. This has been documented among the American Indians of the West Coast USA, where the offspring reportedly died young, and in Russia near the Caucasus mountains where they survived. This is possible because Bigfoot is merely a living version of early man, with similar DNA. Will survivors of the Pole Shift live alongside Bigfoot? They will encounter each other, and as long as respect is shown to Bigfoot, who is not inherently a violent or malicious entity, will have a peaceful coexistence. They may even visit and befriend each other.

Indeed there is evidence of Bigfoot and man having produced hybrids. One female Bigfoot, Zana, is of record in the Caucasus mountains in Russia, though in keeping with the quarantine, her grave cannot be located. One of her sons, Kwitt, is well of record, however. The jutting lower jaw and squat head can clearly be seen in his skull and there are stories of his exceptional strength.

The Story of Zana
Her skin was black, or dark gray, and her whole body covered with reddish-black hair. She could not speak. She was very tall, massive and broad, with huge breasts and buttocks, muscular arms and legs, and fingers that were longer and thicker than human fingers. She became the mother of human children. Two sons and two daughters, grew up a fully-fledged and normal men and women who could talk and possessed reason. He was extremely strong, difficult to deal with, and quick to pick a fight.

Is there other evidence of Bigfoot hybrids? They are of record among the American Indians. The story of one such hybrid, Patrick, is well documented by those who knew him. He died at age 30. And in China, another who died at 33 years of age. Bigfoot DNA may be within the human genome, even without such solid documentation. Some theories are that Bigfoot is a leftover from the ape form Gigantopithecus, whose bones can be found in Asia.

Bigfootology's "Known Hybrid-Offspring of Human and Bigfoot"
During her stay with Skanicum the woman became pregnant and bore a son named Patrick, who grew up on the reservation. Patrick's body structure was very different from that of other Indians as his arms were very long, reaching about to his knees. He was very short, about 5'4" tall (his mother was described as "tiny"), possessed a sloping forehead, very large lower jaw, a very large wide mouth with straight upper and lower lips, and straight protruding teeth. He was kind of stooped, or hump-backed. His ears were elongated upwards (peaked) and bent outward at the top. He had very large hands and long fingers, is described as very ugly although extremely intelligent. He attended school on the reservation, was "very smart", operated a ranch in the area, died at about the age of 30, and is buried on the reservation. Patrick is described as a "gentle" man, never beat or mistreated his wife. He married easily as he had a good ranch and was considered "affluent". From this marriage was born three daughters and two sons. Both sons died at an early age.
Human Bigfoot Hybrid from China
April 28, 2011
The boy’s mother said that she was kidnapped by a Yeren, the Chinese wildman or Bigfoot which probably does exist in China, and raped repeatedly, then abandoned. She went back to her village and gave birth to this son nine months later. He never learned to speak any language, but he did obtain passive language competence, that is, he could understand what was said to him. He died at age 33. His arms seem to be extremely long. His head sits right on top of his shoulders, and he seems to have no neck. His shoulders are very wide. When he sits, he just plops his ass right down.

These Bigfoot hybrids are not humans afflicted with Acromegaly Gigantism, a pituitary gland disfunction. Gigantism produces tall humans, but not humans with the characteristic long arms, sloping low forehead, and jutting jaw. Microcephaly also does not apply, as apart from the pointed head, no other features follow.

Comet ISON Hype

As with comet Hale-Bopp in 1995 and comet Elenin in 2010, comet ISON is being used by those hoping to distract and disinform the public about the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru. The Zetas warned during the arrival of Hale-Bopp that if the public was so gullible as to think this little dirty snowball was the object of End Times prophecies, then they would have more such fraudulent claims. And they have! Hale-Bopp was a real comet but before it was visible to amateurs it was a fraud, a line tracked from a convenient nova through star clusters to meet up with the real Hale-Bopp comet. The Hale-Bopp fraud pointed the public toward Sagitarius - opposite from Orion. The goal was to have the public look away from Orion, where ZetaTalk was insistently pointing. Planet X did indeed arrive in 2003, visible from observatories in 2001, via infrared in 2002, and naked eye in 2003. Meanwhile, the public proved to be gullible.

ZetaTalk Warning 8/16/1995: Don't look to Sagittarius, look to the left of Betelgeuse in late 2001, and keep looking! It is not what was advertised and pointed to in 1995. It is not what folks were advised to track through Sagittarius in late 1995. It is not what folks were struggling to see in early 1996, nor the brief alignment of a comet in June-July of 1996. It is not the many Star Clusters that the Hale-Bopp orbit was aligned with during its twists and turns that broke all the rules of Orbital Elements and have never been explained by JPL. And it will prove not to be what has been billed for Hale-Bopp at perihelion.

True to the Zeta warning, comet Elenin, which was newly discovered in 2010, was booked as the new End Time comet. It disintegrated, with a bit of benign alien assistance, ending the fraud prematurely.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/13/2011: Elenin was huge, bigger than Jupiter. Elenin was under intelligent control. Elenin was being followed close behind by Nibiru. Elenin would cause a pole shift, and was surely responsible for all the Earth changes that seemed to be on the rise, lately. This was a well funded campaign, with notaries such as Hoagland on board, flooding the Internet. The cover-up over the truth about Planet X and the pending passage was thrilled. All the Earth changes up until the passage by Earth and for months after could be blamed on Elenin!

Now we have ISON, which the established astronomical community is treating correctly as just another comet, though it is being hyped as potentially the comet of the century. As with Elenin, it appears to be dying before its time, however.

Comet ISON Will Be Visible During The Day
September 26, 2012
A newly discovered comet has the potential to put on a dazzling celestial display late next year, when it will be so bright you may be able to see it briefly in the daytime sky.
Comet of the Century?
March 25, 2013
Comet ISON — officially designated "C/2012 S1 (ISON) — has the potential to be the most spectacular comet of the century. But it could also prove to be a dud. A critical moment will be perihelion passage, when the comet comes closest to the sun. On Nov. 28, 2013, the head of the comet passes 800,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) above the sun's surface. This is closer to the sun's surface than the sun's own diameter.
Comet ISON may be Dying
October 6, 2013
The so-called light-curve of the comet shows features previously observed in disintegrating comets.

Once again we are hearing the hype, that the comet is being followed by a UFO or is intelligently controlled. This was claimed for Hale-Bopp and Elenin too. Once again the hype is that a little dirty snowball has been and will cause the Earth changes that are becoming so very obvious – earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and a disrupted magnetosphere. Once again we see Hoagland and DiNardo as disinformation agents. Among other claims, ISON is being claimed as the reason for FEMA preparations during hurricane season, for the GOP inspired government shutdown during the budget battles in DC, and even for the 100 year anniversary of the Federal Reserve.  The cover-up over the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru is still trying to mislead you.

Is Comet ISON a UFO? Hubble's Scientists do a Reality Check
September 6, 2013
It's not at all certain that Comet ISON will turn out to be the "comet of the century," as hoped, but a couple of things are certain: It's not an alien spaceship, and it hasn't split up into three pieces.
ISON & The Federal Reserve Bank Charter
October 5, 2013
According to models, Ison is set to pass in front of the earth on December 23, 2013. Exactly 100 years after the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Why would they only need it for 100 years?
Govt Underground Fleeing Comet ISON? 7 Clues
October 3, 2013
The following email was just sent to Beforeitsnews by one of our readers and Beforeitsnews friend John DiNardo . The Government Ruling Elite are Fleeing into their Underground Cities to Escape the Perils of the Approaching Comet ISON.

Sunda Plate Flooding

The Sunda Plate appears to be renewing its sinking. The Pole Shift ning reports from Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam and Singapore report flooding and compare the current flooding to that experienced in 2011. This is significant as the end of 2010 was when, per the Zetas, the sinking of the Sunda Plate began and indeed, this was measurable via the MODIS satellite images by March, 2012. Note that during the recent 2013 flooding, the area affected is not in the path of the storm being blamed for excessive rainfall.

This region was predicted by the Zetas to experience an estimated 40 foot elevation drop. Cambodia, Bangkok in Thailand, and the tip of Viet Nam appear to be at that level now. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: If the loss of 40 feet in elevation is not devastating to the Philippines, it is to the coastline of southern Burma, Tailand, and Cambodia, which have vast areas that will suddenly and permanently be flooded.

02 Oct 2013: SE Asia – Floods and Severe Weather
October 2, 2013
National News Bureau of Thailand reports: 25 provinces are still being affected by floods. Heavy rains since the third week of Sep, caused floods and flash floods in at least 10 provinces in northern and central Cambodia (along Mekong River). In total: ca. 374 000 people affected and 30 people died.
Floods Inundate a Quarter of Thailand's Provinces
September 23, 2013
More than 600,000 Thais have been affected by flooding since July and more than a quarter of Thailand's provinces have been inundated, prompting officials to issue landslide warnings and begin evacuation measures. Devastating floods in 2011 killed more than 800 people and caused massive disruption to industry, cutting economic growth that year to just 0.1 percent.
Cambodia: Flood death toll in Cambodia rises to 20
September 26, 2013
Floods have killed at least 20 Cambodian people, including 11 children in the last two weeks, a disaster control official said Thursday. Nearly 5,000 families have been evacuated to higher grounds, while over 20,000 houses have been inundated. Seven provinces being hit by floods are Stung Treng, Kratie, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom, Banteay Meanchey, Oddar Meanchey, and Preah Vihear. In 2011, the country was hit the worst from floods, killing up to 250 people, according to the NCDM.
Flood Alert (Updated)
September 24, 2013
All of a sudden this year's flood season seems much more serious as waters rise near the industrial estates devastated by the 2011 floods.

Moving south along the Malay Penninsula, the Manjung province likewise reports excessive flooding citing “high tides”, the usual excuse for inundations from the sea.

Floods in Manjung Worsen, 1,000 Evacuated
October 22, 2013
Besides heavy rain, the high-tide phenomenon has also contributed to the flood situation.

Nearby Singapore sinking has not yet completed its sinking. At the cust of the 60-80 foot drop, it appears to be situated at a 40-60 foot drop, close to what the Zetas predicted. The ferocity of the recent 2013 floods indicate sinking may again be in process.  Wikipedia found it necessary to maintain an article about flooding in Singapore from 2010-2013. The end of 2010 was when the Sunda Plate began to sink, per the Zeta prediction.

2010–13 Singapore Floods
The 2010–2013 Singapore floods refers to the series of flash floods that hit various parts of the city state Singapore since 2010. The floods came about due to the higher-than-average rainfall that aggregated over a short period of time.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: Singapore will be awash, its streets hopelessly inundated.

Singapore once again is showing flooded shops and intersections and roadways. With the government promising to get more accurate topographic maps so they can improve drainage, and to strengthen the sea walls holding back the sea. Is there something they are not telling their citizens?

Flash Floods in Several Areas Around S'pore after Heavy Rain
September 5, 2013
National water agency PUB said on its Facebook page that flash floods occurred in several areas. It added that most of the floods have since subsided.
Flash Floods Hit Singapore Again
September 5, 2013
Singapore was affected by flash floods on 5 September due to unusually heavy torrential rains. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) issued warnings of "heavy flood risk" in many areas in Singapore on its Facebook page. According to feedback from the PUB and online users, the affected areas seem to be in the central parts of Singapore.