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Issue 44, Sunday October 7, 2007
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Quickening Quakes

Earthquakes have picked up, in both magnitude and frequency. And they are striking the globe everywhere, all at once, as this recent IRIS chart shows. On a single day, there were quakes greater than magnitude 4 in Auckland, New Zealand, Sumatra, the Bismarck Sea, and the Tonga and Loyalty Islands. And to the north there were quakes greater than magnitude 4 in the Kuril, Mariana, and Volcano Islands. In the Americas, quakes greater than magnitude 4 occurred in Quebec, Mexico, Central America, and the Bay of Campeche. Where quakes of magnitude 4 or greater are not that unusual, it is their appearance across the globe on the same day that is unusual. The increase in magnitude has pushed these quakes onto the charts, where before they were too small to be noticed.

This was predicted by the Zetas, who predicted an exponential increase in quakes after years of what they termed a lineal increase.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/15/2001: Earthquake and volcano activity will steadily increase, on a somewhat linear scale.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/28/2006: The Earth changes have been lineal, in the years leading into the pole shift, but when Planet X draws close they become exponential.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2006: Where such activity was more lineal in years past, it will become exponential at some point, and this turning point has already arrived.

Has an increase in quakes moved beyond the lineal increase the Zetas predicted in the early days of ZetaTalk? They have indeed. Checking the data at the Advanced National Seismic System, comparing apples to apples for the months of August-September during the years 2004 though 2007, we find a greater than lineal increase in 2007. This was for quakes in the 4.9 to 5.9 magnitude range, essentially magnitude 5-6. The USGS has a reputation for reducing magnitude or simply dropping quakes, a practice they instituted in 2003.

Question: The Zeta have repeatedly stated that EQ's would increase during the days going into the pole shift; should we all take the incredible Indonesian swarm as a serious harbinger?

ZetaTalk Response 9/15/2007: This is just the start. We stated in 1995 that the quake increase would at first be lineal, then change to be exponential. We stated some months ago that the point at which exponential increases would start had arrived. We have made the statement that by the time the last weeks arrive, that emergency management teams in the US would be so overwhelmed that they would turn a deaf ear on cries of "terrorism" from the White House. Bush could still muster a team to check for radiation in New York City recently, during a recent false scare to incite panic in New York City, so that point has not yet arrived.

Question: Will things just cook along as they have been with a linear increase in Planet X precursors and public awareness, or will we have a very brief period where everything seems to go to hell almost simultaneously?

ZetaTalk Response 9/29/2007: We have mentioned that earthquakes will not be at a lineal increase, as they have been for years, but move along at an exponential pace, and some months back indicates this exponential increase had already begun. You will not find this in the quake databases, as their keepers are being told to lie. But when quakes are bringing down cities considered safe and away from fault lines, then such lies will no longer be believed.

Red Sea Volcano

A volcano in the Red Sea exploded, notable for its suddenness.

Volcanic Eruption Reported Off of Yemen
October 1, 2007
A volcano has erupted on a tiny island off the coast of Yemen, spewing lava and ash hundreds of feet into the air, a Canadian naval vessel near the island in the Red Sea reported. The Yemeni news agency SABA confirmed the eruption and said a military garrison on the island is being evacuated. Large cargo ships pass nearby. Ken Allan, a Navy spokesman, said a NATO fleet just outside the territorial waters of the island reported seeing a catastrophic volcanic eruption at 7 pm local time. The two-mile-long island is about 70 miles off the coast of Yemen. The NATO fleet was sailing toward the Suez Canal when it spotted the eruption. The government of Yemen asked NATO to assist in the search for survivors and the closet ship, the HMCS Toronto, is heading toward the island.

The Red Sea is in a stretch zone, where the Arabian Plate is pulling away from the African Plate.

The Zetas have predicted that the Red Sea will widen greatly during the forthcoming pole shift, and that volcanoes in the African Rift and the Red Sea can be expected to explode.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/5/2003: Stretching also results in volcanoes oozing more lava, or if the skin of the Earth thins, an explosion. This could occur in all those areas we have listed as expected to rip greatly: Red Sea, African Rift, etc.

Arabia Safe Location 2001: Our advice to Saudi residents wanting to survive is to move into Africa, before the shift else they will have a long boat trip across the gulf that will open as Saudi land separates further from Africa.

The Zetas have stated that the plates are on the move, loosened up so they can slide past each other, and pull apart more readily. As with quickening quakes, this plate movement is becoming evident.

ZetaTalk Statement 8/4/2007: There is a fluidity to plate movement now, which was absent in the past. We have warned of this time, when earth movements would become more extreme and fault lines slide further, with devastation to mankind's structures. When the Pacific Ocean adjusts, compressing, this allows the Atlantic Ocean to widen some hours or days later. Since the edges of fault lines are now smoothed, as the rock fingers have broken off during the jerking around the Earth has undergone in the past couple of years during the wobble, there is little to stop the plates from adjusting to new positions almost immediately. Catastrophes will happen in many parts of the globe, almost simultaneously.

Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy hit the news lately because Dick Cheney made a point of addressing the group in Utah, spending little time to do anything else in that state during his visit.

Cheney to Address Secret Group
September 26, 2007
Cheney will address the fall meeting of the Council for National Policy, a group whose self-described mission is to promote "a free-enterprise system, a strong national defense and support for traditional Western values." The organization - made up of few hundred powerful conservative activists - holds confidential meetings and members are advised not to use the name of the group in communications, according to a New York Times profile of the group.

Just how secret is this group? A list of the members is not available. Such notables as Justice Clarence Thomas and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales were recently scheduled to speak.

Inside the Council for National Policy
May 2, 2007
When Steve Baldwin, the executive director boasts that "we control everything in the world," he is only half-kidding. Half-kidding, because the council doesn't really control the world. But also half-serious because the council has deservedly attained the reputation for conceiving and promoting the ideas of many who in fact do want to control everything in the world. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the headliner. White House counsel Alberto Gonzales will speak.

What is going on within this organization, and just why would all the members insist on secrecy? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/6/2007: When the public hears about the cover-up over the approach and imminent passage of Planet X, or the alien presence, or the establishment of a New World Order controlled by a cabal, they are always curious how such grand plans can be coordinated. Is this via highly secure chat rooms? Face-to-face meetings with no record of the conversation? Secret codes such that seemingly innocuous conversations carry great meaning? Certainly highly charged issues are given code words, so they can be discussed while passing in the halls or via phone conversations. As much as possible, discussions not written down, as then code breakers might get their hands on the written material and have a field day. How are such matters as the theft of the White House in 2000 and 2004, via voter fraud, arranged? Diebold, with a paperless trail, was developed long before, and states were forced to implement this electronic voting by statute, under the gist of helping the disabled vote.

This takes a lot of coordination. However, it only take a few key people to ensure the necessary steps are in place. The Diebold CEO, who approved the product as paperless. Key programmers who inserted the secret code that would allow remote control of the final tabulations. And state officials in key states such as Ohio and Florida who could be counted on to commit crimes without a qualm. Do these folks ever get weary of meeting each other singly, passing along information from one to the other? Absolutely, so they meet for dinner or golf where a group can be present. But most of all, they long for a grand meeting where all the members can attend, as a reassurance that they are indeed part of a large effort, and not alone. Such meetings carry great risk, due to the curiosity of the public. But if you want to know the players, then research this group! And if you want to know how the group is faring, watch the fortunes of the known membership. Clarence Thomas was recently on TV complaining bitterly about the course his life has taken. Alberto Gonzales was recently forced to resign as Attorney General. And Dick Cheney is the subject of impeachment bills.

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