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Issue 19, Sunday Apr 15, 2007
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Tidal Lurch

The Zetas predicted years ago that high tides, unrelated to earthquakes as in a tsunami tide, would occur. These high tides were to accompany the anticipated Earth wobble, present since early 2004, and the Earth lurch, which has only recently developed.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/12/2000: We also predict, as we did last year, that there will be high tides. Not tsunamis, following earthquakes, but unusual high tides. We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans.

Such high tides or waves having no explanation, or aberant currents, are on the increase.

Rogue wave hits Acapulco
Apr 11, 2007
Six people were rescued Monday after being swept out into Acapulco Bay when an unusually large wave washed over part of the resort city's coastal road. The seawater reaching the wheel wells of cars on the hotel-lined boulevard, dozens of yards inland from the normal high-tide mark. The wave occurred on a sunny, hot day with no storm in sight, and its source was not clear.

A change in ocean currents are another sign of the Earth lurch recently developed. Evidence of this appearing in the news once again, with no explanation for the occurrence.

Billion-Dollar U.S. Sub Disappears Overnight for Several Hours
Mar 14, 2007
The Navy mobilized a search-and-rescue operation Tuesday night after it believed one of its submarines, the USS San Juan, had gone missing off the coast of Florida with 140 crew members aboard. The concern was so high that Defense Secretary Robert Gates was notified of the situation overnight, as was White House national security adviser Stephen Hadley, who was preparing to brief President Bush with the news when communications were re-established with the missing submarine. The Navy had also begun notifying the families of the 140 crew members that the submarine was missing. The incident is under investigation with the focus being on why the ship missed a pre-established communications period with surface ships. No mechanical problems were found aboard the submarine and officials were looking at why the submarine had missed its communication period.

If meteorologists and the Navy have no explanation, the Zetas, as usual, can explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/17/2007: What was the cause of this submarine's inability to communicate with the surface? Submarines, when under water, must use low frequency communications, which include vibrating the water around them in order to send their messages in a coherent manner. The message, in short, rides on the waves, which are always present in an area and predictably moving in one direction or another. If the message is moving in the opposite direction of the wave, it likewise encounters predictable motion in the waves, regular and steady. Wave action is taken into consideration by the communication software, so these slow undulations are factored in, the wave rate sensed as a separate thing, like noise, and then omitted from the message. This is the science of noise reduction in audio transmissions, to sense the noise, isolate it, and then eliminate it. What if the wave action changes? Wave action is a result of equalizing pressure in the ocean. The press of water from the Equator round toward the poles and back again, the swirling Coriolis effect caused by the rotation of the globe. The streams of water that run along coastlines during this process, blocked by the coast. Has something changed? Nancy and a crew of what she calls the Trusted 12 observed a very errant lurch of the Earth to the West in the predawn hours in the US, such that constellations were out of place by as much as 50° for a brief time. What would such a lurch do to the ocean currents? The normal currents along the East Coast would be accelerated as the land moved under the water, and current would be forced on Europe with excessive pressure. The point being that the wave action rhythm, encoded into the encryption software decoding the communication pulses, would be wrong for this temporary new wave rhythm.

Question: If the Earth is making these leans to the left and right that you and the team are reporting, shouldn't there be a lot of sloshing of water happening at the same time as a result?

ZetaTalk Answer 3/24/2007: Sloshing of water depends upon the time frame, the length of time. A short lean puts the Earth back under the water where expected, quickly. There is a difference between the degree of motion also, as during the pole shift, there is a 90° turn, where the leans are more a 45° turn. Even then, we have predicted that during the shift the flood tide will slowly rise, a rising tide, not a giant wave crashing down upon the coastlines. A third factor is the rate of change, as during the pole shift it will be sudden, 90° within an hour, but the lean experienced during the wobble is more gradual, less violent, so the waters tend to move with the land. Nevertheless, higher tides, which we long ago predicted would occur during the wobble, will be experienced, and are already among you!

GPS Lurch

Another casualty of the lurch could be the GPS system, which require a group of satellites, called a constellation of satellites, to be confident of their position over the Earth's surface. A severe lurch would indeed confuse the GPS satellites! How do the satellites know they are over Florida, instead of Kentucky? Because they expect the Earth to turn under them in a predictable manner. If the Earth lurches, oops, the GPS satellites will make the wrong assumption!

The system consists of a "constellation" of at least 24 satellites in 6 orbital planes. Each satellite circles the Earth twice every day at an altitude of 20,200 kilometres (12,600 miles). The satellites carry atomic clocks and constantly broadcast the precise time according to their own clock, along with administrative information including the orbital elements of their own motion, as determined by a set of ground-based observatories. The receiver does need to receive signals from four satellites in order to find its own latitude, longitude, elevation, and the precise time. The receiver can measure with high precision the differences between the times when the various messages were received. This yields 3 hyperboloids of revolution of two sheets, whose intersection point gives the precise location of the receiver. This is why at least four satellites are needed.

If the establishment is intent on maintaining a cover-up over Planet X, then what's an establishment supposed to do? Invent an excuse!

Solar Radio Bursts Could Cripple GPS
Apr 4, 2007
Radio waves produced during solar flare eruptions on the Sun can cripple the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other communication technologies here on Earth. During solar flares, high-energy electrons are injected into the Sun's upper atmosphere. Radio waves are produced during this process and some of them propagate toward Earth. The solar radio waves, which cover a broad frequency range, act like noise that interferes with frequencies used by GPS and other navigational systems. On December 6, 2006, a solar flare created the most intense solar radio burst ever recorded. Using equipment built at Cornell University, scientists made the first quantitative measurements of how solar radio bursts affect GPS receivers. The scientists predict that larger solar radio bursts, expected during heightened periods of solar activity, called the solar maximum , will disrupt GPS receiver operations even further.

The Zetas have long predicted that the Sun would be blamed, and despite the fact that 2006 was the solar minimum, and GPS has not been hampered in the past even during solar maximums, this is going to be the excuse for anticipated malfunctioning of the GLP system.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/7/2007: That such a blast of radio interference would occur during a solar minimum, a RECORD amount of such interference, is absurd. We predicted at the start of ZetaTalk that the Sun would be blamed for many problem caused by the approach of Planet X. Planet X is a large magnet and is creating havoc with the Earth's magnetic field, along with occasional blackouts or brownouts in grid systems. Planet X is also interfering with the smooth flow of sub-atomic particles that flow into and out of the Sun at the Ecliptic, causing ruffling on the Sun's surface which man then points to with claims that what the Earth is experiencing if from the Sun. Will there be increasing problems with GPS systems. Of course this will occur, and has been occurring, as the Earth wobble will get worse, has been getting worse, and this puts satellites out of position! So much for all those GPS receivers in telephones, in cars, and in use by the military! Worthless!

IERS Flatlined

Related to the Earth lurch, which is magnetic at its base, a curious pattern appeared on graphs measuring the magnetic N Pole of Earth between Apr 4-9. The Chandler Wobble is a slight deviation of the magnetic N Pole, by about 20 feet, making a complete circle every 14 months or so. It suddenly went left, literally, on the IERS charts! The image below shows this leftward lurch alongside a graph showing the normal wobble and migration of the center of the wobble, migration of the magnetic N Pole, over the years.

I, Nancy, checked the HAARP documentation, gathered in Alaska near the magnetic N Pole, to see if this also was showing an aberation. Indeed, flatlined for these days, Apr 4-9, unlike the usual April pattern.

This issue was much discussed on the message boards, posted as a suspected magnetic pole shift as the N Pole seemed to have disappeared. So I asked the Zetas. What does this mean?

ZetaTalk Answer 4/9/2007: The Earth is distressed, trying to accommodate different magnetic directives, trying to align with the Sun's dominant magnetic field while simultaneously accommodating the bully Planet X passing through. Clearly, being hosed by the stream of magnetic particles emerging from the N Pole of Planet X is not a mild treatment, as before the N Pole of Earth tips away into the 3 days of darkness, a physical move of the entire planet, the Earth will try to accommodate this hose by adjusting her magnetosphere. This is what is showing up on instruments now, a dramatic change in the old slight circular wobble in the N Pole that has been apparent since man began his measurements of this slight N Pole wobble. The magnetic N Pole of Earth, the flow of magnetic particles out of the N Pole of Earth, will attempt to merge with the N Pole of Planet X, flowing in the same direction. For the Earth, this is certainly not up, it is sideways. Planet X is hosing out into space, almost directly away from the Sun, as it is lying horizontally at present during its roll. As the Earth is not yet tipped, physically, into the 3 days of darkness, the flow of magnetic particles thus emerges, out into space, from points below the Arctic. Nancy has noted that the HAARP system, located in Alaska near the magnetic N Pole of Earth, has registered flat, likewise. HAARP has been located next to the N Pole as this is where flux in the magnetosphere is most dramatic, evident. IERS likewise looks to this source, as elsewhere on the globe, flux in the magnetosphere is more flat. In that the magnetic N Pole of Earth has currently moved, they are both registering flat!

Sinking and Rising Land

The Zetas have warned that the plate adjustments leading into the pole shift will proceed along a scripted drama.

ZetaTalk Warning 4/15/2002: The Himalayas are driven over India at this point, effectively submerging this country in a wink. … plates are subducted and Indonesia crumbles … Africa further movement eastward. … Europe further east, allowing the Atlantic to rip apart.

And this trend is evident at the present time, in the pre-shift adjustments the Zetas said would be occurring. As the Indio/Australian plate pushes India under the Himalayas, the far end pops up.

Quake lifts Solomons Island Metres from the Sea
April 7, 2007
The force of this week's Solomons earthquake has lifted an island in the South Pacific archipelago and pushed out its shoreline by tens of metres, exposing surrounding reefs. The remote island of Ranongga in the western Solomon Islands used to have submerged coral reefs that attracted scuba divers from around the world. But since Monday's massive earthquake in the Solomon Islands, the reefs are now exposed above the water and are dying.
Living on the Edge: Indians Watch their Islands Wash Away
Apr 10, 2007
In front of his small mud house lies the wreckage of what was once his village. Half of it has sunk into the sea. Only a handful of families cling on so close to the water today, surrounded as they are by reminders of inexorable destruction: a half-broken canoe left by someone who moved away; a coconut palm teetering on a cliff; the gouged-out remnants of a family's fish pond.

The portion of the Eurasian plate, which houses SE Asia and Indonesia, is predicted to crumble, and evidence of this crumbling has begun.

Earthquake-like Phenomenon in Central Vietnam Panics Residents
Apr 10, 2007
Hundreds of people in a village in Vietnam's central highlands fled their homes in panic early Monday when a suspected earthquake hit the area. Residents of A Klai village in Gia Lai province's in La Pet commune said they had felt strong vibrations beneath the ground, houses had shook violently, cracks had appeared on the walls, the ground had sunk. Fissures up to 4 meters deep had opened up. Incredibly, however, all these had been confined to a tiny area of around 50 meters with areas beyond that remaining unaffected.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2007: The tongue of the great Eurasian plate that holds Guangxi Province also holds much of Indonesia, which will also suffer during the pole shift, crumbling. This tongue is not stable, and much fracturing of rock will occur during the turmoil in the area. This fracturing of rock has already begun!

And Scotland, on the Western edge of the UK where the stretch is pulling land down, is having evidence that rock fingers are being pulled apart.

Mystery Blast Rocks Floating Restaurant
Apr 11, 2007
An investigation was under way today after a floating restaurant on the Water of Leith was rocked by a mystery explosion. Diners on the Cruz boat at The Shore were evacuated following the blast which caused glasses and crockery to fall from shelves. The tremors were reportedly also felt by residents living in the area. Eye-witnesses reported a strong smell of sulphur in the air and bubbles in the water around the boat on The Shore. A gas explosion has been ruled out as the cause of the blast as investigations continue.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2001: Ireland, as Scotland, will be dragged down during the land stretch that precedes the pole shift, when the Atlantic is put under tension before the Atlantic Rift splits further. After the Atlantic Rift has widened, the shore lines will have less structure to hold them up as they are fringed along the rift edge, and will drop below the waves for that reason.

And as Africa rolls, pulling her African Rift valley apart, the island of Reunion along the African plate boundary explodes.

Reunion Volcano in `Eruption of the Century'
Apr 10, 2007
Ten days after violently awakening, a volcano on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion continued spewing lava in what experts called the eruption of the century. The eruption resulted in the collapse of the volcano's summit, with magma at times being spewed as high as 200m into the air. The lava had cut off a national highway as it spurted toward the sea at 60kph, creating clouds of gas as it made contact with water.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2001: Reunion Island may be a delightful habitat today, but will be a trap during the pole shift. Those remaining on Reunion will find themselves roasted by exploding volcanoes. Few will live, and those that do will be filled with regrets that they remained in their island paradise, lingering too long.

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