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The Zetas talk about whether there is myth or truth in the prophecies of Nostradamus or if World War III will occur; why the White Buffalo prophecy and the Bible's Revelations are being fulfilled; whether aliens are disturbing the Earth's Etheric Grid system or manifestations occur along Ley Lines; why Scientology is deceptive and whether Clonaid cloned a baby; whether Bon is based on respect for the dead; whether we can live on Divine Nectar alone or can Levitate or reach Nirvana; whether the faithful saw Ganesh Milk disappear and how Yogas manage mind over matter; the true identify of Jack the Ripper and the fate of Steve Fossett; why Hitler was acting; why Wilhelm Reich was sent to prison; whether Fate dictates our lives or Horoscopes apply; why we think there are Magical Numbers or Numerology patterns; whether fortunes can be told by Tarot Cards; whether the Ouija Board invokes spirits; whether Reverse Speech exists; whether Robert Monroe could teach others how to go Out-Of-Body; why we have Deja Vu; whether Chi exists; and why Homeopathy and Acupuncture and Voodoo work and the Blaire Witch applies.

The Zetas talk about whether Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed were Star Children and accomplished their missions; if the Maitreya has arrived; why Taoism has a lasting message; why Sai Baba is embraced; whether Jesus could perform Miracles, was the Messiah, was born as a result of a Virgin Birth, and died for our sins during the Crucifixion; whether the Shroud of Turin is a fake; what the Da Vinci Code reveals; whether Holy Icons have special properties or the Bible Code exists; whether St. Germain held secrets and why the Knights Templar were persecuted; whether we can rely on Mary's Message for guidance; how Stigmata occur and who spoke to Joan of Ark; whether the teachings of Jesus are being practiced or In Whose Service the Christian religions are operating, as religions tend to become a Twisted Message; why the Mormons and Paganism are considered a threat; why King David was special and the tale of David and Goliath real; whether taking Sunday as the Day of Rest is an order from on high; whether Damnation can occur, and why Speaking in Tongues occurs.

The Zetas talk about whether Angels exist; whether Adam and Eve were truly the first humans; whether the Creation occurred in a week; whether the Ark of the Covenant was a communication device or the Star of Bethlehem a UFO; whether the Pyramids shape has special influence or ancient monuments are Astronomical Markers, and why an Endless Debate exists; what caused the demise of the Dinosaurs, and whether the ancient Ural Map is real; why the ancient Egyptians honored Mummies; whether Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed by the gods; whether El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold, still glitters; why Lemuria & Atlantis disappeared; what is causing the Sicilian Fires and why the Phoenix was revered; whether the Trojan War took place as reported; why the Visigoths were so fierce; whether the Druids build Stonhenge; what occurred at the Tower of Babel; and whether the Coral Obelisk was man-made.

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