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Nibiru Daily

Nibiru has been making a daily appearance in an Italian webcam, at sunset. As with Second Sun captures, sunrise or sunset tends to enhance the presence of light in the red light spectrum. bed the red light rays along the horizon to arrive at the eye. Poli has been enhancing the captures, which often show the double helix shape of Nibiru with its two dominant Moon Swirls, as the one below captured on September 8, 2014. Note how similar this double helix looks to the inbound Planet X complex in 2003. 

The sky over this webcam has predominantly whispy clouds, though as with all such clouds they can appear dark gray on the horizon. Per the Zetas, this is Nibiru, with its two dominant Moon Swirls, as the gray clouds on the horizon are deceptively whispy.

Light can shine through clouds or fog. It is very dense clouds that block sunlight, and even then not completely. These Italy webcam images are taken at dusk, and clouds in the distance at these times appear more dense than they in fact are. They are wispy. The darkness at sunset in distant clouds is due to the lack of white light bouncing around in the clouds, but they are thin, wispy. The Second Sun sightings occur at dawn or dusk, when the curve of the Earth facilitates the bending red light to become dominant. The clouds in this Italy region and the time of day are your clues. What are the clouds like during the day, overhead by the Sun? Has this been researched?
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Per the Zetas, this is a genuine capture of Nibiru, and the public is encouraged to look for themselves! Check the Pole Shift ning blog for the latest. Nibiru is making a daily appearance!