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Don't blow yourself up. Wouldn't that be a rip if you had a nice place to ride out the pole shift but had a can of kerosene that blew you up? If I was going to store any fuel, or try to, I would do it away from where we were at the time. I would also not put "all my eggs in one basket" so to speak. Small storage areas in different places. No big piles for a "biggabadda boom". If you lose one small pile, you might still have another someplace else. I live near the Alaskan pipeline. That will be an 800 mile long torch so fuel storage has crossed my mind a time or two.

Offered by Clipper.

Gas fuel can not be stored for very long. I think 18 months is what I've heard. You can extend that another year or so with Sta-bil but that’s about as far as you will be able to go with that solution. Now, another possibility is to make your own gas (alcohol), and convert your gas powered engines/generators to take alcohol. I am researching this area but the "cost" of making your own alcohol may outweighs its usefulness compared to other sources of power like wind and hydro. It just depends. Having many different sources of power is always good, just don’t rely completely on one source. You sure won't be able to rely on gas 3 years after the pole shift.

Offered by Jon.